Boys HS hoops on a Wednesday night

Posted by Andy Durham on January 6, 2010 at 10:58 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

NWG 75
SWG 70

*****I told you these guys might be ready to do something after all of those close losses. Vikings are now (3-0) in the conference….*****

Reidsville 63
NEG 62

High Point Central 62
Ragsdale 40

Southern Guilford 57
Eastern Guilford 51

*****EG falls after going 3 OT’s in a win over Burlington Williams last night and SG bounces back after a tough loss to North Forsyth on Monday night….SG has been playing a much better brand of basketball since they came out and took out Randleman with a huge second half back in December…

Keemon Ingram, a graduate of the Brooks Global School has really been stepping up, Nick Bell has been going to the well and he’s bringing back more than one bucket of winning water and Austen Thompson nailed a couple of key free throws just like he has been doing all year…

Eddie Odom, Adonis Sherrod, Josh McDuffie, and Jamie Cummingham have all been part of the push that has now taken Coach Phillips’ Storm to (5-6) on the season….*****

1stQ Eastern Guilford 22, Southern Guilford 17….. 3rdQ EG 41, SG 41….

Southern Guilford scoring:
Keemon Ingram 19 points
Nick Bell 16
Adonis Sherrod 13
Eddie Odom 9
Austen Thompson 2

Eastern Guilford scoring:
Tre Radcliffe 17 points
Darius Dawkins 14
Brandon Hairston 10
David McFarland 5
Jeremy Gaddy 2
Adam Gunn 2

  • reggie perkins said,

    Good win for Southern Guilford…Keep working hard guys ! !

  • Next? said,

    Wow Andy! Brooks Global?!?!? You went wayyyyy back! Adonis Sherrod went there as well. Austen, Adonis, and Keemon (Southern) were on the NCBA’s Greensboro Panthers (later the Phoenix) team that won back to back USSSA state championships (D2 then D1) and a D2 National Championship at 12U. Quinton Morrow (Cummings), Tyquan Roberts (Ragsdale), Jake Mulvey and Adam Brogden (Grimsley), CJ Plummer (Westchester), Dylan Caple (McMichael), Tommy Carpenter and other local players were on one or both of the championship teams.

    Fred Cannon (W. Guilford’s JV coach) and Chris Walton took some kids who didn’t make any Gaters team. Then they didn’t make the newly formed Greensboro Panthers’ 11U team that had just been formed. Delaney Rudd saw the interest and found these boys some coaches so another team could be made. After winning only 11 games at 11U where Keemon often started as center, they won the national championship at 12U in a season that included a 20+ game win streak. Through it all, fundamentals were enforced then reinforced. I haven’t seen all these kids this year but I can assume they are more substance than flash.

    Good luck to all the area basketball players this season!

  • i like hoops said,

    Adonis, kemon and nick all went to lincoln academy, and played with jeremy reynolds, reggie perkins and mike mccleese..i believe they only lost to eastern, jackson and welbourne. fred cannon was also on that coaching staff….Good luck the rest of the year….

  • For Sure said,

    Yes, NWG is finally finishing some games. High point game went into 2OTs and they made a great comeback being down 2 with less than 3 seconds left with HP having possession they managed to force a inbound turnover, get the ball back and score to tie. Last nights game they made an early big run, SW started a comeback but NW was able to hold on. Three players in double figure(Vebber, Lucas, and Coble) stepped up, the whole team played well. Keep it up boys, Great win.

  • Next? said,

    I like hoops,

    You are right. Those kids did play at Lincoln Academy under Coach Elliott Brooks and 12 assistant coaches! LOL! This is why it is often difficult to hear or read about someone bashing the same kids who your own kid grew up with or played with. These kids have spent the night, eaten dinner, vacationed, studied, won and lost with each other. This is why we truly wish all these kids well. The basketball network in this area run far and deep. Plus you never know: the guy who showed your kids post moves at the YMCA last summer just may be sitting next to the owner of this site! And the owner of this site just may be SG’s new good luck charm! LOL!

  • Not Bad said,

    NWG is not as bad as their record indicate. They have some solid players and kids that are not afraid. I went to the game last night and enjoyed watching both teams. These 2 teams have very different styles. SW has athletes! They are interesting in that they have moments where they are very good and then they have moments when they are super bad. NW however, plays pretty steady. They make mistakes like most teams do, but with their shooters and the way they spread the defense, this team will stay in ball games. The coach is pretty intense and the players feed off of that. #32 from NW is pretty good. He is like a point forward. If they stay together mentally this team could go at least 2 games into the playoffs. Great free throw shooting team and they play decent defense. They contest every shot. Watch out for the Vikings!!!!!!

