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from one of our contributing basketball writers……‏


1. Brittany Gywnn: High Point Central: 24 pts
2. Catrina Green: Western Guilford: 24 pts
3.Breonna Patterson : Dudley: 23 pts: Lindsey Inman: Southern Guilford 23 pts
4. Miranda Jenkins & Capricia Small Eastern Guilford: 21 pts:Brittany Clancy Western Guilford :21 pts: Samantha Coffer: NG:21 pts: Gretchen Bennett: NWG: 21 pts
5. Denika Harden: Grimsley: 20 pts
6.Amerijah Jamison: Eastern Guilford: 18 pts: Ashley Fowler: Page: 18 pts: Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 18 pts
7.Ayshia McNeil: Southeast Guilford:17 pts: Valarie Beale: HP Weslylan: Amanda Hairston: Dudley: 17 pts


Mitchell Oates: High Point Christian:30 pts
Brandon Hairston: Eastern Guilford : 29 pts
Jay Canty:Oak Ridge Military Academy: 25 pts
Frankie Eaves:25 pts: Page
Jonathan Frye:23 pts: Northern Guilford
Krechaun Williams: 24 pts: Grimsley
Kemone Ingram: Southern guilford: 23 pts
Jonathan Spain: 21 pts: Page
Derek Grant: High Point Central: 20 pts
Dominique Bartell: Smith: 20 pts

  • egfan said,

    the name is spelled wrong Brandon Hairston is how it should be spelled and he hit 31 points

  • Andy said,

    Thanks on Brandon…I caught it and changed it on Amanda and we will do a double-check on those points and get that straight too….

    We have the Hairstons in our county with Brandon, Amanda, Christian(at Grimsley), and PJ………

  • 2ms said,

    Aaron Toomey scored 45 against a team from VA in thier tourney

  • Tell the truth said,

    I’m glad you posted this information. These players are “Diamonds in a Rough”!

  • b-ball fan said,

    “Diamonds in THE (not a) rough”-Brit Gwyn is so smooth at HPC, she should change her screen name to “peanut butter silky-ness”

    try to atleast get the saying right next time “tell”-lol

  • Bartell said,

    Thanks for the listing of our grandson’s name-Dominique Bartell. He along with the others were Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOAR EAGLES!

  • U-know said,

    b-ball fan why???? It’s “at least” and not “atleast” LOL…it’s all about the kids and lighten up. 🙂

  • Wondering?? said,

    Why is scoring a lot of points considered a “best performance”? There are other aspects of the game of basketball that are incorporated in a good performance from a team. Defense is one of them. Does anyone recall the saying “Offense wins games, defense wins championships”? Well,I believe that this is true.
    How does one team outscore the other? They do so by defensive hustle or else the two teams would only score with each posession given to them after the other team scores. DEFENSE CREATES THE OFFENSE. So why do we only look at offense?
    Yes, it is omportant to score, but it is even more important to defend:)

    -Just something to think about…

    I was actually at the tournament and I enjoyed watching. Keep it up!!