Boys and Girls Guilford County HS basketball polls

Posted by Andy Durham on January 8, 2010 at 12:14 pm under High School | 35 Comments to Read

This edition of the polls is based primarily on who beat who in recent games and then the comparison of the overall records will kick in with records being checked in and based upon what has been turned in to and in some cases we know of, or were at games, that were not reported….

In the girls poll High Point Central is unbeaten and the obvious choice for #1 and Eastern Guilford beat Southeast Guilford and SEG topped Dudley this week and Dudley defeated Smith by 6 earlier in the year and Page lost to Smith in back-to-back games, but Page beat NWG and Northern beat NWG 55-50 and NWG beat WG who beat SWG who just beat Ragsdale by 17 back on Tuesday and on we go down the road of elimination…..

On the boys side, Dudley beat Grimsley earlier in the year and Grimsley just beat Northern who in turn upset Greensboro Day at the Pizza Hut Tournament and GDS has a shot to get back at NG in just two weeks on January 22….

The poll will change, but for this week with all the teams just now getting back to business after the holidays, we will have it set up like this….And on another note, coaches please update your scores and games at, as we will follow them closely thoroughout the year….

You have to give respect to the overall records, but you have to look at the recent head-to-head matchups with the teams involved as well…

Girls Poll:
1) High Point Central(12-0)
2) Eastern Guilford(12-1)
3) Southeast Guilford(9-4)
4) Dudley(8-4)
5) Smith(9-4)
6) Page(7-4)
7) Northern Guilford(10-4)
8 Northwest Guilford(9-4)
9) Western Guilford(11-6)
10) Southwest Guilford(7-6)
11) Ragsdale(8-5)
12) Grimsley(6-6)
13) Northeast Guilford(7-7)
14) Southern Guilford(2-8)
15) High Point Andrews(2-8)
16) Greensboro Day School(4-13)

Boys Poll:
1) Dudley (7-3)
2) Grimsley (8-3)
3) Northern Guilford(12-1)
4) Greensboro Day School(19-2)
5) Western Guilford(9-3)
6) Northeast Guilford(7-7)
7) Page(5-6)
8 Smith(8-5)
9) Northwest Guilford(6-8)
10) Eastern Guilford(8-5)
11) Southern Guilford(5-7)
12) High Point Central(4-7)
13) High Point Andrews(4-3)
14) Ragsdale(5-9)
15) Southeast Guilford(6-9)
16) Southwest Guilford(3-9)

  • PPirate02 said,


    1) They lost to Northeast Guilford! No disrespect to the Northeast players, parents, and fans, but they are not the most talented team this year. Based on talent I have no clue how they would manage to beat anyone in this area but GDS.

    2) They have played a very weak schedule in comparison to the majority of the top teams in the area.
    -NC State Rankings
    -Morehead #219
    -Northeast Guilford #144
    -High Point Christian #395
    -Western Alamance #332

    3)Some of their “Quality” wins were not very high quality.
    -Southwest Guilford- They played without thier 6′4″ girl (that has D1 talent) anyone that knows basketball knows thats like having a 7′footer in boys basketball and SW is at least +15 with her in the game.
    -Rockingham County- This is a team that has played no one decent all year.
    -Northern Guilford- This year’s Northern team is highly overrated, prior to the little 4 they’d played no one that was good. They have Samantha Coffer, a shooter, and thats it. Couple that with poor guard play and Samantha Coffer not playing well/getting shut down/box-1/etc. and you get an easy win.
    -Southeast Guilford- This is by far their biggest accomplishment. Southeast is clearly the better team as evidenced by their wins over Smith, Southwest Guilford, and recently Dudley. They must have caught Southeast on one of those nights when they just didnt have it together.

    4) I applaud the efforts of the Eastern Guilford lady wildcats and think they have done an outstanding job this season but to be the best you must schedule and play the best (even if those games result in some losses ( i.e. Dudley, Smith, Southwest, Page, etc.). Enough of this cupcake scheduling it only looks good on paper. Step the level of your play up by playing more talented teams night in and night out. Eastern knowing its conference schedule was weak should have sought out better non-conference games. They even had an opportunity to host thier own Christmas Tournament and the best team they invited was Western Guilford???

    5) THEY LOST TO NORTHEAST GUILFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(No offense NEG)

    All in all the Lady Wildcats are having a successful season. I wish them the absolute best as they continue throughout their season. I wish all the young ladies who are participating in area High School basketball the best. This comment was not to offend any school, coach, team, player, parent, or fan…just to put things into prospective. GOOD LUCK IN 2010 GCS LADY BALLERS!!!

