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Posted by Don Moore on November 20, 2009 at 6:37 pm under High School | 41 Comments to Read

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Live Scores 7:10 PM/12:13AM

High Point Central (9-4) – 6
at Dudley (12-1) – 21

Sun Valley (9-4) – 24
at Ragsdale (13-0) – 33

Hickory Ridge (7-6) – 9
at Northern Guilford (12-1) – 42

  • Coach Turk said,

    Eastern Alamance 7
    Mountain Heritage 7

  • NG Fan said,

    NG 49 Hickory Ridge thugs 9. The Hickory Ridge thugs are the worst sports I have ever seen. They were getting beat so they decided to hurt someone. One of their players was thrown out for being dirty. They were throwing cheap shots out of bounds , after the plays were over, helmet to helmet shots at Scarphone. One of our players got hit so hard out of bounds they had to take him to the hospital. The Refs were the worst I’ve seen in a long time. At the end of the game they started throwing flags , but they let it go on too long. They should suspend this team from the playoffs next year and fire the Refs.

  • yank said,

    “NGFAN”……This is my first post. During the playoffs they usually get the best referees. I dont understand this crew. I will tell you this, you guys shoiuld not bitch about what is not fair. You guys are cheats. But, I guess there is no honor among thieves.

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    Yank-Please do not post if you do not have first hand information. I agree with NG Fan because I was there and actually saw this happen. We have a hurt player that was removed from the field on a back board and the other team is still cheering and the players continued to play dirty. It really was quite embarrassing for Hickory Ridge. NG Fan did not mention anything about being fair. He stated that these were the worst refs they have seen in a long time, you had to throw in the cheat comment. Please get past that. We have. Good job tonight Nighthawks. Thanks.

  • Damon said,


    There is no place on this site for you. I’m not an NG fan. I am a supporter of the kids in our community who play organized sports. I don’t care about what went on at NG, that’s in the past. These kids have worked hard on and off the field under a microscope. Your comments make you appear as if you are justifying or supporting dirty play. Someone’s child was unnecessarily hurt last night…….so show some Respect and Class.

  • NG Fan said,

    My grandmother use to say you can fix ears with a hearing aids and eyes with glasses, but you can’t fix stupid. Yank read this and try your best to understand that mistakes were made at Northern and they have been corrected. Northern was punished. Get over it. Try going to church and learn how to forgive. It will make your life much better. Northern had 3 touchdowns called back on late flags. One was so late that our lineman and theirs were called for blocking in the back on each other. LOL The ref made that one up. Our player was knocked out and the refs ignored it and wanted to continue play. This was incredible. There was a face mask right in front of the side line judge and all the fans saw it because the Hickory thug threw him down by his face mask. No Flag. This went on all night. So Hickory Ridge thought they could do anything to NG and that’s when the cheap shots happened and the late hits. I blame this on the incompetent REFS and the coach of Hickory Ridge for not stopping it. It caused a player to get hurt. Their fans were actually cheering that our player was hurt. Shame on the bias and the incompetency of the Refs and the coach and players of Hickory Ridge. Im sure the films will be studied by the NCHSA.

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    ” I will tell you this, you guys shoiuld not bitch about what is not fair. You guys are cheats ”

    and people wonder why NGHS is developing the “screw you” attitude…if they are gonna be villified like this from now on, h*ll yeah they’re gonna take that hate and use it to WIN.


    Hold your heads up and go get ’em Nighthawks!

  • Notaschoolboardfan said,

    They should have fired a lot more at the news and record and what can I say about our GCS. Hopefully with the new mayor and city council we have started cleaning things up. Next is the school board. I can hardly wait for the elections. Go Nighthawks!!!!

  • mark said,

    Not a Northern fan at all but if the game went down like the fans say then that is appalling. No place in football for that kind of play at any level. It makes it much worse when the refs don’t control it.

    As to all the Nothern hate – it’s over people. They got caught and got punished. Transfers or not the football program is clean and people should let them enjoy their run.

