High School football Saturday morning rewind

Posted by Andy Durham on November 28, 2009 at 10:46 am under High School | 2 Comments to Read

From last night:
Dudley 13
Ragsdale 7…..

Panthers(13-1) now face AC Reynolds out of Asheville at Tarpley Stadium next Friday night as the Rockets stopped Mount Tabor 9-7 last evening…Ragsdale closes at (13-1) for the second consecutive season.

Anson County 34
Northern Guilford 32

Northern finishes at (12-2) and here are some of our thoughts we were sharing here at the site late last night…..

Northern deserves a ton of credit for having a great year. I used to watch them when they were playing as JV’s out at Guilford College on Thursday nights with Rocco, Mohamed Khellah, Bob Hicks, Matt Farris and others. They have come a long way and they will keep getting better with TJ Logan and Daniel Downing coming around…

Keenan Allen was one of the best players to ever come out of Guilford County and for sheer electricity on the field, he has to rank up there with Tripp Welborne.

Ragsdale will be tough again next year with Heavner and Smith coming back we will sure miss Sparks, Stone, Anderson, Redfern, Ellison, Jones, McNeil, Ritter, Cobb, Sonricker and others….That was a great group of kids who all played together and respected each others talents…

As for Dudley, what else can you say? They are the only Guilford County team left, again….The cream always rises to the top and the Panthers are the top team in Guilford County, again…..

Let’s all band together and back the Panthers again, next Friday night at Tarpley Stadium. The Major and his army caused General Havoc tonight at the Tarp. It is hard to run a Private pass pattern when you have five Captains(DB’s) flying in ready to deliver some Corporal punishment with a big INT. Sargent Shultz from the old Hogans Heroes shows used to say, “he knew nothing”, and right now I don’t know of anything that can stop these Panthers.

After the past three years, you might say the Dudley Panthers have a little bit of Bret Hart in them and they are, The Best there was, The Best there is, and the Best there ever will be”….

Here’s what the News and Record was saying today about that kid Stephone Anthony from Anson County that we were talking about here at the site yesterday. He is the #2 ranked junior(Class of 2011) in the state and did some big things last night at NG:

In the final eight minutes, Anson’s Stephone Anthony scored on a 43-yard run, intercepted Allen’s potentially game-tying two-point conversion pass, and recovered the subsequent onside kick as the Bearcats advanced to the 3-AA semifinals.

  • Anson said,

    Anthony did not recover the onside kick. #8, Drew Cole WR recovered the kick. Allen is a beast, but so is Anthony. Allen can run around people, but ANthony, he was running over people.

  • HeartbrokeN said,

    Heartbroken is all can say….Anson is right…#42 is a special player. That kid can do it all. NG had all they could handle and poor execution on critical downs cost them. Although we still had chance to tie it up with 2:oo left give Anson credit. They came into NG and controlled the LOS with the option. It’s tough on all the kids especially seniors as some will not play again. No excuses from this NG parent. We are proud of the jobs those kids and coaches did this year. Now we reload and get focused onnext year……Also….Good luck Dudley….bring another one home to GC