  • Andy said,

    Eastern defeated SEG who just beat Dudley…

    To be the best you have to beat the best and all EG can do is keep on beating every team on their schedule. The players don’t make out the schedule, they just go out and play ball and boy they have been playing their tails off….

    Their schedule may be the toughest in the County, but they have arrived and they belong……

    Eastern has been getting the job done and be sure and check out today’s N&R for the fine article on the Lady Cats…

    We appreciate your opinion and let’s see what others have to say about this week’s polls….


  • NO LOVE ANDY said,

    ANDY, Where is ORMA??????? This site never shows them kids any LOVE, there are the best team in this area so STOP beating around the bush. There record is 14 and 4 winning without there starting point guard. who thinks of these polls? i am just asking b/c real talk this is a JOKE. hahahahahahaha

  • robert jones said,

    no offense i hope, but the poll should only be a top 10 poll—–we are only promoting mediocrity ( or worse) by having a top 16. we don’t have to have a top 16 like charlotte—it i am not mistaken, there poll takes in a very wide geographic area instead of one dinky county.
    i do agree that oak ridge should be included for what it’s worth. they are a hs and should be included if gds is included.
    robert jones

  • pirate hater said,

    seems to me ppirate that the only reason your making a big scene about eastern guilford is because page seems to fall a spot short of the top 5. ok they split with northeast, every team has an off night. the lady cats are the real deal.

  • Andy said,

    Oak Ridge is really more like a Hargrave, Fork Union or Oak Hill….

    In the case of ORMA, it is almost like they just showed up….

    They have never really been on the basketball scene in this area before.

    They need to pay their dues and develop some consistancy.

    Let them stay around for a few years and show they are in this thing for the long haul and not here this season and then gone in a couple of years…

    We used to include High Point Wesleyan and then they got so bad it was pointless to include them…Their girls team was among the best in the area and then they fell off the face of the map..The HPW boys are back now and let’s see if they can keep it up.

    I want to see ORMA stay the course for a few years and make sure this isn’t just a stopover for the kids who needed a place to go to school this year, so they could keep their college scholarship hopes alive.

    We have to develop at least a four-year pattern in our educational pursuits…..

    Let’s build and let’s also teach along the way…..

  • Correction said,

    Just wanted to set the record straight for those around Guilford County who read the comments from the Pirate above. Some of the points MAY be true but overall it is very wrong. First, EG did lose to NEG early in the year like THE FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR!! We all know that teams are trying to find their rotations and iron out the kinks in the first 5 games and especially the opener. Now, Pirate if you would revert back and look at the scores the EG ladies rebounded to beat NEG by like 30 points the next time around which in my book calls that first loss somewhat of a fluke. Again, no disrespect to Coach Apple and his ladies they play hard and are well coached but to say that EG is not one of the best teams in this county is absurd. The Northeast loss was a bad loss but the first game of the year and then to rebound to win by 30 kind of negates that glitch. Pirate you are wrong about this one these ladies are good! Oh and if you want to play ratings games- Rockingham County 50-EG beat by 20 some Williams 58- beat by 20 some Ragsdale 65- EG beat them by 15 Southeast 87- EG victory Western Guilford 90 EG double digit win Southwest Guilford 93- EG victory. We could agree that these teams are not powerhouses but it is a slap in the face to say these teams are cupcakes.

  • IT'S BISON TIME!!!!! said,


  • NO LOVE ANDY said,


  • Andy said,

    You are correct and that is why they call it a discussion. People have different opinions and I hope more readers will weigh in on this topic.

    Greensboro Day will not have me anywhere near that bench this week. The Bengals are #4 in the poll, but I think they can handle it and they will turn this into a positive.

    I always liked the underdog role better than the favorite any way and No Love means more room for others to jump on or off the wagon…..

    This is the best time of the year. Basketballs are in the air and the next real big stage locally, will be at the Coliseum, on MLK Day……

  • NO LOVE ANDY said,


  • Andy said,

    I will leave this and then leave it for someone else to agree or disagree with me or the circle of associates….

    GDS is a private school and students can up and change/move any time they want to in the private school world.

    The private schools do not receive state funding and with their sports programs they are not funded through Guiford County Schools.

    If I want to leave Western Guilford and go to GDS next week I can do it. If I want to pick up and leave WG and go over to Dudley or Northern, I can’t do that under the current system….

