The Morning Run

Posted by Andy Durham on November 19, 2009 at 12:35 pm under Amateur, Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

This morning was wait and see and try not to get wet.

You lay in bed and listen to see if the rain is still hitting the window or the ground outside and then you stick your head out the door and if nothing is coming down hard you make a run for it.

The Morning Run is often no more than a guessing game and if you wait and see you may be running a little later, but you won’t be running wetter….

Which is better?

I’ll take later over wetter any day of the week, especially if you are wearing a thick sweatshirt, which can become a heavy load in a hurry if the rain and sweat start to blend together…..

High and dry and not too wet and another version of “The Morning Run”, is in the books…
(Available by download through your Ipod and CD with DVD’s becoming available December 13 just in time for Christmas…..)

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