Live Scoring Friday 11-27-09

Posted by Don Moore on November 27, 2009 at 8:18 pm under High School | 62 Comments to Read

10:07/11:55 PM

Anson County (10-4) – 34
at Northeast Guilford (12-2) – 32

Ragsdale (13-1) – 7
at Dudley (13-1) – 13

AC Reynolds 9
Mount Tabor 7

Dudley(13-1) versus AC Reynolds out of Asheville at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium…The Panthers battle the Rockets next Friday night at Dudley…..

Lexington 28
Thomasville 21

Reidsville 22
Southwest Edgecombe 20

Eastern Alamance 28
Cardinal Gibbons 0

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 14
    SW Edgecombe 0

  • Joe Barile said,

    20-14 northern in the 2nd

  • Coach Turk said,

    Reidsville 14
    SW Edgecombe 14

  • Joe Barile said,

    21-20 anson up in 3rd ……. I’m in rockingham at the moment, indy 25, Richmond 21

  • Jason said,

    Anybody got current anson score

  • Bobby Coley said,

    I have just left the ragsdale-dudley game, and i am now believe the poster who said, ” ragsdale chokes and cannot win a big game in any of the major sports”. they were a better team tha dudley and they choked—including the coaches! craziest play calling i’ve ever seen! stick to those individual sports, tigers. you were a superior team!!!!!
    the “d” was great, but it takes a village.

  • paul williams said,

    Anon 38-20.

  • Erica said,

    Is there a Dudley-Ragsdale final?

  • robert jones said,

    yes, there is.

  • Underdogs Unite!! said,

    I’m with Erica…What the final score from the Dudley game?

    Who will the winner play next?

  • Erica said,


  • Sarah said,

    Does anyone know the final for the Northern Guilford game??

  • robert jones said,

    13-7 jbd

  • Erica said,

    Thanks, Way to go Dudley!!!

  • dhs95 said,

    Mr. Bobby please give Dudley some credit. No doubt it was a great game but the Dudley defense shut out Ragsdale offense all night. If it was not for that 2nd qtr int Ragsdale does not even go on the board. Dudley has won the two games the counted most against Ragsdale. Hey Ragsdale played a heck of a game but in the end Dudley made more plays.

  • ron said,

    Andy I checked scores and i think Asheville beat Mt. Tabor 9-7

  • Damon said,

    Congrats to the Dudley Panthers. Ron, celebrate and enjoy. After, Dudley 3 peats, they have joined the ranks of Carolina’s best. I would put Coach Davis’ program up there with Independence and the rest of the Big Boys. Greensboro and Guilford County is definitely on the map. Ragsdale, keep your head up. You represented your school and Guilford County well.

  • upsettime said,

    I posted on this site on Wed. I predicted an upset On the predictions blog.
    Anson 38 Northern 35
    Now all the NG fans can shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    No state title for the nighthawks.
    But I’m sure the excuses are coming umm
    The refs, the weather, the injuries from last week………
    No you finally played some competition and got beat by a 12th seed.

    Oh well you still go Bball.

  • Zac Baker said,

    Dudley whipped Ragsdale up and down the field. They only scored because of an interception in which no one pursued the linebacker. The QB from Ragsdale was under constant pressure all night and #90 for the Panthers had some medicine for him. #73 for Ragsdale was getting his butt whipped all night long and in the end, Dudley lives to play another day.

    Ragsdale, until next year….

  • dhs95 said,

    Yes congrats to Ragsdale on a great season! I hope the two will continue to play each in the regular season. I hope the Ragsdale faithful will support Dudley as we try and win two more games this season and another title Dudley and the entire Guilford County community.

  • ron said,

    Thanks Damon. On to next round. Guess The passing game wasn’t on tonight. Cant win turning the ball over. You guys really underestimated Dudley’s DB’s. They are some of the best around and it showed tonight.

  • NG Fan said,

    Worst play calling I have ever seen by Coach Roscoe. NG on the 15 yard line of anson. They throw it 3 times and a interception. Keenan was running all over Anson and they threw it 3 times..Hard to believe. A really dumb move at the 8 yard line with 1 minute left in the half. Too many men on the field by Northern. Advanced the ball to the 3. Anson scored with 3rd and 3 instead of 3rd and 8. That was the difference in the game. Enough to break your heart. Great game though and Anson deserves the win. Congrats go out to both teams and Northern had a great season.

