HS basketball scores from Saturday

Posted by Andy Durham on January 10, 2010 at 4:34 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Greensboro Day School 51
Providence Day 39

*****GDS is (20-2)…..*****

Kinston 67
Dudley 63

(Western Guilford at Dudley this Tuesday and Dudley at Page on Friday and then Dudley will host George Washington Danville on Saturday night…(The Eagles beat the Panthers earlier in the season up in Danville, Virginia.) Greensborosports.com plans to be at all these games and more this week…..

*****In the News and Record article on the Dudley-Kinston game on-line, you had to read the story and then go back and figure out who won the game. The final score was never given and you have to just sit there and try and read through the entire end game sequence and figure out who the winner was on your own and that a kick in the butt….

How about giving us the score and then maybe a box score too… I appreciate their service, but how about making it more user-friendly. If I am going to check on these different resources for information, then I have to get the right stuff and get it quick.

This site(Greensborosports.com) is the source that people come to most often and everyone in the area needs to chip in to make this work. Let’s all pull together to make this work and we need the chance to provide for the people when it comes to hoops, because this is where fans expect to get their info…..*****

All other sites step up, we and the fans are depending on you to make it happen at Greensborosports.com. You all can help us be the best in the nation when it comes to basketball coverage. The high schools say we are already, but I want to prove it to everyone and do it now…….

  • Just making a comment said,

    Due to exams next week Western Guilford will not be playing Dudley on Tuesday 1/12/10 or Page on Friday 1/15/10. Games have been rescheduled for Dudley 1/20/10 and Page 1/22/10 but there smith game is still scheduled for 1/16/10 varsity boys @ 8pm

  • hoopsnut said,

    GDS has a big game on Tuesday night at home. Charlotte Christian comes to town. Game is at 730. They have Akil Mitchell (UVA signee) and Anthony Gill (South Carolina commit and son of Kendall Gill). Only two losses on the season. Lost to Hopewell (prob best public school in NC) and Christ School by 3 (prob best private school team in NC). Unless GDS brings it, they will be looking at their 3rd loss of the season.

  • Support public schools more said,

    The city of Greensboro is getting really tired of hearing about Greensboro Day. Half of the kids that play
    basketball can’t afford to go there. We want to know about the Dudley and Grimsley, Smith Page where our
    kids attend school. Andy or who ever you should focus on other schools beside Greensboro Day.
    How much of a kid back are you getting and I know I saw you and GDS coaching staff @ the Dudley
    and Smith game. Over 75 percent of your readers are parents who kids go to public schools. So give GDS
    less ink and show the other schools some SUPPORT. The Dudley and
    Kinston game show have Been the 1st thing I read when I came to the site but I had to see
    GDS is 20-2 beating up on some school that is weak. That is CRAZY!!

  • Wes said,

    Andy, You are doing a great job. I appreciate you reporting basketball, especially Northern and GDS, since they are the best two teams in Guilford County. Dudley is up there as well, but all the other teams are not consistent, they may win 2 lose two, win 2 lose one. Keep up the good work.

  • Andy said,

    We have given all of the local schools quite a bit of coverage. Greensboro Day won on Saturday and Dudley lost. I thought it might be a good idea to put the winning team up there first on the ledger and then come back with Dudley.

    Dudley can’t be happy with that loss and I’m sure the Panthers were happy to play in the Smith Center against some top-level competition, but they want to beat Kinston. The article on the game said Dudley is (0-4) now, in recent gamse versus Kinston. Dudley wants to beat this team and they also want to knock off GW Danville this Saturday night at home…..

    You want to play top-notch competition, but you want to beat those guys too…. I was at Dudley-Word of God last year and DudleyCummings last year….I have been to many of the Dudley big games over the years and a I enjoy being around their program.

    I broadcast the Smith-Grimsley game on radio last Fridaynight and was at the Smith-Page game last Tuesday night….I have covered all the teams and as far as Greensboro Day goes, they are among the fiber of our Greensboro basketball community….

    GDS is a very strong basketball program…..

    BTW, Burlington Cummings lost for the first time this past Friday and I’ll look that one up and get it back in here….(Providence Grove, the 2nd-year school from Randolph County, over Burlington Cummings back on Friday….)

  • tee tee said,

    Andy is doing an outstanding job with this site and anyone that disagrees is not paying attention. I do not agree with all of Andy’s comments but if I did then that would not be much fun. This site is the only site in town that you can find updated and consistent info on local high school teams for the major sports of football and basketball. Even the Raleigh area does not have a site such this one.

    As far as writing about GDS so much, again you must not know anything about GDS and their schedule. The private school boys b-ball schedule is much tougher than 99% of all public school schedules. Dudley is one of the few public schools that has a schedule that is even close to the level of competition that GDS plays each year.

    Let a public school play ORMA, Cannon School, Wakefield, Forsyth Country Day, Westchester, Charlotte Christian, or Christ School just to name a few schools on GDS’s current schedule. All of these schools have 2 or 3 high D1 players on their rosters.

    Andy give me as much GDS basketball as you can get because these are normally good games. Unless Dudley is playing someone like GW, Kinston or Oak Hill next week out of conference, then the conference teams are not worth seeing against a team like Dudley.

    The reality is that people response to stories on this site that can drive some interest (aka programs that are “winning”). Most of the stories about programs that are currently losing produce very few comments or reactions. This site is a business not just a public info blog from the city.