Memo to Greensboro Parks and Recreation: Problem at Lake Daniel Park….New backboard needed on basketball goal NOW!

Posted by Andy Durham on January 4, 2010 at 11:21 am under Amateur | 3 Comments to Read


I was looking for a court to hit on Sunday afternoon after leaving the library and since it was getting later in the day, the thought hit me, “Why not hit Lake Daniel Park?” I figured it wouldn’t be very crowded yesterday and I was right…..

It was cold and windy and there was no crowd at all and the reason I chose Lake Daniel was, it was close to the downtown, and I hadn’t been out to this court in a long time.

One of the goals was secure, but the basketball goal on the the left side from when you drive straight into the parking spaces, well that goal on the left, going right to left, well that goal has a backboard that is flat out, rotted-out at the top of the backboard.

That goal is a liability and there is no telling when that backboard is going to be coming down. The top of the backboard is almost gone and it has rotted out beyond repair.

I’m not trying to tell the city how to conduct their business, but then again, I am….This goal, with this rotten backboard, is a danger zone and the backboard on the other end of the court is on it’s way out too, but it is nowhere near as bad as that goal on the left side of the court when you walk in…..

Rotten backboard coming down, could mean lawsuit coming up………..

Do something soon for the sake of our citizens that play basketball on the court…..

Otherwise it was a brisk Sunday, out of doors, but it was good to get out and shoot some hoops after watching all of that basketball last week at the Greensboro Coliseum…..

Lake Daniel is a very nice and historic Greensboro Park and it deserves the proper attention from the City of Greensboro…..

  • jack34 said,

    At least you had a backboard! Last Friday since the Y’s and rec centers were closed I drove my son to some of the parks I used to shoot at growning up….Well we were 0 for 4 on basketball courts! All the old courts I played at are now play grounds or empty spots. We had to shoot at a private school hoping po po didn’t come run us off. I guess the city doesn’t want kids to play outside anymore.
    Ok Baller’s…Where are the best Outdoor courts in GSO, NOW????

  • Bob said,

    Andy, I’m a little surprised you request a backboard. From what I’ve heard, you swish all of your shots!

  • Andy said,

    Good point, but I feel the bank shot is the best way to start the game and let you get your first bucket.

    If there is no backboard, what would keep the rim suspended in air?

    Rim needs a board to hold it up and the rotting is taken place way to quickly at the historic Lake Daniel Park….

    You have heard of players shattering backboards, well this one at Lake Daniel is coming down soon and it might be due to Timmy the termite instead of Charles Barkley……

    An accident waiting to happen….