More HS hoops tonight/GDS now (7-0) with 54-42 win over Mt. Zion/Dudley boys

Posted by Andy Durham on November 24, 2009 at 10:36 pm under High School | 19 Comments to Read

Dudley boys 95
Durham Hillside 74

Panthers stand at (1-0)….

Girl’s final:
Southern Guilford 48
Trinity 45

Trinity(0-1)….More details on this game on Wedensday.

Boy’s Final:
Eastern Guilford 70
Ragsdale 55

*****We would expect a big game from Brandon Hairston, Tre Radcliffe and the other Wildcat front liners and steady play from the backcourt of Adam Gunn and Butch Huffman…..*****

+++++The Eastern Guilford girls(1-1) were also winners over Ragsdale and we will have details on Wednesday…….+++++

Greensboro Day School over Mount Zion 54-42 to move the Bengals to (7-0) on the young season…..

Home: Greensboro Day- final: 54

First Quarter: 15

Second Quarter: 10

Third Quarter: 14

Fourth Quarter: 15

#1 Brandon Dorsett: 12 points

15 Jordan Robertson: 10

2 Robert Kleinman: 6

5 Christian Pullaim: 6

3 Lucas Weavil: 5

11 Jimbo Brumley: 5

22 John Terry: 4

44 Quayshad Willams: 2

45 Jaleel Roberts: 2

21 Andrew Magod: 2

Guests: Mt. Zion- final: 42

First Quarter: 12

Second Quarter: 8

Third Quarter: 9

Fourth Quarter: 13

#24 Jomar Black: 10 points

10 Jaheim Antney: 9

13 Abdul Kasim: 8

22 Shaq Patterson: 6

4 Tehuyn Brantley: 4

21 Desmond Louis: 2

44 Enique Mason: 1

If you have other scores for us, please drop in the comment box…..

  • Wildcat Wonder said,

    Eastern Guilford’s boys beat Ragsdale 70-55 at Eastern Guilford. Eastern’s girls also won in the earlier matchup.

  • tee tee said,

    the Dudley teams are ready ! the girls looked good but not as deep. they primarily used their first 6 players the entire night. the girls will be tough this year but I think they will have some problems when someone gets into foul trouble or has a strong inside game along with a guard that can protect the ball. the boys looked much deeper, quicker and more defensive than last year. the boys appear to be playing a style of defense that I have not seen from them in a couple of years. the one two pitch of the girls and boys at Dudley is worth the $6 door charge.

  • dave said,

    Before you get too excited keep iin mind Ragsdale has 3 starters still playing footbal along with 3 other players.

  • THE FACTOR said,


    If Ragsdale had won, what would you have said?

  • Wildcat Wonder said,

    dave, who said anything about being excited? the score was simply reported and that is it. Maybe Ragsdale had starters missing but the fact remains Eastern won the game outright. Not to mention they had starters out until a week ago in football as well. They were working on one week of practice. No one is at full strength this time of year. ‘Keep in mind’ that Ragsdale is 4A as well and Eastern lost a 6’6″ transfer this year to Greensboro Day. You play the hand that is dealt you.

    Don’t take away from the effort of the kids who were on the floor and last night it seems Eastern handled themselves pretty well.

  • DUDLEY STUD said,

    The PANTHERS are ready to roll! Any teams out there that think they can challenge the Boys or Girls had better rethink their thoughts! Coach B for the girls is ready to stomp all over their opponents. Sorry Page! Sorry Smith! Sorry Grimsley! Sorry Western Guilford! Sorry Southeast! Yall know what yall are in for. Why do you think Northern Girls are so glad this year that they are gone? We had their supposingly “BIG THREE” scared to death. Look for 20 or more points blow outs when we face those teams. Coach Price is ready to rumble! PJ is already shooting folks out! Dillard, Wyatt, Hunt, Byrd, Richmond, Clayburn, Redd and Alston are ready to show folks that the buck stops at the BIG D! Grab your popcorn! Strap on your soda Pop! Get ready for the greatest show on earth! If you do not believe me? Ask HILLSIDE girls and boys!

  • c'mon Man said,

    Ok, Dudley Stud.
    Don’t start…

    There is a lot of work that still needs to be done. The boys are much deeper than last year. Look for them to capitalize on that.

    The girls are not as deep. Can’t go 5 in 5 out. They will always play good defense. They will have to stay out of foul trouble and everyone will have to produce. They go about 7 deep with one player due to come back in Dec or Jan.

    They will have to play hard and leave no doubt.

  • Dudley Grad said,

    Dudley Stud,

    Can we get through football season first? I’m excited about basketball just like you are but right now i’m more excited about our FOOTBALL team still being in the hunt for another State Title. Depending upon what happens on Friday will depend on how excited I am about Dudley Basketball on Saturday!

  • Wes said,

    I saw the Day School play Mt. Zion Tuesday night and it is amazing what GDS has. They get so much out of their talent. They usually do not have the highly recruied D1 player in their program year in and year out but they continue to be the best team in Guilford County. Now all you so say experts out there please tell me why this is. They play so many more teams that are much more athletic than they are but GDS always win. Why? I would like to know

  • Best said,

    PJ HAIRSTON is the best player in th state………. DUDLEY looked very good last night… they should have ANOTHER GREAT SEASON. they are loaded once again…..

