Elon and App both in, could meet again in Round Two

Posted by Andy Durham on November 22, 2009 at 4:41 pm under College | 8 Comments to Read

Field of 16 for FCS Playoffs:

Appalachian State will host South Carolina State Saturday at noon ET on ESPNU. Elon will travel to Richmond to take on the defending national champions with the winner facing the ASU-SCSU winner on Dec. 5.

November 28 at Richmond, Virginia
Elon (9-2) at No. 4 Richmond (10-1)

November 28 at Boone, North Carolina (ESPNU/ESPNUHD at Noon ET)
South Carolina St. (10-1) at Appalachian St. (9-2)

Entire field of 16 for the FCS:

November 28 at Missoula, Montana
South Dakota St. (8-3) at No. 1 Montana (11-0)

November 28 at Nacogdoches, Texas
Eastern Wash. (8-3) at Stephen F. Austin (9-2)

November 28 at Richmond, Virginia
Elon (9-2) at No. 4 Richmond (10-1)

November 28 at Boone, North Carolina (ESPNU/ESPNUHD at Noon ET)
South Carolina St. (10-1) at Appalachian St. (9-2)

November 28 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Holy Cross (9-2) at No. 2 Villanova (10-1)

November 28 at Lake Charles, Louisiana
New Hampshire (9-2) at McNeese St. (9-2)

November 28 at Carbondale, Illinois
Eastern Ill. (8-3) at No. 2 Southern Ill. (10-1)

November 28 at Williamsburg, Virginia
Weber St. (7-4) at William & Mary (9-2)

  • Bryan said,

    What baffles me is why Elon couldn’t have gone to William & Mary and Weber State to Richmond. Weber State already has to fly to Richmond to get to Williamsburg anyway…just another expense for the NCAA.

    AND Richmond got a slightly tougher opponent…and they are a top 4-seed AND defending national champs…AND they beat William & Mary last week to win the CAA.

  • correction? said,

    thought Villanova won the CAA?

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    Villanova and Richmond shared the CAA championship. Villanova got the CAA automatic bid and the no. 2 seed by beating Richmond in their head to head match-up

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    why is it that because a team comes out of the MEAC,they always get set up and not have a home game no matter how good a record they have? They could be undefeated and still have to travel. Like I say ,it always seems as a stup to get rid of them(the hbcu schools. Already talk on here about Elon/App St rematch. Give a great explanation . . . p-l-e-a-s-e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    Now I can understand why the big D1’S don’t want this system . . .somebody always gets SCREWED !

  • J.D. Springer said,

    To “ol/bawl coach”:

    If the HBCUs want respect in the FCS playoffs they need to start earning it. When was the last time an HBCU beat any team that mattered in football other than another HBCU? And while we’re asking, when was the last time an HBCU won a playoff game? You’d have to be an “ol’bawl coach” or just plain “ol” to remember. It was A&T in 1999. And who did the Aggies beat that year? Another HBCU, Tennessee State. (A&T then proceeded to get blown out by Youngstown State.) So it’s been more than 10 years since an HBCU beat anybody other than another HBCU in the playoffs, and some of the FCS playoff seeding is based on past performance by your conference, so don’t expect a MEAC team to get a home playoff game anytime soon.

  • yankeeclipper8 said,

    And to say that this playoff system isn’t better than what BCS does???? How crazy. 34 bowls this year with 6 – 6 teams playing, what a great system that is. I’ll take 16 teams making a playoff over what the BCS does anytime. Sure someone is going to get left out…that will always happen, but at least you are playing meaningful games into December and crowning a true champion.

  • spaz fan said,

    J.D. is exactly right. The MEAC teams are going to have to start winning in the playoffs before they can think about getting seeds or home field advantage. That or be able to put 30k+ in the stadium like App St. does. Thats what gets them on ESPNU.