NCHSAA bracket busters 4-A

Posted by Andy Durham on November 7, 2009 at 3:15 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

4-A with Smith at Dudley in Round One….Could be Dudley vs. Glenn or High Point Central in Round Two and then possibly Ragsdale at Dudley in Round Three….
#1 Southern Durham (10-0)
#16 East Wake (4-6)
#8 Athens Drive (8-2)
#9 Person County (6-4)
#5 New Hanover (8-2)
#12 Holly Springs (7-3)
#4 Terry Sanford (9-1)
#13 Pine Forest (6-4)
#3 Middle Creek (10-0)
#14 New Bern (5-5)
#6 Hillside (8-2)
#11 Purnell Swett (8-2)
#7 Southeast Raleigh (8-2)
#10 JH Rose (5-5)
#2 Harnett Central (10-0)
#15 Seventy-First (5-5)
#1 RJ Reynolds (10-0)
#16 TC Roberson (4-6)
#8 Mt. Tabor (8-2)
#9 Western Guilford (5-5)

#5 Alexander Central (9-1)
#12 Porter Ridge (7-3)
#4 AC Reynolds (9-1)
#13 East Gaston (6-4)
#3 Ragsdale (10-0)
#14 Watagua (6-4)

#6 Sun Valley (8-2)
#11 North Davidson (7-3)
#7 Glenn (8-2)
#10 High Point Central (8-2)

#2 Dudley (10-0)
#15 Ben L. Smith (5-5)

  • ross said,

    Interesting matchups , should be some good football games coming up
    Dudley got lucky with that #2 draw

    Go Panthers!

  • Kevin said,

    I would think that if you beat a team, you should be ranked ahead of them. Especially if you ran the table.

  • joe said,

    Have to agree Kevin. Good draw for Dudley in many ways.

  • scott said,

    how does a team get seeded higher than a team that beat them in the regular season? i dont understand.

  • EddieWillis said,

    Look folks, knock off the whining about seedings—If you ar a champion, you want to play them all and beats their brains out. It shouldn’t matter a bit who you play!!!! Bring ’em on!!!!!

  • stan said,

    if u beat a team you should be ranked higher. so you can play at home

  • stan said,

    ragsdale beat dudley head to head. they should have a better seed

  • sowhat said,

    This is play off time. Get ready for some good games . Wait and see when they meet again.

  • Final Brackets said,

    Click on my name for the 4A/4AA final brackets.

  • Opps.. said,

    Sorry the link above is the 3AA/3A brackets.

    Click on Opps.. for the 4AA/4A

    Sorry about that.

  • kirk said,

    Ragsdale is fine with their seed. Sure, it would be nice to have a 3rd round game at home but you have to get to the 3rd round first. It all works out in the end.

    Both Ragsdale and Dudley are essentially undefeated for playoff purposes. Both teams played an endowment game and won. This allows you to drop a non-conference loss. So Dudley can drop their one loss. So for playoff purposes both teams are 10-0 instead of 10-1 or 11-0.

    If RJR, Ragsdale and Dudley had all played each other then head to head would have mattered and been considered. But since only Dudley and Ragsdale played the game between the two is not relevant for seeding purposes. That’s the NCHSAA rule. Right or wrong, that’s the rule.

    Good luck to all the local schools. Lots of boys and coaches have worked hard. For all you seniors out there, enjoy it.

  • HPC is an area team too said,

    that HPC vs Glenn matchup should be interesting winner gets Dudley

  • kh said,

    For what it’s worth Dudley went 11-0 last year and was the number # 1 ranked team in the State in 3A last year but received a 3 seed in the playoffs.
    My point is the best team will win out regardless of ranking or location of the game.

  • football fan said,

    kh…dudley actually got a 2 seed last year and ragsdale was the 3 seed

  • TygerRag said,

    The #1 seed in 3AA East was awarded to Harnett Central last year who got embarrassed by NE Guilford. It’s win or GO HOME time now guys!

  • looking forward said,

    At this point both teams have improved over the season and if both teams continue to win they will meet again.

  • Andy said,

    High Point Central at Glenn listed as area teams, but they are in italics instead of bold to differentiate them from the game below with Smith at Dudley….

    Creative services at work……