    GDS, HPW, WCD, ORMA,Vandalia, Caldwell, Greensboro are working from within a different setting than our public schools and GDS has been there and done that for many years and they do it the right way and I can’t speak for all of the others, but I hope they do the same….

    GDS is the standard by which the others are going to be measured on the private school level when it comes to athletics and academics. They have been in our poll since it began many years ago….Probably in it’s 4th or 5th year now here on the site and years before that with the poll on Radio…..

    As they say in the TV and radio worlds, I’m out and will return later on this evening and on a more somber note, please keep our associate Big Jim Modlin in your thoughts and prayers….

    Big Jim Modlin has been locked down in the High Point Regional Hospital all week with a very serious infection and they are hoping he will get to come home soon and let’s hope things don’t take a turn for the worse for him…..Former Ragsdale and East Carolina University basketball player….

  • Ball hog said,

    How do nw and page get to play in this mlk classic, but teams like grimsley get left out? doesnt make sense to me

  • Andy said,

    I know I said I was out of here and thought I was, but on that last one and maybe other coaches can shed some more light on this….

    I believe the HS coaches have to approach the tournament organizers to get in on the games on MLK Day at the Greensboro Coliseum…..

    It can be done, you just have to pursue it.

  • 5 finger discount said,

    I guess taken other school players is doing it the right way???? why is GDS the only private school in the poll Iagree with,no love andy you should be open you said it yourself GDS is playing by a different set of rules then Guilford County Schools . They are reclassing kids but Guilford Schools can’t do that when you enroll in high school you have 4 years of eligibility @ GDS you can get a 5th year. all the kids that does transfer to GDS trust me have been ask to come. (recruiting ) they just one day did’t show up. westchester day has a good program and I dont see them in the poll. I am just calling it how I see it……thats why dudley is not playing them it is not fair to reclass kids and think you dont have the advantage…..

  • Andy said,

    I want us to keep addressing the polls and we will talk more on this issue, later…

    For now as Seacrest says, I’m out.

  • Just Making a Comment said,

    For the boys poll WG are 10 – 3

  • Duke4 said,

    There are some absolutley no sense speakers on this website…. 1st off EG lost to NEG on the 1ST game of the season!!!!NEG shot over 40free throws that game it was crap…also just a couple weeks later they beat the crap out of NEG….Also they went on the road and beat both SEG and SWG…also they beat NG by 20 so i really dont know how they dont deserve to be in the top 5

  • GDS supporter said,

    I agree GDS is a private school so we should be in a different poll, but really on a state level compared to all the other schools we are not that GOOD. We enjoy beating up on guilford county schools if you there are no other private shills playing in a Xmas tounament like the little four but us. Our schedule is sucks we only play real teams in nov and early dec when we know they are not at they best. This thing has been carefully mapped out for us… Andy knows that for us to keep getting better we have to keep beating weak schools and trying to get there players. We been around so long we should our own system set up from middle school into high school but as long as we can be compared to public schools we will always be one of the best here. We should not be in this poll it is time for us to get on the ORMA, and OAK HILL level.

  • WildManStan said,

    “NO LOVE ANDY”, “5 finger discount”, and “GDS Supporter” is one person.

    There cannot possibly be three people in the entire world with grammar as incoherent and nonsensical as that.

  • What Time Is It? said,

    The Lady Bison Basketball Team is now 13 -0! IT’S BISON TIME!

  • WHATTT??? said,

    There is no way that “GDS supporter” is a true supporter of the actual Greensboro Day School. A GDS supporter won’t step out in public and trash the school or kids in this way. The GDS boys are down a little this year but they are still playing hard and they will put together a nice run. They have a lot of young players in key positions. The ORMA program came together as the result of something beyond the school itself and personally I hope they can build a high quality program to pull kids from anywhere in the country.

    Oak Ridge has been good to this community and it deserves to survive for multiple reasons. The Oak Hill program is only one of a handful of programs in the entire nation that can do what it does year in and year out so do not compare local schools to a school like Oak Hill. GDS has one of the highest standards of education in the entire region. No, not just the Triad or NC but the entire Southeastern US region. Just look at their acceptance rate into high quality schools from the Ivy Leagues, the Dukes or any other university that you want to compare. GDS uses local kids for 95% of its players for all sports.

    There is an ad on TV that says it all – I am rewriting it but “most kids will go to college for something other than sports” . You can fill in the blanks with a kid studying to be a CPA, lawyer, writer, school teacher, dancer, engineer, etc..

