NWG tops Grimsley girls/Whirlie boys earn the victory over Vikings

Posted by Andy Durham on November 24, 2009 at 10:19 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Girl’s Final:
Northwest Guilford 53
Grimsley 35

*****Unofficial numbers….We had Gretchen Bennett with 15, Harmony White with 9, plus Hannah McIntosh and Melissa Floures with 6 each….*****

Boy’s Final:
Grimsley 66
Northwest Guilford 58

Grimsley scoring….
Carter Gourley 26 points
Rashad Sweeney 14
Kreshaun Williams 12
Lee Sweeney 7
Burle Brown 3
Najee Senior 2
Christian Hairston 2

Northwest Guilford scoring…..
Kyle Berger 14
Kyle Vebber 10
Keaton Kaack 10
Matt Pawlowski 8
Hunter Clary 7
Zach Elwood 6
Tyler Hartman 3

*****End of the 3rd quarter it was Grimsley 43, NWG 42…..Kyle Vebber hit a three-pointer for NWG to tie the game at 50-50 with 6:09 left in the game….Cater Gourley was the difference-maker for the Grimsley Whirlies and he led all scorers with 26…..*****

  • bball said,

    Vebber had a rough first half as he scored nothing until the second half…would have been a different game if he had scored early on

  • so said,

    well that can be said for grimsley too, because i think williams and carter gorley had like 14 combined points in the first half and creshawn finished with 12 and carter 26 so whats your point? in my opinion grimsley played decent they won the game against a good northwest team with their C game so its a good start

  • bballfan said,

    His name is Burrell Brown, not Burle

  • Phil Thee said,

    It’s good you corrected the spelling of the name, because @ 3 ppg it will be a long time before anyone cares how to spell it.

  • Andy said,

    I thought it would be like Burle Ives, but as you saw say, Burrell Brown is how it goes down and the Burrell reminds me more of Scotty Burrell who used to play for the Charlotte Hornets but there is also a baseball player, Pat Burrell, I believe it is, with the last name that sounds like Burrell as in Burrell Brown.

    Burrell Brown for Grimsley is a very steady point guard whose job is to get the ball to the scorers like Gourley, Williams, R. Sweeney, and L. Sweeney….

    Burrell will put in as many minutes as anybody on that Grimsley team and works his tail off. A fun kid to watch play and he does work hard….

  • nwg said,

    Burrell was defended by Matt Pawlowski and both played each other in AAU with the Gaters so they know each other very well. Burrell and Matt both played a good game dishing the ball off to the shooters. You will hear more of Burrell and Matt in the future both are solid point guards.

  • vfan said,

    Pawlowski beat burrel brown to the hoop at least 3 times. His cross-over left brown in the dust and he was able to convert easy lay-ups on him

  • lOOK said,

    Pawlowski could be a much better player if he would dribble looking down court. When he gets pressured he turns his back to the court hence can’t see his teammates.