More numbers on Northern Guilford over Western Alamance from Friday night

Posted by Andy Durham on January 9, 2010 at 4:02 pm under High School | 14 Comments to Read

Stats sent in by Northern Guilford basketball……..

Northern Guilford 74, Western Alamance 50

Northern Guliford’s John McBeth limited Western Alamance’s Kyler Gregory to four
points in the second half — after Gregory scored 26 in the first half — and the
Nighthawks went on to capture their 13th victory of the season in 14 games in boys
high school basketball Friday night. Appalachian State signee Jonathan Frye led
Northern with 23 points. Dylan Berry scored 14 points and McBeth chipped in 11.

Western Alamance 7 26 6 11–50
Northern Guilford 13 17 22 22–74

Western Alamance — Kyler Gregory 30, Nick Torain 8, A.J. Clark 4, Joe Christian
3, Jacob Libera 2, Dominique Bridges 1.

Northern Guilford (13-1, 6-0) — Jonathan Frye 23, Dylan Berry 14, John McBeth 11,
Jalen Ross 7, Daniel Downing 6, Patrick Chandler 6, D.C. Arendas 4, Shaquille
Daniels 2, Joe Daniel 1.

Nighthhawk Girls:
Northern Guilford 64, Western Alamance 13

Jessica Johnson led Northern with 13 points as Western Alamance’s offense struggled.

Western Alamance — Victoria Cummings 6, Ashley Greene 6, Tyler Miles 1.

Northern Guilford (2-4, 5-2) — Jessica Johnson 13, Kelly Tessitore 11, Samantha
Coffer 10, Asia Milton 9, Molly Tahmaseb 7, Vontreece Hayes 7, Amanda Coffer 3,
Jenny Hall 2, Tenesha Williamson 2.

  • Does she get it? said,

    Does coach furlough finally realize that the ball doesn’t have to “go thru Sam” to win? Great win Lady nighthawks. Let’s hope ur coach realizes it is not a Sam show and allows everyone to contribute. Any good coach would know how to use all the talent on that team. It doesn’t have to be a one woman show. Come on coach, stop basing all plays around one player!

  • changes said,

    This game was a good example of team basketball. The most recent games have allowed all team members to contribute.

  • Tom said,

    I don’t know where this stuff is coming from. Sam passes the ball as well as she shoots it. I would imagine this is someone outside of the Nighthawk community trying to stir something up. The last two games were against two of the weaker opponents so I wouldn’t make any conclusions on those games.

  • Does she get it? said,

    Sam is a great team player. Its not her makin the decisions. When ur coach tells the players ‘we can only win if the ball goes thru her hands’ what is that tellin the team? I have seen a few of the games and it seems noone is lookin for the open player but for Sam. You can’t win aginst a good team that way.that team is full of talent. Everyone should be the focus not just one. The same with Dudley. They have a D1 palyer who is not being used to her ability. Nobody’s fault but the coaches. And we wonder why parents move children around. I know I wouldn’t want my child playing for either program. I promote team ballm whoever is hot that night should get the shine.

  • Tom said,

    I guess everybody sees things differently. I also wonder why parents move their kids around. Following your logic, if the ball is not being shared evenly, the coach is not a team coach. Every team I have ever played on, there has been one or two top scorers. The offense goes through those scorers. That doesn’t diminish the role the other kids are playing. If the scorers are being double teamed, the other kids will be relied on to score.
    If parents are moving their kids around because they are not the focal point of the offense, that is quite sad. The true team concept is that everybody has a role and collectively the team wins. This requires scorers, rebounders, great point guards and great defensive players. If your child wants to be the focal point of the offense, hard work in the off season is the only way I know how to improve.

  • Does she get it? said,

    Luckily I don’t have any school age children. But my point wasn’t about the player bein upset about not being the focal point but the coach MAKING one player a focal point. Big difference. And that what seems to be goin on @ NG. I assume you are a parent, but I have spoken to several of the parents and they feel the same way. Of course there has to be a top scorer in every game but a coach shouldn’t tell her team that they can’t win unless a certain player scores. How about findin the open man? What if they do a box n 1 on her like Smith? What if she gets into foul trouble? I was appalled when I was told the coach told her team that. There is 5 players on a court and not 1. This type of mentality of coaches would make parents move their child. All coaches does not have every player interests at heart. Some just have a choosen few. Ask coach Brit @ Dudley

  • Tom said,

    Like I said, everybody sees things differently. If you have a player like Sam, the offense has to go through her. I am not saying that she should take all of the shots or be the leading scorer every night, but she should be the focal point. I do not believe (my opinion) that the coaching staff wants the kids to think that they are not part of the offense. I can understand people’s frustration, but I don’t agree with it.
    I vehemently disagree with your assertion that Coach Furlough doesn’t have each player’s best interest at heart. If you know anything about her and her staff, they truly like the kids. They want the best for the kids.
    For all of the parents who think their child is not getting enough playing time or enough shots, ask yourself this question. Why would the coach not play the best players? Every coach I have ever met wants to win and the only way to do that is to play the best players. The real issue lies with the parents not being able to be objective about their own kids. We are all guilty of this. I have noticed that parents that move to other teams are unhappy with next coach as well.