  • Best said,

    All im going to say is D-U-D-L-E-Y, DUDLEY, DUDLEY, DUDLEY HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • nighthawk fan said,

    Northern played a good team and they were well balanced. The offensive line for Anson county was outstanding. What was funny, Northeast is in Guilford County and Anson County had there pregame meal there and video that northeast provided and did there walk through there. They arrived on buses with jerseys on where they dressed was in the Northeast locker room. I can tell you what i opull for all Guilford County Schools but that is about as low as you can go. But i will say this Anson County has a great football team and good luck to you in the next two weeks

  • Grow up said,

    NG fans have every right to root for their team win or lose. It’s sad that grown people wishes the worst on kids. It makes you wonder who the kids are. Congrats to NG football for an outstanding season. When they said you couldn’t, you did. No reason to heads low

  • waytogo said,

    Way to go Northeast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the Hospitality.

  • waytogo said,

    I guess since NE lost so many players to NG due to transfers.
    They probably felt that was the least they could do for Anson County

  • ngfan said,

    Northern just got outplayed. We made some bad plays, but they had a great season and I say congratulations to them for their hard work. Anson County played hard and deserved the win.

  • Classless said,

    That is ok, i was taught back in school if you could not beat them find a freind that could I guess that coach at NE hates that Johnny Roscoe came into town bc he absolutely took it too the NE team. But what goes around comes around too bad you guys lost in round 1. i wish you could have played us becuase it would have been worse round 2

  • Rocco #11 said,

    Tonight’s lose was NOT because of bad calling from Coach Roscoe, i don’t even want to hear that bull. We just didn’t excute and play to our fullest ability, plain and simple, we got out played. But i’m proud of my team for what we have accomplished this season and i love all of them.


  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Come on classless, you got beat. Get over it. Dont blame NEHS for hosting a team, the ywere just being good sports. “You people” from Northern are quick to blame. I am quite sure NEHS’ coach did not go out and invite Anson County. The coaches in Guilford County are the best in the state. This had nothingto do with Roscoe.

    Andy, you know what type of person Coach Pursley is…You should be sticking up for him when people make comments like that.

  • ol'bawl coach said,

    Ragsdale,two,two years in arow,same weekend,same field,same result . . . .you have got to learn how to stop the run.I’ve read on here about play callin’ of Ragsdale . . .NO ! Dudley has a well rounded team that rolls its sleeves up every week and comes to play good ol fashioned grind it out footbal. The defense, bends but hasn’t been broken. Give it up people and admit it, Dudley is the best high school football team in Guilford county, admit it . .I know it’s hard, but it’s the truth but a lot of you “can’t handle the truth” as in real life. Ragsdale you had a great season ,so be proud of what you accomlished, it just wasn’t enough the second time around. C ya next year . . .maybe. GO PANTHERS ,C ya next week from the “TARP”, UNTIL THEN . .PEACE AND LOVE ,DUDLEY HATERS !

  • mark said,

    That’s not a hard thing to admit bawl coach. Dudley proves it on the field over and over. The best team won tonight for sure. Dudley D had Ragsdale covered all night and made some huge hits. Ragsdale had their chances but couldn’t get it done. Too conservative tonight. Of course the Dudley D dictated a lot of that but the middle was open all night. Too late Ragsdale found it on that big pass to Sonricker but two minutes left is too late. Not capitalizing on that first bad snap by Dudley didn’t help the Tiger cause.

    Good luck to the Panthers. I smell the threepeat.

    And congrats to Ragsdale on another 13-1 season. Lots to be proud of and nothing to hang their heads about.

  • mark said,

    and laugh out loud at the Northern Guilford cry baby blaming the loss on NEG for leting Anson dress and eat at their place. That may be the lamest excuse ever.

  • stopit said,

    I’m a panther at heart but I must say it hurt to see the tigers so upset. I’m always reminded that they are all kids. Someone must lose but never feel defeated. Keep your heads up and celebate a great season. Great Job PANTHERS. Keep playing together and you guys will 3peat.

  • Andy said,

    The deal at Northeast with them hosting Anson County probably came from the County offices…I don’t think for a minute that NEG would have called Anson and told them come on up here and we’ll help you guys out before you play NG…

    NEG and Northern are first class schools and their people are doing all that they can do to keep it that way.