    The bottomline is that I do not care how any of these kids end up at GDS, OMRA, or any other private school, as long as they are following the rules set by the different ruling bodies. If these programs can help these kids get an advanage in getting to the next level (i.e. good colleges), then full steam ahead GDS, OMRA, HPW, etc..

  • craftsman6 said,

    PPirate02, you are an IDIOT and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about…

  • hoopsfan said,

    I agree with Andy on this one, ORMA needs to earn there way into the poll, it took Boise State and TCU 5 to 6 years to earn there way into the BCS game ORMA needs to prove what they can do for at least 3 to 4 years to see if they earn there way into this poll.

  • tee tee said,

    as long as OMRA and HPW are following the rules (regardless of public or private), then they should be included in any poll worth listing. this is not some BCS crap of a poll but simply an opinion poll. Yes – it may be just your opinion that they should earn their way onto the listing but you cannot ignore the talent that they do have on the floor. the kids playing with OMRA in year 3 or 4 from now will benefit from some level of consistency created by the kids today but do not take away the joy of being compared to your peer from the kids playing today. they can never recapture this time so keep it fair and play on.

  • Hornets said,

    How about them hornets? they are really on the up im glad to see that, and they should be second in conference if they can handle grimsley second time around and beat everyone else i saw them play they are starting to get it rolling, theu just need to play more consistent…. well there key players that is

  • hoopsfan said,

    GDS and Freddy Johnson have a proven track record of being here for many years as all of the other teams in the poll, lets see how ORMA is doing 4 years from now then Andy can consider them for the poll.

  • Cat said,

    As I said on another entry, I have seen as many games this year as any of you. I am, also a former coach of many years. My opinion is:

    !- GDS-far and away

    Each squad brings something different. GDS has the best coaching (far and away) and they care deeply for their kids. Northern is on a mission and has a couple of very talented and hard working kids. Dudley is very talented. Westchester has wonderful talent and two of the toughest kids around.

    Just sit back and enjoy watching

  • hoopsfan said,

    Westchester does not play hardly any competition at all, barely escaped the 1st round of the HP Christmas tournament, Bello was shut down every game in the tournament when he played some decent teams, the other kid for Weshchester Ike? is the better all around player.

  • Mike said,

    You guys make me sick about this topic!! Did espn, maxpreps, usatoday say “well, lets just wait and see what Findley prep does before they deserve any credit” FYI guys, Findley Prep is not even a real school!!!!!!!!! ORMA deserves just as much credit as anyone else in these poles!

  • The real deal said,

    Cat I can see why you are not coaching anymore. GDS is not 1st in this area ORMA has lost four games 3 of them national powerhouse teams. ORMA did lose to GDS but that was early in the season on a last second buzzer beater. A blind squirrel founds a nut every now and then. Why did GDS take them off the schedule Jan 30 you people know why and don’t say they was playing to many games or money GDS schedule the game but after the 1st game they knew in Jan we would beat them by 25. Why in the MLK they are playing northwest? Please play somebody GDS. The new poll is 1 ORMA 2 Dudley 3 Westchester 4 Northern 5 GDS …. WE ARE ORMA!!!!! ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!

  • Cat said,

    Yahoo, WCDS hjas defeated Fayettville Academy, HP Central and Wesleyan. Sure, their two stars are the most visible of their players. But, go watch CJ Plummer and Cole Morgenstern play and then talk to me about how good their starting five is. These two kids play very, very hard.

  • Cat said,

    By the way, the fact is that ORMA was never ON GDS’ schedule for 1/30. This game was never scheduled. This game was a fantasy. They have already played. Don’t know where you get this information from.

  • sp@de said,

    Well if its a fantasy game why is it posted on GDS page on maxpreps. Here is the link But why are they running from a game that can help them get prepared for the playoffs and for their game agains Christ School. They are gonna need it.

  • Andy said,

    I don’t think the second GDS-ORMA was ever finalized. Last time I checked it was listed on the Oak Ridge schedule, but not on the Greensboro Day schedule….

    They may still be working on it, we’ll just have to wait and see……

    The big matcup in the County right now appears to the re-match with Northern Guilford at GDS on Friday January 22…..

    We need to pack the house on that night and make it a sell-out.

    Barry Scoggins was not in the NG lineup for the Pizza Hut tournament and I haven’t seen him in the box scores since post-holiday play has resumed. I have been hearing that his family has moved to Durham….More Nighthawk playing time inside for Joe Daniel……..