Paul’s pigskin prognostications week 10

Posted by Andy Durham on November 12, 2009 at 4:26 pm under Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

Last week 10-3 88-41 for the season.

Chicago at San Francisco: Why does the NFL network even exist? To make season ticket holders go to mediocre games that no one gets to see. Now I have been burned by the Niners the last couple of weeks so you would think I might have learned my lesson but I will take my chances once again. 49ers 20 Bears 17

Bills at Titans: Tennessee playing much better with VY at the helm Buffalo just a mess. Titans 23 Bills 14

Saints at Rams: Some things are just not fair, this is one of them Saints 52 Rams 14

Bucs at Dolphins: Fins in a laugher, Buccaneer defenders will see the wildcat in their sleep. Dolphins 31 Tampa 13

Lions at Vikings: Another mismatch. Yawn Vikings 38 Lions 10

Jaguars at Jets: Two teams kind of going in opposite directions, but Jets turn it around for one week at least. Jets 21 Jags 17

Bengals at Steelers: Payback game if there ever was one. Steelers may have stumbled early but they are hitting on all cylinders now. Bengals get there’s as I expect them to take advantage of some soft spots in the Steelers secondary but in the end Big Ben and company get it done. Steelers 30 Bengals 24

Broncos at Redskins: Denver cooling a little bit, and they were out and out left in the cold against the Steelers. But the Skins would have a hard time taking down a college team right now. Denver 30 Washington 10

Falcons at Panthers: This should be very interesting. Panthers actually showing life two weeks in a row and even though they are behind the eight ball there is not at least hope. Falcons just keep plugging along, Panthers defense keeps them in the game, Jake does not make a bunch of mistakes, hometown heroes sneak away with a mild upset on a last second Kasey FG, Panthers 23 Falcons 20

Chiefs at Raiders: Don’t matchups like this violate the Geneva convention? Raiders 17 Chiefs 13

Eagles at Chargers: Last visit out west did not go well for Philly plus they are coming off a emotional loss to the Cowboys. Chargers rounding into form and sniffing the division lead with Denver starting to falter, they get this one to keep pace. Chargers 31 Eagles 20

Seahawks at Cardinals: Too much Kurt and Co for the Seahawks to handle. Cardinals 34 Seattle 17

Cowboys at Packers: Don’t jump on the bandwagon just yet. Something tells me the Packers come up with a big effort and the Cowboys get chilled on the frozen tundra. Packers 27 Cowboys 20

Pats at Colts: Always a wild affair, this will be no exception, Colts stay unbeaten. Colts 31 Pats 28

Ravens at Browns: Do not expect Art Modell to be anywhere near this one, but he is liable to get closer than the Browns offense will to the end zone. Ravens 24 Browns 0

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