Do we have any takers for Smith over Dudley on Saturday night and what about Elon over Appalachian?

Posted by Andy Durham on November 13, 2009 at 4:49 pm under College, High School | 8 Comments to Read

Anybody taking the upset tomorrow night with Smith over Dudley at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium and what about Elon’s chances of dethroning Appalachian State as the kingpin of Southern Conference football?

Smith at Dudley and last time out it was 22-0 Panthers, but Smith didn’t have their new quarterback in place, Mr. Jeff Sims. Sims threw for 5TD passes last week versus Southern Alamance and now he gets a chance to test the Dudley DB’s; and among them David Amerson, Jeremy Reynolds, Kelsey Okoro, Chris Simmons and Davarris Martin.

Numbers 11, 13, 7, 24 and 8 will have that secondary covered for Dudley and Smith’s Elijah Jordan might just have to get it in gear and start running like Michael Jordan did down the streets of Chicago.

Smith over Dudley, any takers in what will be a wild and wooley contest at Tarpley Stadium on Lincoln Street?

Elon has Scott Riddle and App has Armanti Edwards at QB. Elon’s Terrell Hudgens is the best wide-out in the nation and App has Hillary Crisp. Brandon Newsome gives Elon a stronger running game and App’s Devon Moore is not too far behind.

Is it time for the Phoenix to take over? They have the manpower to do it and it is time for them to make it happen.

Elon wins on Saturday afternoon and not a week too soon. Dudley will top Smith by 18 points….

Any jumpers on the bandwagon or anybody feeling the upset?????

  • ross said,

    Dudley has got better as the season went along
    Smith has made more improvements , but still not enough

    Panthers bandwagon is starting to roll , get on board .

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    **scrounging through old ,yet important paperwork I found in the attic**

    Ureeka! I found some trading stamps!!!!!

    I guess I’ll take Smith over Dudley by…let’s say…….9!

    **throwing trading stamps on the table**

    Any takers??

  • IMHO said,

    True enough they have made huge strides but going from bad to average takes a few good players. Getting from good to great takes players who are willing to put juvenile dangerous habits and actions behind them for the advancement of their team and, additionally, themselves.

    It starts with parenting, coaching, then the QB (as far as football goes).

    It’s not you eat but what you digest that truly nourishes your body. It’s not what you gain but what you save that makes y0u rich. And it’s not what you say you do or tell others to do, it is what you practice yourself that makes you a true leader. The strength of any team rests on the integrity of its players. When the head of the team operates with disregard for his team and himself, the results are horribly predictable.

  • ross said,

    It’s a football game , not 2012

  • Mike said,

    Think both teams have improved, Dudley 27-10

  • Bruce said,

    Andy – get a clue. Armanti > The Riddler. Hudgins was the best receiver on team. There is no Hillary Crisp, it’s CoCo Hillary and he’s out for the season. Also, Devon Moore > Newsome. If you’re going to act like a writer, at least be informed. Eloan chokes again.

  • Andy said,

    I missed bad on that one. I was going to call the guy Coco Crisp, but Cocco Hillary does sound better. I listen to the games on the radio and do not have a roster. The radio guys should do a better job of looking out for us bums that can’t afford to go to the games…

    Elon got us all set up and then went out and lost. I will just have to go to the college sites in the future, but I am just about out of time and there sure is a lot going on here.

    Good job App and I don’t even have the final score yet. It was 21-0 when I was listening in the first quarter and Elon was falling apart. I will still pull for the Phoenix to get a bid and I’ll keep on listening to the games and try and learn those player’s names….

    Corey Lynch was name that were talking about today from the past at App…

  • Arm-ahnti said,

    Always remember Andy, we’re App St. and Elon is just a law school in Burlington.

    App State has never been afraid of Elon, and never will be.