Spring Baseball at Proehlific Park

Posted by Andy Durham on January 1, 2010 at 2:53 pm under Amateur | 9 Comments to Read

Proehlific Park is looking for 8U,12U,13U & 16U teams for spring baseball.

If interested please contact Ken Carlyle at ken@proehlificpark.com.

  • wes said,

    Who will be the coaching staff for 15u,16u and 17u. I know Justin Smith will have 18,19.

  • Ken said,

    Johnny Smith 15U
    Nate Hardin 17U
    Possible Dan Bozart 16U

  • GBC said,

    I see Justin Smith is going to coach the 18 and Under team does he hand pick his team? I mean every year he has some of the best talent around, how does he get all these players? Does he have Ricky go out and get his players because i talk to kids that played for him and they all love him, i was speaking to a kid from Winston Salem the other day and he said he was coming back to play for Justin and he had one of the best summers of his life last year in Omaha, and i asked him do you play bc ricky asked you or Justin and he said Justin recruits hard in the winter, He also told me that Justin Smith calls him 2 to 3 times a week to see how his palyers are doing and he feels like Justin is not just in it to have the best teams but he takes pride in his players. I have always thought Justin Smith was the guy tog et players and once the season over he forgets about them, if not i respect that guy, to give back to the kids

  • Ken said,

    Justin gets all his players and he really does keep up with his players after they are done playing for him. His former players call him all the time. Say what you want about Justin but he really does take care of his players. I have seen it 1st hand. Ricky is at most of the games which is great to see someone like that supporting his teams. There is a reason that most of the top players keep coming back to play for Justin. They win and have fun point blank can’t argue that…..

  • To:GBC said,

    that’s great that one of the best summers of his life in only one week. he needs to get a life! is he one of the 7 division 1 pitchers that was on the team last year?
    i am sure you are affiliated with al ashkinazy and the gbc also.

  • GBC said,

    I hate to read all this gossip and stuff online, so why not GBC play Proehlific in a game this summer, i think it would be great for Greensboro, i am sure Justin and Alan would do it

  • Wes said,

    Can’t wait until baseball season gets here. Justin does a great job putting his team together and communicating with his team. Most of the kids that play for him say they have the most fun playing for that team than any team they have ever played on. Ricky is very supportive from what I hear and travels with them most of the time. Good luck to Proehlific and all the teams in the area

  • All I know right know said,

    The word I hear is GBC will not play according to Justin Smith. He has tried to get GBC to play at GSO hopper stadium but they always say no…..just what I have heard.

  • Justin Smith said,

    The teams are totally different, Alan team is based of mostly high school players and my team is some high school and some college players. So with that being said it is two different age groups. TO people knowledge Alan does not coach the team or has not in the past Tony S. coaches the team. He does a real good job for GBC and i respect him for the job he and Alan does. I just wish people who put the Proehlific and GBC thing to rest all that matters is kids have a place to play, if they want to play at PP great if they want to play at GBC great, it is totally up to the parents and both organization are good ones and i respect any coach that gives his time to make players better. SO with that being said lets make Greensboro a baseball city and have as many good teams as possible.