    Northern deserves a ton of credit for having a great year. I used to watch them when they were playing as JV’s out at Guilford College on Thursday nights with Rocco, Mohamed Khellah, Bob Hicks, Matt Farris and others. They have come a long way and they will keep getting better with TJ Logan and Daniel Downing coming around…

    Keenan Allen was one of the best players to ever come out of Guilford County and for sheer electricity on the field, he has to rank up there with Tripp Welborne.

    Ragsdale will be tough again next year with Heavner and Smith coming back we will sure miss Sparks, Stone, Anderson, Redfern, Ellison, Jones, McNeil, Ritter, Cobb, Sonricker and others….That was a great group of kids who all played together and respected each others talents…

    As for Dudley, what else can you say? They are the only Guilford County team left, again….The cream always rises to the top and the Panthers are the top team in Guilford County, again…..

    Let’s all band together and back the Panthers again, next Friday night at Tarpley Stadium. The Major and his army caused General Havoc tonight at the Tarp. It is hard to run a Private pass pattern when you have five Captains(DB’s) flying in ready to deliver some Corporal punishment with a big INT. Sargent Shultz from the old Hogans Heroes shows used to say, “he knew nothing”, and right now I don’t know of anything that can stop these Panthers.

    After the past three years, you might say the Dudley Panthers have a little bit of Bret Hart in them and they are, The Best there was, The Best there is, and the Best there ever will be”….

    Just some random thoughts as we look back on a Cool Friday Night….

  • NGfan said,

    Congratulations go out to NG for a great football season. For a 3rd year school you guys have done great. There are schools in Guilford County that has been in existence for years that has never gotten that far. You have a great coach, principal and faculty. Keep your heads up. Looking to basketball and baseball. As I pulled into the school last night for the game I noticed the baseball field. It is really nice. Someone has really taken care of that field. I assume the Smith’s are looking after it both physically and financially

  • Hawker said,

    Yes, there were some losses last night. Someone had to lose btw Dudley and Ragsdale. Both are great football teams. Now let’s support Dudley all the way to the end!

    Now as a sappy NG football fan: We are proud of you! You played with great heart and the fans were, are and always will be behind you! Nice post Rocco. No excuses. You have accomplished so much in three years. Ignore the haters and let’s celebrate the Nighthawk Nation! As far as kids in Guilford County go, we’ve got a great group of students!

    I’m going to route for Dudley from today forward! Go GCS!!!!

  • ross said,

    nice post Rocco , now that what I call a classy teamate

  • football-lover said,

    “they were who we thought they were” Northern played their hearts out and left it all on the field. No excuses needed, NG was just beat by a better team. But beware, they may lose KA, but replace him with upcoming soph Tj Logan, and they won’t miss much of a beat. Most of the guys will be back to give it another try next year. Nighthawk Nation wew are proud of you. Don’t hate………..Congratulate!!!!!!!!

  • KC said,

    First of all, hats off the Dudley and their coaching staff. They adjusted with the right play calls all night long. If we blitzed from the outside, they ran the opposite direction. On defense, they played tight coverage all night long because they knew we wouldn’t attack the middle. Ragsdale’s offense is designed for YAC (yards after catch). Due to the field conditions, once we caught the ball on the outside we were down. We didn’t have any ther plays in our arsensal. I believe the play to Sonricker at the end of game was created last night.

    Let me also tell you the another aspect of the game that none of us fans notice that was a key factor in ball control. Davis’s ball boy was taking 25 seconds to get the ball on the field and the umpire literally waited 10 second each snapped for him to leave the field. That is true ball control, no pun intended.

    Anyway, congrats to Dudley on a well played game! Good luck the rest of the way and represent the Triad well.

  • Zac Baker said,

    KC, the referees were not a factor nor was the ballboy. In fact, the referees called “referee timeouts” on both sides of the ball in order to balance out the game. Dudley received a “delay of game” penalty and Ragsdale did not. Norwood punted on 4th and 2’s too much last night. Defense had 10 men on the field at two key times in the game. Both resulted in the defensive coordinator calling two time-outs. QB panicked when he should not have which resulted in him getting sacked and throwing pivotal INTs.

    If I am not mistaken, Dudley had the most penalties, right.

