Did you watch last night and if you did was it more WWE or TNA?????

Posted by Andy Durham on January 5, 2010 at 1:06 pm under Professional | 6 Comments to Read

Big blowout last night as the battles have begun with the Total Non-Stop Action wrestling group now going head-to-head with the WWE on Monday nights.

TNA had appearances by Jeff Hardy, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Ric Flair, Sean Morley/Val Venis, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and many other notables, but most of the deal was the names just being seen on camera and not being used for in-ring action….

TNA will tell you it is all part of the big build-up, but how deep are their pockets and how long can they keep all this new/old talent on the pay-roll before they start to feel a pinch in their wallet?????

It is all fun now, but how long will it last and just like those that are getting the big payday, we should just sit back, watch and enjoy the TV viewing ride, for as long as it lasts….

WWE countered with Bret Hart last evening, but the whole new “bring in the kitchen sink approach”, by TNA was what had fans buzzing….TNA created a bigger buzz by going “Old School” and we will again have to wait and see how long this buzz will last….

I give the edge to TNA for Monday January 4 and we will see how long they can keep this up and if they ever give the young talent a chance to step it up while they are leaning on the “Good Old Days and good old talents”……

What are you saying if you saw any or all of last night’s shenanigans…….

  • The Watcher said,

    Bad move by TNA, WCW tried the same thing and cost them a company when they brought Hogan and Bischoff in. TNA should have stayed on Thursday night.

  • Bryan said,

    The question is, how do you compete against WWE? Not saying TNA did the right thing, but if you’re gonna call out WWE, you might as go on Monday Night. Monday Night is a true blue wrestling night. If you’re gonna make it big, you gotta be on Monday Night. TNA wants to be #1. As ok as they were on Thursday Night, they will never be #1 if they stuck to their Thursday Night slot. Was the timing great? Heck no…not even close. But, if they pulled off a 1.5-2.0 with no marketing, there is smoke to the fire.

    I had Raw on the big TV and TNA on a smaller TV. It was almost 50/50 in terms of where my interests were. It was amazing at 9:00….I was in between two rooms with TVs on…my left ear was listening to Hogan et al and my right ear was listening to Bret & Shawn.

    Even if this wouldn’t be much of a contest right now, I was excited that there is SOME competition to WWE now and Vince had to get Bret on now instead of waiting to get him in Canada. If it weren’t for Impact on Monday, Bret would not have guest hosted in Dayton, Ohio.

  • Bryan said,

    What also plagued WCW was the fact that had numerous guys under contract that made money by just sitting at home. I mean, if you have a guy that you don’t want to go to WWE, ok. From what I remember, though, WCW had a double digit amount of guys getting paid to do nothing.

  • Andy said,

    I agree that the Monday Night slot is best for TNA and it is good that they are going LIVE and not on tape.

    Their best bet may be to go from 8-10pm and only overlap by one hour and that way they could get the jump on the WWE USA audience.

    There will be a lot of remotes popping right at 9pm no matter what happens with these two going head-to-head at that moment…..

    If TNA is Thursday nights many fans will forget about them and not remember that they are even on, but if they keep some fresh story-lines and content going on Mondays, then fans will be talking and they will be switching back and forth during all the commercials between both shows…..

    Bring on the Monday night wars and keep the wrestlers working and don’t pay them to just sit home and do nothing……

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    It was very interesting. I actually recorded both shows & found myself watching more TNA (granted I’m OLD SCHOOL). The Bret Hart angles seemed to move really slow & it seemed like their younger core audience didn’t know (or care) who Bret Hart was. I always thought Bret was a great worker but had the personality of a rock & never really drew that well to begin with with is why McMahon focused on HBK over him to begin with .

    The TNA was a much faster paced show, which I think will serve them well. I was even surprised that Flair & Hardy were there, which was a pleasant surprise for me (even though Flair did nothing). Definitely a major red flag for their company with Angle getting busted for the roids & now they have Hardy, considering his current legal situation.

    TNA was the better show last night, but, alas anything with Hogan & Bischoff will ultimately fail because of their desire to promote no one but themselves & their click. That’s what they never figured out in WWF & WCW where Flair & everyone else had to job for Hogan all the time until the people got tired of seeing the NWO pummel everyone week after week after week.

    I think moving to Monday’s is a bad move. I didn’t know if it was a one shot thing because of Hogan’s arrival or if they would go back to Thursday, but I guess they’re gonna try to battle on Monday.

    Ultimately, I hope that the new regime will continue to push guys like AJ & Samoa Joe & their younger workers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vince try to sign away some of their younger talent, but we’ll see. It’ll definitely push Vince to get more creative with his storylines, which have gooten terribly old & stale & look for new talent to revitalize his brand. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens………

  • Bamm Bamm said,

    Pardon the post before proofreading it!!:):)