  • baseballfan said,

    Hickory Ridge players get their attitudes from their fans and parents. Witnessed a first round baseball playoff game last year and had to sit through the worst and most appalling language and actions from the Hickory Ridge people.

  • Underdog's Unite!! said,

    I think it’s sad that “politics” has played a role in this forum. As much as I am a Page fan, I can’t take away the fact that NG has an exceptionally talented team. Those boys suit up game after game and give 100% and THAT’S what’s kept them in thus far. To even think that anything beyond the field is fault of the players is just WRONG!!!!

    The player’s don’t make the decision who plays on their team–the COACHES do!!

    I’ve heard bits and pieces about the fiasco at NG and I still say, not one of those players had anything to do with any of those decisions.

    We’ve all seen teams play like Hickory Ridge–when down, resort to below the belt tactics. Even with that they STILL couldn’t win! Lol!!!!!!

    But for adults to come to a message board and allude to NG deserving it, I don’t think that’s fair.

    Leave the boy’s alone and let them play. They are not responsible for the actions of adults–or at least, they shouldn’t be!! Seems to me someone has a nasty taste from sour grapes!

  • mike said,

    It is very unfortunate what happened to NG last night. And in no way did they deserve that. It’s a shame the officials did not control the game better. At the same time HS officials seem to be getting worse instead of better. Each week you see simple mistakes being made.

    Totally seperate from the game last night, NG has a reputation, right or wrong. Even though most of the issues revolved around sports other than football, the school got a black eye. And NG parents can blame the N&R or GCS but the facts came out and the cheating happened. It will take some time to heal this wound. And while the football players were not a part of this, there are some key players that somehow got in the NG district. That raises questions with everyone and creates doubt, especially with what happened in the other sports. Doesn’t mean it is right, just the way it is. Then you combine the recent scores of their games and some think they have run the score up. Example, throwing the ball last week when up 50-6.

    All of this may not be fair to the NG community but it will take time for these wounds to heal. It’s unfortunate that kids that had nothing to do with any of the past mistakes of a few adults have to live with these circumstances.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    I agree with Mike. This was somethign that NG and its fans/supporters have to take responsibility for. We know there was cheating going on at that school. We know that kids moved into the district to play football/basketball only ..WE KNOW THAT. Lets move on and talk about Anson County. Has anyone completed any research on how good their conference was? I took a look and could not get a feel for their competition. I can tell you that they beat a good Crest team that is big and fast. From the story in the Shelby paper, they wore Crest out running the football. Lets see what happens. This will be a test for Northern, but at the 3rd rtound, all games are test.

  • Finally said,

    After playing one of the easiest conference schedules around and
    facing 2 bad teams in the playoffs NG will finally be tested. From what I’m reading and hearing the boys from Anson County are pretty tough. They are big and physical
    something NG has not Seen much of this year. If Roscoe can put up 60 on these guys
    NG may be legite.

    We’ll See on Friday Night

    PS Has anyone heard how the kid is doing who was taken off on the strecher??

  • Come on! said,

    Finally –

    I don’t know about being tested, but 8 out of 11 games NG played were against playoff teams!! I doubt many teams played a tougher schedule!!

  • nighthawk fan said,

    at the end of the game the announcer said that Mohammed would be okay but was taken to Moses Cone to be checked out. It was scary as it didn’t look like he was moving at all… hopefully he will be fine.

  • dave said,

    Anson is pretty good. They have a big time lber in Anthony and a couple of other D1 prospects.

  • Finally said,

    Come On,

    Get real NG played in a weak conference and everybody knows that.
    Eastern Alamance their only threat.
    Non-Conference was competitive teams, 2 playoff teams very weak.
    As I stated they will be tested and they should be in the third round.
    They will face one of the toughest Defenses they have seen all year.
    They will need Keenan at QB, RB ,DB………..