  • Robert Jones said,

    I’ll take reggie bullock any day. better skills, knows the game better, and certainly not a s selfish.

  • U make no sense said,

    Mr. Fulton,

    I am not usually one to be ugly, but you are stupid. Why would you instigate with your comment that you obviously no nothing about.

    PJ and his fam. are my neighbors.. goes to school with my child in a neighborhood that is in Dudley Zone. So shut up already!

    If you or anyone else can’t say anything decent about any kids mentioned on this site do not comment.
    i will say a special prayer for you tonight. It must be hard waking up angry every day.

  • Wes said,

    No one has answered my question as to why GDS is the best team in Guilfford County year in and year out when all the other schools according to this website have all the D1 players. Please help me understand.

  • dale fulton go away said,

    This is for Mr Dale Fulton. I think it is extremely wrong on your part to call out a minor/ kid or someone that cannot properly defend themselves from your nasty comments above. If you believe these issues to be true and you were that concerned about them, then a “real man or woman” would take care of their busisness directly with the GCS directly. I have young kids and 1 of my daughters and my son are on track to be extremely good basketball players from what they have produced within AAU so far. I pray when they are the targets of the competition and their names are mentioned on this site or similar that you and others will treat them with more respect and class than what I read today from Dale Fulton. My kids (both male & female) have played pick up b-ball with PJ during the summer and I must say that he has always handled himself with respect and total class. PJ has worked hard to earn his rep and comments from people such as Dale should not be allowed to tear down this kid. Maybe if PJ can make it to the ultimate level in the NBA or play overseas, then Dale can be his doorman and he will never again question where PJ lives.

  • Best said,


    because they have the power to get players that fit freddy’s system year in year out. every p ublic school has to deal with what they got at the school.. freddy can go out find the players to fit the system he runs.

  • Wildcat Wonder said,


    GDS has one of the best programs in Guilford County because they get some of the best players from MULTIPLE schools. You don’t have to have 5 high major DI prospects to have a really good team. I don’t know about all of the kids but the Williams kid you got from EG was being recruited by DI schools already. I would be willing to bet some of the other guys are too. I bet you MOST coaches in the city would have pretty good squads if they cherry picked one of the top 2 players from 10 different high schools in a 100 mile radius.

    You wanted an answer, you have one. May not be the one you wanted to hear but it is the truth.

  • PJ's Family said,

    Mr. Fulton,

    Wow how sad and very jealous you are. Sorry that you are so misinformed!! It is possible for people to actually own real estate in more than one location! Just for the record PJ is not in the academy and doesn’t live in Dudley’s school district (figure that one out)….for all people who have called the anonymous hotline… know that PJ, his family, all addresses, and their paperwork on file in the reassignment office have all been investigated in detail and are all verified and satisfactory. If you have any further questions please feel free to speak to any of us at the games this year.

    Mr. Jones,

    You have the right to choose who you would like! Reggie is an absolutely wonderful young man and we are very proud of him! His skill level and knowledge of the game is great for a 2010 graduate. Considering PJ is a 2011 graduate we are confident that he will progress into a more well rounded player over the next 2 years. We must let you know your choice is far less significant to us since Coach Roy Williams opinion of PJ seems to be much better and I’m sure more intelligent than yours!

    You two gentleman have a nice time this year verbally attacking a child! I’m sure that your well wishes won’t be necessary for our PJ to be successful. Once again please remember if you have any other questions you need to have answerd the door is always open and if you are in need of a rental property please let us know, we own several one of which does happen to be empty at the time.

    Greensboro Sports Staff,

    There should be a better system in place to keep children’s names from being slandered on this board. I appreciate all the articles and hard work that goes into this website. You must be mindful that all don’t have the common sense to know not to attack children. Some people are so ignorant that they are unable to practice self control and need some sort of sensoring. I hope that in the future there will be a better job to restrict children being attacked on your site. PJ doen’t control the actions of his parents and therfore should not be targeted by senseless and mean spirited idiots.

  • Andy said,

    Mr. Fulton’s earlier comment has been deleted and we will continue to delete further comments if they go about attacking people’s families.

    The Thanksgiving Holiday weekend or any time for that matter is not a good time to go attacking someone’s family….

    Why the jealousy and hatred, I don’t know….I thought we all enjoyed going out and watching the kids play baseketball/football/baseball and other sports and pulling for them to do well.

    Let’s support the kids and and work to keep it clean and fair here on the site and if not, we won’t have any choice but to take the web site down and discontinue it.

    Personally I think that would be a shame because we have been able to come up with some good topics and have been able to get many of the local kids some positive exposure…..

    Help us to keep this site rolling and adding info instead of having to take it down……

    Bad results are on the way if the negatives start to inflict harm on others…..

    If you are ticked off about something, just send it or go to the Gripe or Complaint Box and leave it there, but it still must make sense and be presentable if it is to be seen on this site…..

  • Let's tell the truth said,

    Any college recruiters out there? You definitely need to check out Ben L. Smith Eagles basketball team!