For many, 7:30 can’t come soon enough: Ragsdale at Dudley/Anson County at Northern

Posted by Andy Durham on November 27, 2009 at 12:51 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Very big/important games tonight with Ragsdale(13-0) at Dudley(12-1) and Anson County(9-4) at Northern Guilford(12-1)……

The kickoffs are set for 7:30 and we will be broadcasting the Ragsdale-Dudley game on AM950 radio and we will have updates throughout the night from the NG-Anson County game.

We have three Guilford County teams left in the hunt and we have broken down the Ragsdale-Dudley game all week long and for Anson at Northern, I did find one name this morning from AC that really stands out. His name is Stephone Anthony and he’s a 6’3 220 pound linebacker and he is currently listed as the #2 junior among all in the Class of 2011 in the state of North Carolina.

This kid sounds like he is the real deal and on that list of juniors he ranked just behind the Christian LaMay kid from Matthews Butler and ahead of Eric Ebron of Smith at #7 and Maurice Harris of Nothern at #17……

We may see Stehpone coming after or chasing Scarfone tonight at Northern…..

I would take Dudley over Ragsdale 20-14 tonight and Northern over Anson 28-13…

The San Quentin Quayle from the High Point Enterprise has installed Ragsdale as a 2-point favorite, with the Tigers primed to take the game, 21-19 over Dudley, according to the Quayle….

The Quayle call:
These foes clashed August 28 in Jamestown. The Tigers won that one 18-8. Expect a closer margin but the same outcome in Greensboro. … Ragsdale 21, Dudley 19.

Ragsdale has:
QB Luke Heavner with 1,844 yards with 22 TD’s…..
WR DeSean Anderson with 54 receptions good for 13 TD’s…..
RB D’onovan Smith with 1,361 yards and 12 TD’s

The Tigers are averaging 33.6 points a game and allowing just 6.8 points a game which includes 5 shutouts……

Dudley has gone (34-1) over their last 35 games with the only loss being the 18-8 defeat suffered at the hands of Ragsdale back on August 28 in Jamestown……

That loss is weighing heavy on Dudley’s mind as is the 26-10 loss by Ragsdale to Dudley, which came just one year ago tonight, in Round Three of the State 3-AA playoffs…..

  • Advantage said,

    Ragsdale wins-Dudley ate more at feast yesterday.

  • Football Fan said,

    Go to the news and record and all you see and read about is Dudley. Dudley this Dudley that. Ragsdale and Northern Guilford are never in the video part of the articles. Maybe it’s a blessing, we will wait and see tonight. Ragsdale will roll over Dudley tonight…watch and see.

  • ron said,

    The local media has been doing that to Dudley for years. Stop crying. I suspect after today i wont see you on here again, because you will be eating crow. Late… on my way to the game.

  • on the field said,

    Finally it can be decided on the field.

  • dhs95 said,

    Congrats to Ragsdale and NG on great seasons………….But Dudley lives to play another game. Dudley did tonight what many said they could not; they shut down the Ragsdale offense all night! Two more wins in a quest for three in a row!

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    A cold ,hard fought game as I told you,you have to stop the run,you HAVE to stop the run game of Dudey. Until some one can play them 11 on 11, forget it. Great competiveness on both sides. All you haters keep on hatin’,Dudley is Dudley and they’ll keep on grinding it out. GO PANTHERS !!!!

  • dudley fan said,

    This was a great football game there were some hits that made you hold your neck.
    There were not as many fans as last year but great game to watch.
    The best thing about this game was Ragsdale actually thought they had a chance to win at Dudley. I think we should all celebrate this game as one of the BEST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAMES TO EVER BE PLAYED IN THIS AREA. GREAT JOB KIDS AND I WILL PAY EIGHT DOLLARS ANY DAY TO SEE A FOOTBALL GAME LIKE THIS.


  • fchs84 said,

    Just like last year Dudley fans that sat on visitor’s side were rude and annoying and truly showed their ignorance! They moved blankets and stadium seats that had been placed early early before anyone else was there and made themselves at home in the middle of Ragsdale Fans. They ran their mouths and laughed at our players all night. Classless group of people. Panthers should be proud!

  • Dudley fan said,

    What was classless was the fact that Ragsdale left all their trash after tailgating in our parking lot. LITTER BUGS