JV Football Scores Tonight, last night of the season

Posted by Andy Durham on November 5, 2009 at 9:56 pm under High School | 31 Comments to Read

Do we have other scores?????

Page 28
Southeast Guilford 14

*****Page finishes at (10-0) with the perfect unbeaten season. Light it up and get on the horn and call 97.1. We have the show/radio on here at the stop…….Let’s hear some more about those Pirates!*****

Ragsdale 34
High Point Central 13

*****HPC closes it out at (4-6)…. How ’bout them Tigers?*****

Eastern Guilford 40
McMichael 14

*****Can we expect a duplication on Friday night?????*****

Northern Guilford 28
Western Alamance 7

*****How many TD’s for TJ Logan, who had 6 last week???? Good job NG Nighthawks.*****

Dudley 28
Grimsley 6

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I’m listening to 97.1 right now in anticipation!

    Go Pirates!!!!!

  • ross said,

    Dudley Jv – 28
    Grimsley Jv – 6

  • Andy said,

    We are listening here too. Somebody call the Quiet Storm and tell them Greensborosports.com has put out the 97.1 shoutout and see if they will calm the Storm with the good word on Devonte Hooker and company from Page……

    Let’s do it on 97.1 QMG……

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    They just told Debo (#44) he’s moving up to varsity for the play offs!

    Go, Debo!!!

  • Keith said,

    Congrats to Page Pirate JV Team – Metro 4A JV Champions – Winning 10 – 0 with a tough field of opponents. First time undefeated in over 20 years – quite an accomplishment. Go Pirates!

  • 97.1 intern--- said,

    Keep your radio posted to 97.1 We just got the call!

    Congrats Pirates!

  • Andy said,

    Long live The Quiet Storm, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and Buster Brown all over the town and what about our good friend Joseph Level and the super job he does early mornings M-F and on Sunday AM….

  • Joe Barile said,

    Just tuned into 97.1
    Anything still going on?

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Keep it there!!! He just said he’s got some great news about the Page Pirates. Coming up in a few……..

  • Andy said,

    Come on Marty “The One Man Party” Freeman let it rip brother…

    He said it’s coming up after this song Joe.

  • Emily said,

    Looks like we gotta listen to another…

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    Go Debo!!!!!!!

  • Joe Barile said,


  • Emily said,

    Pirate Pride!

  • Andy said,

    Take one sound and pass it around.


  • football-lover said,

    Northern 28
    Western Alamance 7

    There will be life after K.A. Greensboro watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Editor’s note:KA due to announce at halftime of the Alabama game on Saturday. On of our readers is heading down there tomorrow.*

  • Sister of #44 said,

    Good job to all the Pirates! Big ups to #30, #16, #28, #20 (that was some good catching tonight) ALL THE DEFENSE! And most of all DEBO #44. I’m proud of you baby bro.

  • Falcon Fan said,

    Congrats to the Pirates on their 10-0 season. But hats off to the Falcons who had a 7-3 record, their first year in 4A class. Two of the losses coming from the hands of Page and Dudley. Many JV players will move up to varsity next year and make a large impact. Cole Conklin, Noah Keezer, Jamal Petty, Derrick Biggs,Will Green, Tripp Herndon, Josh Martin and Chris Cooper should help the Falcons to a winning season next season.

  • Falcon Fan Too said,

    Very proud of our SEG Falcons for a very nice season of play against some other very talented teams. I saw Page’s Putnam play ball for the SEG Sharks for many years and he has continued his success in the QB position. Great game and look forward to seeing the SEG Falcons continue to succeed and add games in the win column next year for both JV and Varsity.

  • Andy said,

    What’s everybody going to be doing next Thursday night?

    It has been a great season for all of our local JV teams. They are the future.

  • wildcatdad said,

    4 wins for eastern guilford jv. good season for the wildcats considering several sophomores played (and contributed) on the varsity, and one of their key players (another sophomore) missed most of the season with a broken wrist. defense was pretty solid for most of the season. with all of this year’s sophomores on varsity the next couple of years, watch out for good things at eastern. and long term things look good as well, the middle school program lost but game. go varsity wildcats and let’s get back into the state playoffs! don’t care where we have to go just as long as we are playing!

  • ATSCEO said,

    Congratulations to the JV Page Pirates. These guys never lost the lead the entire year. What an accomplishment! I know the guys will miss Thursday nights along with the parents.

  • NWG vs PAGE said,

    I wish we could see a NWG JVvs Page JV. The only 10-0 teams from the Triad!

  • Blake Hickman #52 said,

    Im the page middle linebacker and we put so much hard work into making this season what it was.Shout out to the whole defense and offense of page. By the way we would love to play northwest. Pirate Pride!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake Hickman #52 said,

    Im the page middle linebacker and we put so much hard work into making this season what it was.Shout out to the whole defense and offense of page. By the way we would love to play northwest.Expect the same next year. Pirate Pride!!!!!!!!!!

  • Page Fan Too said,

    Great season #52! You stopped Dudley on 4th down a week ago I believe! The Page Defense is strong!

  • Page Fan Three said,

    does anybody know how page has scored some many points…i havent been able to attend to any of their games this year?

  • Falcon Pride said,

    I also remember Putnam playing for the Southeast Sharks. I wonder how he made his way to Page and not come up to Southeast?

  • Page Fan Too said,

    Also – want to give a special shout out to William Henry. On special teams he stopped SEG from scoring a touchdown in the first half of the game. William is always tough on the field and has made many great defensive stops this year!

  • Bruno said,

    Putnam did not go to SE Middle because his dad asked Dave Beasley if he could help the staff and that he wanted his son to go to SE. Beasley told his dad that he did not need him. So the kid went to Mendenhall. Beasley is a moron.

  • NWJVistheFUTURE said,

    Congrats to Page’s JV! My son is a freshman running back for NW Guilford. His best friend is Page’s Devonte Hooker. They both played RB @ Kernodle Middle. Devonte is a great kid, with a great family & I’m very proud of him. I don’t know 2 guys that would love to see Page vs. NW JV’s go at it any more than these 2! They also ran together on one of the fastest 4 x 100 middle school relay teams in the county in 2008! Yes, they talk junk to one another now that they are @ different schools, but at the end of the day, they both have a tremedous respect for each other’s talent & abilities. Isn’t this what we, as parents, hope to instill in our kids by playing sports?! By the way, Andy…..NW JV did go 10-0 without a bye week, but I don’t recall too many “props” going out to them… these guys are the real deal & the Vikings can’t wait for next year…………..