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First Team

Ashley Debose : Smith
Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford
Brittany Gywnn: High Point Central
Capricia Small : Eastern Guilford
Lakendra Wilkerson: Smith
Amerijah Jamison: Eastern Guilford
Destiny Carter: Smith
Katie Bryson: High Point Central

Second Team

Chevena Pickard: Page
Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford
Ashley Fowler: Page
Brittany Clancy: Western Guilford
Catrina Green: Western Guilford
Brittany Drew: Page
Breonna Patterson: Dudley
Ayshia Mcneal: Southeast Guilford
Amanda Harriston: Dudley

Third Team

Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford
Zhan Greer: Smith
Jessica Johnson: Northern Guilford
Kristin Crosby: Eastern Guilford
Ciarra Jackson: Ragsdale
Denika Harden: Grimsley
Gretchen Bennett: Northwest Guilford
Deisiree Drayton: Dudley

  • Interesting said,

    How do you pick Dudley girls and they didn’t even play in an area Christmas tournament?

    If you did not see them play in South Carolina you can only base on scoring. There is more to basketball than points. If you did see them play none would be on the second and third team.

    You definitley have to redo this and base Christmas tournment teams on the teams that was seen?
    Please explain how the Christmas tournament team was chosen?

  • Dudley Stud said,


    Who on this list that should not be here based on how they lead their teams to either Championships or were runnerups?

  • Interesting said,

    Not saying that anyone should not be there. The headline says area Christmas tournament team. I ass-u-me…it is based on the play at Christmas tournaments.

    In order to make that decision you have to have seen all teams/girls play. The writer may have seen the Dudley girls play…, but in my opinion..The Dudley team based on the web site information of the tournament played 3 1st or 2nd state title teams with girls going to FState, Auburn…ect. In other words they played more competitive teams and would either be on the 1st and second team or should not be considered at all (if not seen played by writer) IF this list is based on Christmas tournament play.

    I am just curious what the criteria was for the evaluation. That’s all! For example Must have won their respective tournaments for 1st team selection?
    Not knocking any of the girls.

  • Page Pirate said,

    What does girls going to college or more competitive means when you mentioned Dudley? Do you think girls around here are not being recruited? We beat Reynolds amd they beat Dudley pretty handily. Reynolds have a girl being recruited very highly. Can you name the team that you would want?

  • jayjay said,

    Page Pirate…
    Don’t hate because you lost the “LITTLE Four”. Dudley wasn’t even there…but you still blame them for your SHORT-comings. What’s that about? Think small… be small…
    What a weak excuse! Just play the d___ game… with that attitude… we say … GO SMITH!

    Folk just don’t get it regarding Dudley. Yes they are invited to play high ranking teams around the country because they are strong and can bring it. Nothing against other local teams. By Dudley choosing not to participate in local tournaments have definitely open the door for other area teams to shine.

    Attendance was pretty low and… Folk were bored… the magic just wasn’t there…. they may want to invite power teams like Dudley back and other area power schools… at least make it worth the price of the ticket! Really!

  • bball fan said,

    i think attendance was low the first two days based on it being new years eve and new years…it was a full house for both championship games on saturday night..i also think most of the money was made on ticket books vs individual games sales…

    everyone says it was a boring tournament, would it have been less boring if dudley had played? that is a matter of opionion….

    what were your expectations?

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    I would just like to say congratulations to all the girls for getting out there and playing hard! And a “hats off” to the young ladies who made the All Area Xmas Tournament Team!!!

  • b-ball fan said,

    Smith finally finished-they had a break out game-DuBose definitely deserved MVP-I knew they had it in them with the right motivation. She controlled the floor & her coach at times.

  • OBSERVER said,

    This is one of the most fair list of selections that I have seen in a long time. Congratulations young ladies for a job well done. Congratulations to Smith, Eastern Guilford and Highpoint Central for all going 3-0 and being the Champions of the Holiday Tournaments.