  • ron said,

    That’s funny KC. I think the true ball control came with those 3 INT’s. NOw thats ball control like i told you earlier this week. I dare you to try and pass on us. Ragsdale is a fairly descent team. They need to develope a running game and more detailed pass routes. Outside of that they are descent. They only have one true game breaker and that’s Anderson. Against a team like Dudley you better have at least 5 impact players. Thats the only way.

  • mark said,

    In the game of defenses Dudley’s came out on top. Ragsdale’s D came to play. They allowed the one long TD drive in the first you knew Dudley had in them and other than that they did well. Dudley’s only other score came after Amerson’s INT to the one.

    Dudley D had perfect game plan and more important, perfect execution. They put Amerson on Roberts single coverage. Amerson has the height to manage Roberts and the size to bring him down so he couldn’t get YAC. They double covered Anderson all game taking him completely out of the offense. That left Sonricker to be the man and unfortunately Ragsdale didn’t let him do his thing – get downfield. They pass over the middle was open all night. They threw there twice – Shouse dropped one on a good hit and the long completion to Sonricker. To little too late.

    Surprised Dudley didn’t blitz more and the times Heavner got sacked it was due more to Dudley DB coverage than the rush. Ragsdale O line did a great job.

    Can’t really complain about the officiating. Not sure about the pass interference on Armwood in the end zone. Didn’t look like much live or on the highlights. The one totally rediculous call was the equipment viloation on Stone with a few minutes left. The kids are out there playing their guts out and to make a player leave the field instead of letting him take five seconds to tuck in a jersey is stupid. By the time he told him to get off the field Stone already had the jersey in. Never seen the kid so angry. I know the refs made Peterson leave once too and I couldn’t really tell why. After seeing kids run around all season with jerseys flapping (even last night) why wait til the last half of the last quarter to start pulling stars off the field with the game on the line.

    Anyway – congratulations to Dudley. Ragsdale just had the misfortune to build one of their best teams ever in the middle of a Dudley dynasty. If you’re going to lose you might as well lose to the best – and thats what Dudley is.

  • Football Man said,

    There were some great games last night and yes the “Cream of the Crop” always emerges when it is all said and done. Congratulations Duldey on advancing. You have been there and done that mnay times over. Yes you beat Nothern Guilford and shut them down. Yes, you beat Ragsdale when it counted the most. That is what true chmapionship teams do. Coach Davis has a well discipline squad and they know how to win close games.

    Now lets recap on what I stated about two weeks ago concerning teams:

    Northern Guilford: I stated that Keenan Allen was legitimate and was the key factor in anything that they do. Some took offence to that and attempted to throw in other names from that team. In the big game Keenan Allen showed up and help to produce 5 touchdowns. Their running game was nil and void. Their passing game was non existent. I watched it against Dudley. I was confident that if Northern played against a team that had a defense with speed that the quarterback would become non existent. That is why Keenan had to go play the position at a crucial time just to try and make plays. It happen at Western Guilford earlier in the year that allowed them to win the game. When a team blows out teams, everyone looks great and a lot of times it hides weaknesses that will later be exposed that can come back and haunt a team. I am willing to believe that Anson County watched film and were convince that Northern starting Quarterback was not going to beat them. Remember, arm strength, quickness and ability to read defenses are paramount at that position and especially in big games. Anson 12th seed and four losses could have been deceiving when you play the likes of Rockingham County who plays the likes of Charlotte Independence and Butlers of the world. I shared with you that I personally thought Eastern Alamance quarterback should be more deserving of the All Conference Quarterback but will probably not get it. Look and see if he made an impact in their win and advancement for the next round. Now, this is not a knock or should be used as player hating as a phrase that many tend to throw out. It is only an assessment of sharing before and not after the fact of what many may not have seen in advance. Great year for Northern and yes Keenan Allen is the best that I have seen around here overall since Tripp Welbourne and Robert Siler from Jordan Matthews in Siler City.

    Reidsville: They win State Championships and it is what it is. They played a close game last night and they still got it done because they had a quarterback that could make plays in crucial situations. Winning is a habit at that school and State Championship are expected and nothing less. They lost a coach and still went undefeated. Will Northern do as well with Keenan gone? How did Grimsley do when he departed? Oops, I forgot? I was suppose to be talking about Reidsville. It is hard to go down in Reidsville and win. Their fans turn out and if you are not careful, the game could become a rout.

