Former Maryland Terrapin hoops star/Radio-TV star and Carolina Panthers announcer at the end of his rope?

Posted by Andy Durham on December 22, 2009 at 11:00 am under Amateur, College, High School, Professional, Uncategorized | 4 Comments to Read

This is compelling, sobering and just down-right sad here at the holidays, but here it is and we can all learn something from this, as we look at one man’s downward spiral and how so many different things have factored into the bottom dropping out, as this former ACC hoops star and TV-Radio star and Carolina Panthers announcer seeks and heads toward “ROCK BOTTOM”…….

Click Here for the sobering truth…….

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Sad but familiar story. The grass is not always greener

  • TheTruth said,

    Wow!!!!! He was great HS player @ Huss in the late ’70’s. Great shooter, and it sounds like he still is. I guess thia can dispel any thoughts about Lenny Bias only trying “Coke” the one time. I would say that the old left hander was either asleep at the switch or he just did not give a s-_- abbout his players. sad, but not an infrequent story these days. I hope he gets his life back in order, but he has some challenges ahead of him, that’s for sure!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Bob said,

    If he hasn’t hit rock bottom, he can see it from where he is.

    Hope he gets his life in order.

  • Hal Briggs said,

    I think it was more than the grass that was causing this guy’s problems.