CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest Week #11 results

Posted by Andy Durham on November 24, 2009 at 2:08 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

We had a tight one this week with (11-4) being the order of the day/week for those who had not won previously this season.

Our winner turned out to be CAR Fan who went (11-4) and had the 39 points on the Tie-breaker for the Titans-Texans and everyone went over the 37 total from the 20-17 FINAL and CAR Fan was closest to the total and he grabbed the win. CAR Fan (11-4) 39 points, Wildcat 5(11-4) with 41 points, Chuckyd(11-4) with 42 points, Big Bobby(11-4) with 43 points and Ross(11-4) with 47 points….And on we go!!!!!

CAR Fan send me your mailing address to this E-mail…..That is the address for now and send our way ASAP….We will work to get that in the mail to you this week….

The totals for the week:
Mick(12-3) Previous winner
Big Walt(12-3) Previous winner
CAR Fan(11-4)
Daniel(11-4) Previous winner
Bamm Bamm(11-4) Previous winner
Big Bobby(11-4)
Sweet Lou(10-5)
Big C(8-7)

  • Mick and Ben said,

    Woo Hoo and not so woo hoo.

    Plus, fantasy team lucked into a tie with that missed 49 yard field goal last night. Still suck though. Gonna have to run the table or get some help to make playoffs.

  • Kevin said,


    What is the plan for this week?

  • Andy said,

    We will go with the Sunday games and I will have them up here for you guys on Friday morning. Pretty much the regular game plan with the exception of the Thursday games…..