Hey Bill, what was that call on 4th down late in the game last night? SNF surpasses MNF(Game of the Decade)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 16, 2009 at 10:38 am under Professional | 8 Comments to Read

Sunday Night Football(SNF) has now surpassed Monday Night Football(MNF) in importance and last night’s game has to be considered the greatest regular season event and the, “Game of the Decade”……..

If we can’t connect with Bill Belichick can anyone help us here?

What was the call about last night on 4th and two inside your own 30-yard line and was Bill afraid his defense couldn’t stop Peyton and the Colts and was he trying to leave the game in the hands of his offense and keep his defense off the field and just let his offense control the ball and the clock for the last two minutes of the Colts-Patriots game???????

Anybody got any clues or theories?????

This has to be and will be the most talked about decision all day today and the rest of the week in the sports circles and in the Sports Talk huddles……

Was it all about the fact that Bill Belicheck knew straight up that his defense could not stop the Peyton Manning and the Colts’ offense?????

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Hey Andy,
    Don’t really understand what all the hoopla’s about??? If you’ve watched New England over the years, it didn’t surprise me that they went for it. I remember that they did the same thing against the Panthers last year in the preseason on the first drive of the game & everyone in the stadium wished Fox had that kind of guts!! Belicheck knew if they got the 1st down, the game’s over & went with his team’s strength–the offense!! Granted, it didn’t work…if it had worked we’d all be talking about what a gutsy call it was that sealed a victory!! The guy’s got enough championship rings to get a pass on this one!!

  • Andy said,

    Good call Bamm Bamm, but I still don’t think Bill will get a pass.

    He will get kicked hard over this one.

    The Pats fans are saying, “no Pass from the Pats”…..What have you done for us lately Bill?

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Hey Bamm Bamm – big difference in making the call in a “Pre-season Game” against the Panthers and in a game that is probably for home field advantage in the playoffs.

    Funny thing to me is that Billy kept saying in Post-game that he felt confident they could make one yard. Only problem is that it was fourth and two. They did make one yard.

  • Bob said,

    Probably the worst coaching move I’ve ever seen.

    Rivals Jean Van de Velde’s decision making at the British Open years ago.

  • Archie and Eli said,

    Thanks Bill.

  • mick said,

    Bad call. Plain and simple. Had it worked I would say the same thing. How do you think his D players feel?

    But thanks anyway it enables PM to throw another TD pass and bring me back to tie my fantasy game! Only thing better would have been a QB sneak and I would have won!

    Thanks Bill!

  • Andy said,

    Just to clear the air on the earlier comment that I left in above box, that was a good call/breakdown by Bamm Bamm with info to prove his point, by a bad call by the coach in last night’s game which the Colts won 35-34 over the Patriots….

    I want to make sure that I still have a shot at my NFL pinchin’.

    Good breakdown by Bamm Bamm, but blown bad by Bill Belichick on the 4th down call, to go for it in his own territory…….

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Hey all,
    Just goes to show to my earlier comment…it’s a results based opinion!! Look at the BONEHEAD play by Del Rio & MJD at Jacksonville, kneeling at the 1 yard line while they’re down!!! Anybody remember what happened to Tony Romo holding that field goal in the playoffs a few years back??? But, Jacksonville won so it’s no big deal…much worse decision than New England made…….