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    ^ ^ ^

    blah,blah blah…

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    As i sit and read these comments about NG it amazes me how narrow minded some of you are. And you know who you are. You bash the school, kids, coaches etc. That was the past, let it go. To start with, lets talk about the officials. I have seen every JV and varsity game played this year and last night was the worst i have seen. The same thing happened to my son after the ref blew the whistle and he was walking toward the side lines and a kid nailed him in the back of the leg. The ref didn’t throw a flag and he had to be helped off the field. There were a lot of calls of off sides and delay of game as soon as we reached the scrimmage line, and I’m talking 10 seconds. You name it and it has been called on us but we hold our heads high and move forward. Next , lets talk about cheating. As my son was at a track meet last spring at Page the football team was working out. And I’m talking May. Quarterbacks were with the running backs and receivers running drills with adult supervision and an adult had some more players running up and down the bleachers. Dudley has a special program that anyone can get into without living in the district. If I’m correct they have won two state championships in the past few years. Northern’s football team checked out last year and we are under the microscope this year. So you narrow minded people remember, WE ARE being watched. So what if an athletes parent buys a house in our district. I built my house here to go to Northwest. And I am damn proud to be a Nighthawk. Lets move on to coaches. I could give one rats #@$ about coach K from last year. I didn’t go to any basketball games. Coach Roscoe on the other hand is one of the best coaches i have ever met. He cares about his athletes and he expects a lot out of them. If you don’t think he doesn’t care, you were not at the game last night. And that goes for every coach out there. Coach of the year, that’s up to the voters, but he has my vote. He has taken two schools and made a family. That is why we win.Take another breath, I’m almost finished. The players. We have some of the best athletes around. Yes i did say athletes not athlete. Kenan is a big part of the team but he is not the team. He didn’t score every touchdown, catch every pass, run the ball every play or make every tackle. He had a lot of help from Roco,( and yes he is a very good QB.) Daniel, Maurice, Mohamed, Sam, Andrew, Alan and every team mate on that squad. Like I said, we are a family, we help each other. And by the way, don’t count us out next year or as far as that goes the next three years. Last but not least, our schedule. If i recall, our non-conference was against 4-a schools. One of them being Dudley. We only lost by 5 points. By the way, Roco had been sick with the flu all week. He played until the fourth quarter. Eastern Alamance was a tough game but i think Western alamance beat them also. Yes we have had some easy games but tell me who hasn’t. Western Alamance was one of the hardest hitting teams we played. As far as the play offs, look at the entire schedule, and look at the upsets. If you have a problem, take it up with the HCHSAA. And for my final request, Coaches, officials, athletes and fans from every school, PLAY FAIR, these kids (young men) life’s are at stake. They belong to you while they are on the battlefield (refs). That young boy lying on the field last night not moving could have been your son, brother, nephew or friend. Or just some kid you don’t even know. Please show respect and pray for him. Thanks for listening.

  • Hawker said,

    Well said, Nighthawk1. Somebody post up on Mo K’s condition, please? A lot of concerned parents/students/fans out here!

  • coachb1 said,

    You are allowed to have spring football. The issue is it can only last so long and only so many players can attend at a time. And no pads. You can have coaches present.

    The situation with Dudley and the Academy is a seperate one.

  • Wes said,

    We have 3 teams in the football playoffs trying their best to represent Guilford County and I really think they have no support from the superintendent or his cronies. I may be wrong and hope I am but I have never seen “Big Mo” at a high school football game supporting the schools he oversees. I have not even seen a school board member, but if it was an election year they would be out in force handing out cards wanting you vote. Isn’t that ironic.

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    ” they have no support from the superintendent ”

    ANYBODY who thinks this superintendent really gives a rats *ss about anything in the schools is simply delusional. In the simplest terms, all he is is another high $$ hire from somewhere else looking to put his spin on things so he can move on to the next pay grade. THAT is how this game is played. Unless someone is chosen who has dedicated their career to OUR county school system and truly has a passion and understanding for being here, things will never change.

    There are many qualified who would/could do it for far less than $250,000+ and ridiculous amounts of “perks”….simply because they CARE! But the “system” won’t acknowledge or account for that possibility.

