Did you catch that name on Sunday?

Posted by Andy Durham on December 8, 2009 at 11:57 am under College | 6 Comments to Read

Did anyone else notice the name of the writer in Sunday’s News and Record that did the article on the North Carolina-Kentucky basketball game?????

Very interesting name and I was just wondering if anyone else saw this writer’s name in the N&R?

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Ironically, he didn’t score the 13 points that his namesake for the tarheels . . . .sure would’ve helped out saturday against Kentucky if he had . . . . .

  • Andy said,

    You got that right……

  • Bob said,

    Was that Oscar Madison… or Felix Unger?

  • Andy said,

    Check your Sunday periodical…..

    Frank Deford
    Rick Reilly
    Rob Daniels
    Smith Barrier
    Larry Keech
    Lenox Rawlings
    Bill Cole
    Bill Hass
    Ron Green Sr.
    Caulton Tudor
    Peter King

  • Bob said,

    OK, it’s multi-tasker Will Graves.

    Yet, am I going nuts or did I see a recent story with an Oscar Madison byline in the N&R recently?

  • Andy said,

    Will/William Graves(UNC/Dudley HS) is correct and you are losing your mind, just like the rest of us on here……

    Oscar Madison at the N&R? I missed that one………

    Back up top, I don’t think Will from UNC played in the game and also wrote up the game, he just shares the last name as the man who scribed the UNC-UK piece and he wasn’t a Slap Maxwell character either….