    Ragsdale: Super season and you played well. Yes, you beat Dudley early on at home and maybe should have gotten the top seed. But the game is still played on the field. I still have not change my mind about Luke Havner being one of the best quarterbacks in the area inspite of the interceptions in a very key game. He has the pocket presence and will continue to get better in the years to come. They may not have a dominant player like Allen, but they have some good pieces in the right place that will make it hard to key on one individual next year. Even when they had Tony Baker they did not win State. Look for them to maybe not go undefeated next year but I would not rule out advancing further in the playoffs.

    Overall it was good to see the Guilford County teams participate and to see the true Champion teams from this area advance. Good luck Dudley and Reidsville as you show what true Championship Teams are made of.

    No one can dispute that fact!

  • fchs84 said,

    Just like last year Dudley fans that sat on visitor’s side were rude and annoying and truly showed their ignorance! They moved blankets and stadium seats that had been placed early before anyone else was there and made themselves at home in the middle of Ragsdale Fans. They ran their mouths and laughed at our players all night. Classless group of people. Panthers should be proud!

  • fchs84 said,

    Nice field Dudley! And, for the NCHSAA idiot who said this field was playable, you should say a prayer of thanks every night that you have a job-clearly your supervisor’s an idiot too! Ragsdale’s field would have been 100% better than that mud hole that both team had to play in last night! What an embarrassment for Dudley and Guilford County!

  • stopit said,

    fchs84, you are not representing RHS very well right now. If some fans were rude let me apolgize for that but there is no need for you to insult our school or program. Maybe our field doesn’t compare to yours but it was playable. Great job DHS and RHS. Go Panthers.

  • mark said,

    First let me say the field had no effect on the outcome of the game. As bad as it was, both teams had to play on it and even if the game was at Ragsdale the end result would have probably been the same. but yes, the field was HORRIBLE. I was on it after the game and it was like walking through a minefield trying t keep from sinking into the mud. Dudley coaches and officials should be ashamed they ask their players to play on slop like that. That football program is too first class to have that field represent them. And please don’t blame Guilford County for that atrocity of a field. Most schools have coaches, boosters and parents taking care of the field year round. Are you saying Dudley can’t do the same?

    But if you guys are going to wait around for a hand out from the county to get that new field how about making sure they buy you an American flag too. Never seen a game where there was no flag. And then the PA announcer talks about the presentation of the colors but they were no where to be found. Don’t you guys have an ROTC group with a flag to march out on the field? I guess the ROTC didn’t want to get mud on those shiny shoes huh?

  • KC said,

    I was on the field Friday evening and unless you stayed in the middle you had no chance. You can discuss AC Reynolds being a scary offense next week but since they run a spread offense and rely on passing they will not have a chance in “h…” of beating Dudley. Dudley stays in the middle of the field 90% of the time so it doesn’t effect their offense. I understand mark’s comments that the better team won Friday night but I don’t buy it. Also, if the Guilford County health dept. would have been there friday they would have shut the ladies restroom down. Hopefully, anyone that used it will be ok. Now let me hear the “bulls…” comeback from Dudley supporters that both teams had to play on the field, blah, blah, blah.

  • ron said,

    Yep the ole blame it on the field and restroom trick…lol you guys are killing me. The field didn’t have much to do with the QB’s arm, or the play calling by your coaching staff. From what im gathering is that you guys probably have never taken a snap in your life. If so you would know that the elements are part of the game. Maybe you all are more suited for an indoor sport. Oh by the way Ragsdale’s field is about the same as ours. I have coached and played there several times. Instead of the field lets blame the players and coaches. You will find the answers that you seek there. Next year if we meet you guys again you can come over put down turf, and clean the restrooms and results will still be the same. Stop using the field as an excuse. This is the second year in a row. When Ragsdale beat us you didn’t hear us complaining. We went back to the drawing board and came back stronger. Hey maybe we can get you all to put that turf down this week before Asheville comes to town.

  • Whatever, Dudley haters! said,

    You ragsdale guys are killing me in this thread; hell, you chumps BARELY beat Sun Valley at YOUR PLACE with your “great” field. You choke in every game when the stakes are the highest and then you want to blame everyone and everything but yourselves and the coaching. If our QB doesn’t throw the int, the tigers do not score in this one.