  • Wes said,

    I agree 100%. We need people running our school system that is familiar with our area and has the knowledge of the community. If

  • reggie said,

    Mo is doing fine. We could have that other guy that just left. Northern fans gets upset because he makes them play fair. And BTW, he does get out to football games. he’s been to two of ours. He’s not perfect but he’s definitely an improvement.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I don’t know about Mo attending other games but I’ve seen him at one of Page’s.

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    Reggie, do you know any upset fans? We are playing fair. Like I said last night we are under the scope and still winning our games. These kids are playing their hearts out every week while under a dark cloud left over from last year by people that are no longer at the school. Were doing it on our own with just the help of our fans. And believe it or not our fans include people that don’t go to our school.

  • just for your info said,

    Word from Charlotte is Greensboro Day knocked off Oak Ridge by 3 on a last second shot by Brando Dorsett. That is basically all I know. What a team and coaching staff at Greensboro Day. Coaching wins games.

  • Wes said,

    Hey Reggie, Guess what? That other guy is in Houston making $450,000 a year while “Mo” is making $250,000 and is way overpaid.

  • youpeoplewillsayanything said,

    ” We could have that other guy that just left. ”

    true that! Grier was out of touch and clueless also…

    ” Northern fans gets upset because he makes them play fair ”

    Yes, most Northern fans would agree there were things that were wrong that needed handling. But he could have made them ” play fair ” in a much more constructive way… as I have said he could have handled the situation w/ much more common sense and sensitivity instead of encouraging an environment that has fueled so much hate and mis-information.

  • Kevin said,


    Have you heard of paragraphs?

  • Remember said,

    If my memory serves me right, Terry Grier investigated Northern
    and supposedly found nothing. HaHaHaHa

    Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nighthawk1 said,

    Kevin – Sorry, was just trying to post my comments, I didn’t realize you cared about the punctuation and correct paragraph structure. You just assisted me in proving that people who are rude and are haters read these posts for no good reason. Thank you.

  • reggie said,

    Nighthawk1, yes I do, know quite a few. And when I check in here I find plenty more. But that doesn’t take away from what they have achieved since the clean up. It’s just going to be a rough few years until everyone lets this drop.

  • street said,

    Guys, I think we all need to let this die. The true culprit in all of this is greed and selfishness. I coached football before and my boss always told me that we are trying to teach a self-less game in a self-ish world. Parents whom pimp their kids out to football programs should receive some punishment as well as the coaches. I have posted to this site before and I have always stated that building a program with your teammates is a priceless thing. Working out together, attending ballgames, camps. 7on7’s..etc… are good ways to build a program. When a player transfers from school to school it becomes less about trying to build something and more about what you can get from something. I understand that Parents/Kids wants scholarships to go to school for free, but the most important thing is to be a part of something and help build it. I dont think most of the people on this site really understand that concept. I guess you have to be objective to understand that. But in all fairness 99% of the people on this site are fans/parents. That is okay. We should support our kids when they play sports, but sometimes we need to call it like we see it. Those of us whom lost players to Northern, legally or illegally, should have some mixed emotions, but at the end of the day we should let it all go and let Providence deal with it.

  • Thrilled Parent said,

    Very well said Street. Building from within and spending all that time and those events with your best friends is truly priceless. Win or lose, that’s why we love our situation in Jamestown. If you haven’t experienced it you’ll never understand. We feel so blessed our son has been able to be a part of 4 special years.

  • WellSaid said,


    You hit the nail on the head my man. I totally agree with your post and even if you are from NG you have to agree with these words of wisdom. Coaches can build a team in many different ways and be successful. You can do it with transfers and recruits and win ballgames. However being successful means different things to different people.
    Everyone loves the movie Remember the Titans. Coach Boone took the players he had
    and made winners out of them.

  • street said,

    “Posted by WellSaid”

    I am not from NG, I coached at NEHS. I was proud to work for Tommy Pursley. He worked hard to build that program into one of the most successful in Guilford County. I am proud to have been a part of that for 9 years.

  • Kevin said,


    Your post was not very inviting to read. Most people are very busy and don’t have the time to read that big paragraph.

  • WellSaid said,



    I did’nt mean you were from NG I was saying that even people from NG
    should agree with your post. Totally true what you said.