  • True said,

    Not Bad, I think you are right on. NW does have the potential to do well if they keep it together. I hear there may be some coaching issues going on there. I don’t know but if what I heard the other night is true I may have to agree. I hear that their senior leading scorer may be going into a rotation to start with some sophomores. If that is correct then that is just messed up. Why would you rotate your leading scorer out of the starting line up??? Not good coaching if you ask me. I suppose we will have to continue to watch to see if that is indeed true. Big mistake if so.

  • sportstalk2315 said,

    SW has athletes but have no chemistry. Do they know what ball reversal is? Plenty of individuals no teamwork.

  • BBFAN said,

    NWG – The coaching is excellent for this team. He brought in a bunch of freshman last year and it’s starting to payoff this year and will pay off big the next two years. This move however is at the expense of playing time for some seniors but the coach knows where this team is headed and that is in the right direction. He played almost all of the players in non-conference and turns it up a notch for Confrerence games. This should be very interesting as he changes the mentality of the team into winners. “”KEEP WATCHING FOLKS”” The team is about to “BLOOM”.

  • Not Bad said,

    I can’t knock the coach at NW. He has his team at 3-0 in the conference. Yeah, it is a weak conference or a bunch of teams rebuilding, but those kids are growing from the close losses earlier. #12 played under control last night and did not force any shots. Looks like Bloom is getting his point across. Nobody is bigger than the team.

  • Andy said,

    Adam Coble is and will continue to make a difference for NWG….

  • hs fan said,

    Nw please stop trying to fool everyone telling them yall are good. you play in the worst 4-a conference in the state. You would finish 4th or 5th in the metro. Nsme one good team that yall have beaten?

  • True said,

    BBFAN and Not Bad, you both have some good points but it really does not matter if he is a senior or freshman, that is not the issue and you are correct Nobody is bugger than the team but Surely you cannot agree with taking your leading scorer out of the starting lineup. That is just insane. Yes, bringing in the freshmen and building around then may seems like a good idea but it will only work for those that will remain after this year. A lot of speculation had been heard that several of these players may very well not be there past this year. Then what? I wish NW continued success this year.

  • BBFAN said,

    True – Several players leaving NWG next year? Great, I SAY BYE-BYE! my kids great and should get more playing time, we’re leaving, I SAY BYE-BYE!. My kids the best shooter on the team and he was pulled from the game, we’re leaving, I SAY BYE-BYE! Coach doesn’t know what he is doing, we’re leaving, I SAY BYE-BYE!

    FOLKS- If your that unhappy watching your child play sports all I can say is

    BYE-BYE, Take yourself and your SUPERSTAR to another school. BYE-BYE!

    OH, One more thought, maybe the kid getting more playing time is BETTER! BYE-BYE

  • True said,

    BBFAN, I am sure that what I am hearing is out of frustration. Once a team loses several games everyone has their own opinion as to why they are losing. Although I agree with you about if you are not happy then move on but You are going off on the wrong issue here. All I am asking is, as a former coach myself, would you pull your leading scorer from the starting line up? Frankly I don’t get to enough games these days to even know who or what they are talking about alls I heard was that there were some issues that the coach was working through and then the comment was made that there was some kind of rotation going on that included their leading scorer. I am sure it will be worked out if its not already. They seem to be doing fine with what ever they are doing now. You seem to know some about NW and how basketball works and you must know that frustrated parents/family members/ friends have a lot to say when the players themselves have little to say. The kids just trust that what the coach is doing will work and go on and play hard.

  • hsbbfan said,

    To build a program sometimes you have to do things as a coach that may seem illogical to the casual obsever. One thing for sure, to build a team you have to have players buy into being a part of the team and playing their role. The NW program is still very young and there may be players and parents that are too selfish to play the roles they need to play for the program to be successful. If that is the case, maybe they do need to go somewhere else and play.

  • BBFAN said,

    There are 11 to 15 players on a typical roster and each player brings a unique talent that is utilized in special situations through out the game. Many times a good shooter will be taken out and replaced by a bigger man for an inbounds play or in a rebounding situation. Big guys can be replaced by small ball handlers in special situations. So many variables but Parents have blinders on and only watch their sons situation on the court and say why is he coming out? What’s the coach doing?