New top numbers from area HS Basketball

Posted by Andy Durham on December 5, 2009 at 5:20 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read


1.Brittany Clancy WG : 28 PTS
2,Gretchen Bennet NWG: 22 PTS
3.Lindsey Puckett Rockingham: 20 pts
4.Chell Jackson Dudley: 18 pts
5.Valarie Beal HP Wesleyan : 17 pts
6.Khadejah Wilkerson Greensboro Day: 15 pts
7.Samantha Coffer NG: 14 pts
8.Cedrica Gibson HPC: 13 PTS
9.Brittany Drew Page: 12 pts
10.Kiana Wilson Ragsdale: 12 pts


1. Ike Nwamu Westchester: 31 pts
2. PJ Harriston Dudley: 30 pts
*Kyle Vebber NWG: 29 pts.*
3. Jay Canty: Oak Ridge: 26 pts
*Aaron Toomey: Bishop McGuinness 25 pts.*
4. Jackson Kent: Page: 20 pts
5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: 20 pts
6. Kyle Vebber: NWG: 19 pts
7. Jonathan Frye: Northern Guilford: 19 pts
8. Deng Leek: Wesleyan: 18 pts
9. Jacob Lawson: Oak Ridge: 15 pts
10. Leek Leek: Wesleyan: 15 pts

  • But said,

    Aaron Toomey had 25 last night for McGuiness according to the N and R

  • Andy said,

    Yeah, I think my spotter missed that one since the N&R had Bishop’s boys listed in the girls section of games and they were not with the boys….

    We’ll adjust.

  • Bball Fan said,

    NW Guilford just had another heart breaking loss by 1 in overtime, against FCD, Vebber led all scores with 29. Second overtime loss by 1 in as many days.

  • hsbballfan said,

    NW Guilford played hard. Hunter Clary had 20 points in the lost. Key big men are hurt. Looking forward to them getting back.

  • Ol' Bawl Coach jr. said,

    Rumor has it that PJ Hairston hit for 53 pts. tonight in Dudley’s game with Southern Durham. No letdown from East Greensboro apparently; football might be over but here comes basketball.

  • Panther Parent said,

    The rumor is fact. Hairston hit for 53pt beating the single game scoring record held by Will Graves! It was a thing of beauty. This is the stat line on Carolina website

    53 pts (17-21 FG, 8-10 3pt, 11-12 FT), 7 reb, 2 blk, 2 stl

    Looks like this young man may be in the running for NC POY and NC scoring record if he keeps this up! Go Tarheels!!!

  • jim said,

    PJ: Suit him up in the Baby Blue. Now!

    Is he better than Reggie Bullock at K-Town?

  • miketre said,

    In my opinion I really do think that PJ is better than Bullock, seeing them head to head last year. I think Bullock is a lil overated.

  • wg fan said,

    Reggie Perkins scored 23 pts on 12/2 against southwest