Coming out of Practice/Scrimmage: Western Guilford

Posted by Andy Durham on November 12, 2009 at 11:44 am under High School | 8 Comments to Read

I was over at Western Guilford for the round-robin last night as High Point Central scrimmaged Eastern Guilford and then Eastern took on Western and finally Western met HP Central.

Central was without Grant, Langham, Adams, Blanks, and White,(All still in football) but they still held their own as Coach Battle has a very quick team and he likes that up-tempo basketball.

If our sideline numbers were correct then HPC would have been the overall winner last night as they scored 2 more points that Western and they topped Eastern. Central was quicker off the break and did a better job of protecting the basketball than Eastern and Central converted their take-aways. Eastern has some height, but appears inexperienced and HP Central was more efficient than EG when it came to taking advantage of the turnovers. Advantage HP Central….

Western Guilford has some numbers with just two football players(Tyler Stutts and DeEric Baldwin) still missing and the Hornets are very quick, but, they will not get in a hurry and waste ball opportunities, because they have a very intelligent and disciplined coach, in Art Wade.

WG has one player, a junior, that they just call Reggie, and young Reggie Perkins has already committed to Western Carolina and his stock may still rise as he continues to grow and mature and he was rising last night when he got his chance to throw one down in front of the partisan WG Hornet crowd. Perkins can run the point if necessary, but he seems to fit best out on the wing and he runs the baseline in certain Hornet set offenses…..

Rashad Hayes may run the Hornet PG spot when he is totally healthy and Mike McCleese, plus Deante Baldwin will spend some time out there too…Rakeem Brown can work on the wing and Adrian Moore is out there with him, along with Perkins and McCleese and as you can see already, the Hornets have depth and they will be able to use multiple combinations……

Up front for WG they are strong and talented with Antwan “Tweezie” Wilkerson and Neal Spinks and they are joined up along the blocks by a freshman, Donovan Gilmore….Stutts and DeEric Baldwin will also give the Hornets more depth along the front line……The Hornets have another kid that can play, #34 Mike and I didn’t catch his last name, but with Mike and all the other kids we have mentioned, the Hornets will be deep.

Deep, quick, but not huge. Wilkerson has come over from Northeast Guilford and he is a player. Mike McCleese, a guard, has also come in from NEG, so they Hornets have loaded up on RamChops….The size factor has Wilkerson at around the 6’4/6’5 range, Spinks has some muscle and Gilmore is not as strong, but he is young…..Again with D. Baldwin and Stutts the team grows inside…..

With at least 12 young men that can play, you better bring an extra piece of paper when you follow this team, because Coach Art Wade will be using his rotation to a max. Pressure defense and the fast pace back up the court should be the norm.

And don’t forget, that Coach Wade was at Smith and he took the Golden Eagles to the Little Four title game and he developed Jeremy Clayton who went on to play at Appalachian State and the “Q Man”, Quinton Goods who played for a while at East Carolina….Coach Wade helped Goods get his stuff in order with a heavy dose of discipline when the 7’0 “Q Man”, was at Smith…..(I think my favorite Art Wade player at Smith, might have been guard Norman Carter, who went on to play at Winston-Salem State.)

More scrimmage time due up for Western next week…..

  • ORforever said,

    How do they have two players from Northeast. I thought the county was putting a stop to transfers. My man got canned for that and now it is still happening?

  • Victorious Secret said,

    Reggie waited patiently as the only freshman on his varsity team. Last year he showed his maturity but this year I have seen a completely different skill set. Whether it be his strength, his jumping ability, his shot range, or his Bball IQ, he has consistently made great strides. He looks like he can play 1-3 easily. Most of us who know him and watched him grow up are very proud of him. Problem is: this kid is still growing and may max out as a 6’4″ or 6’5″ guard!

    Add Skip and Adrian and they have a formidable back court capable of slashing and kicking it out or finishing or knocking down a 3 with ease, They all did the Cannon Summer Workout program so if basketball doesn’t work out for them, the Navy Seals should be a breeze! Big Stutts, Neal, and Antwan will be solid for the frontcourt but don’t get it twisted, by hanging ourt with them shooters this summer, Tweezie has developed a consistent mid range jumper too. Good luck to all of them.

  • Andy said,

    This might be one of those cases where the families just moved and with the county checking everything these days all must be good….

    We have other players at different schools this year too in the county.

    In some cases students leave IB programs and others may be looking at the Academy.

    Mr. Green is keen on the scene if you know what I mean.

    The Office is on top of it all and they are checking the lists and checking them twice this year.(Christmas Season if you will.)

  • Andy's Right said,

    Andy is correct. I know that some schoool are making kids bring in two proofs of residency showing that you live at the address you SAY you live at.

  • Geppetto said,

    So both kids from NE start for Western? Wow! Don’t they play each other twice this year?

  • Andy said,

    NEG at WG 11/24

    WG at NEG 12/8

  • just making a comment said,

    Antwan Tweezy Wilkerson lets see first of all he is either 6’5 or 6’6. He is a very good basketball player based on his Stats for 2008/2009 basketball season over at NEG He played # 21 as far as his REBOUNDS for the season defensive (84) Offensive ( 32) average 5 per game total (116) -ASSIST (11) average .42- STEALS (56) averaged .2 per game – TURN OVERS (45) average .2 per game – FREE THROW ATTEMPTED (60) FREE THROWS MADE (38)-FREE THROW PERCENTAGE 63.3% – FIELD GOAL ATEMPTED (237) FIELD GOALS MADE (141) FIELD GOALS PRECENTAGE 59.4% – 3 POINTS ATTEMPTED (70) 3 POINTS MADE (27) 3 POINT PERCENTAGE 38.5% HE SCORED A TOTAL OF 358 POINTS FOR NEG DURING THE 2008/2009 season. Lets not get it twisted he also played as a big man over there. Antwan had the opportunity to perfect his skills over the summer playing for a ALL- STAR basketball team called the Carolina Cobra Coached by Mr. Curtis Green they played in the Big Shots Tournament in Myrtle Beach, Phoenix not to mention a couple of other place. Antwan is a versatile player he can step in and play any position when asked to. Antwan is also a young man who not only thinks about himself but his team mates as well. Western Guilford will get a chance to see that about him. From what I have seen he is playing on the wing at 6’5 / 6’6, by playing for NEG they were ready for him during there Non Conference game on 11/24/09 with Darius White all over him score 45/44 western Guilford but Reggie Perkins was not in the game that night from my understanding due to an injury. Wait until 12/8/09 Reggie Perkins will be playing in that game What are there plans for that? LOL. Basically Western Guilford has a very good team with coach Wade coaching them I truly believe there going to have a good year and I mean a very good year there is so much talent on that team I see them going all the way. So far there 3-0 Next game to be held 12/4/09 at Western Guilford.

  • just making a comment said,

    Oh its me again lets not forget Antwan Tweezy Wilkerson made All conference for the 2008/2009 basketball season as well. I’m only giving props were props are due this young man has a good game and people need to know about it and him. As far as I know he hasn’t committed to anyone as of yet. Remember he is a Senior. I can’t wait for the NEG vs WG game on 12/08/09 LOL.