Is there a fever/passion to sit back and watch the Alabama-Texas football game tonight?

Posted by Andy Durham on January 7, 2010 at 4:20 pm under College | 9 Comments to Read

I would have to be sick with a fever to sit back and watch this entire game tonight????

Are they televising the game on Pay-per-view or is it on Direct TV?

Where is the interest? I’m telling you, there is none… College football has been over more than a month, with the exception of those so-called bowl games. They tried to pass those off as something meaningful, as they lined them all up thankfully for the last time, last week…..

College football right now, here on January 7, stinks if you ask me….

I don’t know about you, but I’m not watching a game just to say I was watching it. We all know what time it is here on January 7….

This is basketball season and basketball is sacred during basketball season.

If they would have rounded up all their bowl games and played them on January 1, like they are supposed to do, then maybe it would have meant something.

I am not a football fan only. When football season is over I switch to basketball and dedicate myself to basketball. This is the sport, as far as the colleges are concerned right now. College football season is over and you shouldn’t still be playing college football on January 7, 2010 or on January 7 in any year for that matter.

Texas and Alabama? Who cares about those two schools????? This is ACC country and I am not going out of my way to be disrespectful toward the Crimson Tide and the Longhorns; but we have Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Wake Forest playing “The Sport” right now and that sport is basketball.

Maybe if we had an ACC team in this fight and they were our dog in the hunt, there might be some interest, but since we all know that is never going to happen in our lifetime or in the lifetime of little John/Jane Doe that was born back on January 1, 2010, we need to get back to the basics of sports life and that my friends is College Basketball…..

The NFL is still intriguing and they know how to make something that captivates your interest by playing the games on the weekends and not spreading them out on a daily basis over a two-week period, like the NCAA has done with college football.

How many games do we have this weekend to keep up with, four NFL playoff games, and they are on Saturday and Sunday and they are not playing them on Monday and Tuesday and Thursday and the like….

If college football came up with a playoff system then maybe it would gain interest, but the way they are currently conducting business, this is a dud…..

Alabama or Texas? You won’t see them winning any NCAA basketball titles and that’s what is at the top of the menu this time of year……

Mack Brown, Nick Saban. Those guys wouldn’t even know what a basketball was, if it hit them upside the head.

High School hoops coming on Friday and college hoops take over again on Saturday, so it’s time to take it to the hole and give basketball the attention it deserves. Sure there will be those that say, “we can watch and follow them all and still have fun”.

Fun this time of year means, roundball and more of it………..

  • Ad4deacs said,

    Andy are you feeling okay? My whole family has enjoyed gathering in the den each night to watch a college football game. Can’t wait to be there again tonight. Great game last night between Central Michigan and Troy! Your are right this is ACC basketball country and when the ACC teams start playing each other regularly we will watch that but please let us football families enjoy these last games before we have to hibernate until Fall. I’ll take a college game over the NFL any day. NFL offenses are boring. More variety in the college level. Only the NFL would rename an offense they ran 60 years ago all over the country and act like it’s a revolution. (The wildcat = single wing)

  • Eddie Willis said,

    Mack Brown was an all-state guard in basketball and an all-state center fielder in baseball. he was supposed to play baseball @ Florida State but not sure if he ever did.

  • pepe playoff said,

    Let’s all boycott and maybe we can get a real championship/playoff.

  • Andy said,

    Colt McCoy from Texas and the Ingram kid from Alabama are the only players I have ever even heard of. Ingram won the Heisman and I saw Ingram in the Saturday afternoon/evening game with Florida….If he wasn’t out there battling Tebow for the Heisman, I wouldn’t know him either.

    Back in the day this was Super Bowl weekend and now we still have the colleges playing. The Maryland vs. NC State game on Super Bowl Sunday back in 1974 was one of the most-watched regular season college basketaball games in history.

    Pepe has a good point. If there was a playoff system this might mean something, but what about all the other teams that might have knocked these two off along the way in the playoffs?????

    In this system, you go unbeaten and you are a name school, you go straight to the Championship Game. That’s not fair and the NCAA knows it. What about TCU and Boise State and teams like Cincinnati?????

    Make it mean something and then maybe we’ll watch. All of the other bowl games were just filler….

    On another side note, don’t you guys think that Toney Baker’s family and especially his dad told him he had to go pro/NFL????? I feel his dad Tony Sr. looked at the possibilities and said we have to go now. We have to go, because we can’t risk coming back to N.C State and facing a potential injury….

    There is money on the table and we will take what we can get now with the numbers we have and that’s a lot better than going back to State and risking another injury and ending up labled as damaged goods and then they get nothing, no money at all.

    In the end it’s a business and that is why the NFL will continue to rule and college football will crawl along with no playoff system and no chance to determine a true champion, like the old DI-AA does….

    BTW, anybody know who won the old DI-AA this year, now called the FCS????? If APP is not in it, it does not permeate our sportsophere……

    I have heard no talk about their winner at all…Did Montana take it?

    Very good discussion and I will say up front, that I value and respect everyone in here and their opinions….

    Good to have all of you at the 2010 table….

  • keith said,

    who would have thunk it that mack brown would be the special teams guru tonight. His special teams back in the UNC days were horrendious and especially with the pooch kick off even though the one tonight worked it usually backfires and the offense is at the 40 yard line most of the time.

  • WildManStan said,

    Texas will never win a national championship in basketball? Well, they are better than any team in the ACC at the moment, so I’d lay odds that Texas will win one before North Carolina wins another (or Duke for that matter).

  • Andy said,

    In a basketball sense it’s not Texas hold ’em, it is Texas fold ’em….Better served with a little Native American accent….

    NCAA basketball tourney time:
    Texas fold ’em……

  • mick said,

    Wild Man

    II’m your huckleberry.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Andy, get over it. College Football is great. Basketball will have its time. The BCS is BS, but at least we saw two
    of the most storied teams in this history of American Sports…Alabama and Texas, and not Boise vs TCU