City responds in less than a week: GP&R, four days and it’s done!

Posted by Andy Durham on January 8, 2010 at 4:25 pm under Amateur | 4 Comments to Read

Do you remember this headline from earlier in the week?

Memo to Greensboro Parks and Recreation: Problem at Lake Daniel Park….New backboard needed on basketball goal NOW!
*****We called it a DANGER ZONE*****with the sub-standard conditions of the rotten backboard and today we got this response:

There is a new backboard up at Lake Daniels Park.

Thanks to Don Tilley and crew for seeing it our way. Good job Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department!!!!!

  • Mike said,

    Great news Andy! Good job!!

  • Next? said,

    Echoing Mike, great job to all who saw this accident waiting to happen and corrected it. Don was a standup guy out at Leonard Center. If his persuasion methods with the city were anything like the ones he used to get us to coach youth basketball, I am sure they had no choice but to comply! LOL!

  • Bob said,

    That Tilley guy rocks! Keeps a mean score clock, too.

  • keith said,

    while they are at it why don’t they also bring back all the basketball goals in these neighborhoods that they took down a long time ago. Like off of brown bark drive and plenty of other places as well.