  • Does she get it? said,

    Now I see why NG can’t win aginst quality teams. That mentality right there. EVERY player can should be the focal point. There are 3-4 players that should be the focal point other than Sam. No doubt she should part, but not the only one. And obviously you haven’t been speakin to tje other parents if you feel she has the girls interests at heart. And a coach does not always paly their best player. Prime example is the harriston girl from dudley. The coachj sits her more games than she plays. But when she does play, shjes a beast. So there goes ur theory. In any event, the point is ur players have an issue with it not bein a ‘team ball’ but ‘sam ball’. Plain and simple. It shows on the court. That’s why they can only beat teams like Mcmichael and Western Alamance. I hear they even had a tough time with Grimsley. Good luck on the rest of the season. With that mentality, ur goin to need it. Maybe EG can give u guys sum pointers

  • Tom said,

    Obviously we have very different philosophies about team basketball. You are complaining about two teams NG (12-4) and Dudley(last year’s state champs). These coaches may know a little more than you give them credit for. Every player does not play at the same level. The meshing of these player’s different talents makes a “TEAM”.

  • Does she get it? said,

    It is definitely obvious. My definition includes 5 players and urs includes 1. I wouldn’t go brag about NG’s record. Who have u guys beaten except NW? Anybody can pad their win record agianst weak teams, does not make them have good coaches. I am not complaining about Dudley because they have a track record of winning. NG doesn’t. I was shooting down ur theory that coaches always play their best players with the harriston girl example. I would never put NG in the same sentence. With dudley. NG girls couldn’t hang with players like that. That was obvious last year when ur girls were scared out the gym. Team ball includes everyone. I would love to see the assists for NG. Bet its not many. Except for the PG with the goggles. Remember there is no “I” in team. And it is a four letter word not 1. I challenege u to poll ur players and parents on this topic, u will be surprised on the results. U guys have some big games comin up and not all of ur players are confident about them due to it bein a ‘Sam’s team’ and not a ‘NG team’. And if ur ok with that, then the problem is bigger than I thought. Go ahead talk to them.

  • Tom said,

    You really need to come see a game. The majority of NG points are made off of passes. These girls play as a team. They pull for each other. I don’t know who you are, but you are misguided. You are going on these rants because the coach said the offense has to go through their leading scorer. She did not say that the whole team is one player. You’re the one saying that. It seems like you would like to create some controversy where none exists. This my last comment on this blog because I find myself getting into discussions with people who just want to stir up controversy.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    I am not sure how I missed this whole conversation. I am not going air dirty laundry. I do not agree with Tom or the statement made by Kim to the girls. However, the girls are bonded and want to play as a team. Any other differences, if there are any, should be worked out within the team. Samantha is a outstanding team player and no one can say otherwise.

    On a general aspect, I have seen great team ball on the AAU circuit. Alot of AAU teams are filled with players who can play on the D1, D2 level and there is no focal player. Coach Whitaker demonstrated great team ball with his travel team. His team was made up of many of the area talent that appears on this blog. Yes, everyone has a role to play, and one does not supercede the other. Singling out a player, in my opinion, should be done from the outside. On the inside, everyone is one. I truly hope this person airing dirty laundry can find better use with their time.

  • NG FAN said,

    With out Sam controlling things, we have nothing.

  • five on the floor said,


    I think it is absolutely ridiculous to say that Sam, or any other player for that matter, should be the “focal point” of the team, or that every play should go through her. The best team have players that can interchange roles including being the “focal point.” The games Northern has lost have been primarily because of that kind of thinking. When a team has played a box-and-one on Sam, the rest of the team except for maybe one other player, falls apart, because they are not prepared and don’t know what to do because of the “one man offense mentality.” This is not a criticism of Sam’s abilities; she is a fine player. But other players on the team who are also talented have been repressed because of the ludicrous idea that “Sam is the offense.” What if Sam gets hurt? Fouls out? Gets shut down, like in the Smith game? You simply CANNOT base your team around one player. This is not about parents being obejective about their kids. This is about being objective about the game of basketball.