    By the way, thanks for dumping your garbage out in our parking lot as well RAGSdale BOOOOOOster club. Very kind of you. That halfback pass that was intercepted was a beauty. Better luck next yr, Tiger cubbies.

  • mark said,

    you must not read very well ron.

    “First let me say the field had no effect on the outcome of the game. As bad as it was, both teams had to play on it and even if the game was at Ragsdale the end result would have probably been the same”

  • RHS '84 said,

    $8 down the drain; the offense can’t score; the defense that had all those shutouts all season decided to stay home……..un-inspired football at its best.

    Maybe us Ragsdale alums should blame it on the Al, atta, al, at alcohol cause the offense looked tipsy……….we had 3 and outs all night against dudley and the defense did not look motivated to stopping the run except when Dudley was 2 yards away from the endzone, then we decide to hit people and push their O line back; why the hell could we not do that in the open field when their backs were picking up 5 and 6 yards a carry?

    Perhaps, a coaching change is in order here……

  • fansalot said,

    I heard from the players that all they did was dress out in NEG locker room, and do 10 minute walkthrough on the field because it was so cold. They ate at Golden Corral in Asheboro, and also they said that there was no such video, not even on the charter bus because the coaches could not get it working right.

  • ron said,

    Sorry Mr. Mark but i wasnt addressing you. But since you want to stick your nose in you can get some of this verbal beatdown too. Losers complain and winners keep playing. As far as the NG mess goes. Why wouldn’t a Guilford County School allow a team to do a walk through? As far as watching tape, dont you think they had watched enough tape on NG throughout the week. 30 minutes of watching tape wasn’t going to decide that game. I suspect this is the last that we will hear from NG. After this year we may as well start making movies at that school, because it will be a ghost town in terms of athletics. Maybe they can now win the High I.Q. Bowl since all the parents sent their students there because of their unproven academics. Hey Andy i know you remember the High IQ Bowl.

  • slyfox said,

    As a Northern Guilford fam who gives a rats—— what, who or where someone did a walk through. You can tell fro the above post that Ron must be frustratrd because his team must be a loser. I for the life of me can not understand why grown adults want too bash schools and kids on here. Give all the kids credit. Northern may not win as much next year but they will win their share. Hopefully all the GCS teams will have great years. Lets pull for each other and quit bashing schools and kids. If the truth was known people like Ron probably have never played sports or was successful in sports.

  • Andy said,

    My team won the High IQ Bowl with a last second medulla oblongata that went right by our gluteus maximus and I punched in the winning points with my correct answer on the Lattisimus Dorsi……

    That was one heck of a Bowl!

  • fchs84 said,

    Oh by the way Ron…
    “Oh by the way Ragsdale’s field is about the same as ours”, you clearly haven’t been on Ragsdale’s field lately. Their field has ONE really wet corner, but the rest is turf, not mud! I have been on the field, was on it Thursday morning in fact, and it looked 100% better than Dudley’s! And our field is taken care of by our coaches and a parent VOLUNTEER. We take pride in our facilities! Go Tigers!

  • Defensiveback42 said,

    Why not take pride in that phat “L” you took on Friday? HPC fans ain’t mad that you guys whipped up on us a few weeks ago but now the tigers get their butts handed to them and the fans can’t take it, LMAO!! Shut up and quit cryin’ already. You Ragsdale guys are really starting to sound like a bunch of *******!! I thought you were conf. champs? ROFL!! Now lets see how good ragsdale is in basketball. LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  • weRone said,

    RHS 84′ you cant be serious dude…. you supposedly graduated from ragsdale and now your bashing them on the internet. yeah the played terrible friday night against a real good dudley team but even though they played terrible they still had a chance to win the game at the end. this team went 26-2 in the pass to years and both years easily could be state champions. did your teams accomplish that? now since you want to bash ragsdale just dont show up to anymore sporting events we would hate for you to have to waist anymore money…….

  • weRone said,

    RHS 84′ you cant be serious dude…. you supposedly graduated from ragsdale and now your bashing them on the internet. yeah the played terrible friday night against a real good dudley team but even though they played terrible they still had a chance to win the game at the end. this team went 26-2 in the pass to years and both years easily could be state champions. did your teams accomplish that? now since you want to bash ragsdale just dont show up to anymore sporting events we would hate for you to have to waist anymore money…….