NWG Viking leaders in win over WS Parkland Mustangs

Posted by Andy Durham on January 12, 2010 at 12:41 am under High School | 22 Comments to Read

NWG girls 54
WS Parkland 42

*****Gretchen Bennett led the Vikings with 17 points….*****

Northwest over WS Parkland on Monday night and the scoring leaders for NWG were as follows:
Kyle Berger 19 points
Reed Lucas 18
Kyle Vebber 16
Zach Ellwood 11
Matt Pawlowski 10
Keaton Haack 2
Duncan Everett 2

*****The Vikings won it over Parkland 78-63 and NWG out-scored the Mustangs 32-21 in the 4th quarter to wrap up the win.*****

  • BBFAN said,

    I didn’t get a chance to go to the game but what happend to the big guy Coble? No points? Five players in double digits, that’s pretty darn good.

  • hsbbfan said,

    Adam left school early sick and was unable to play last night.

  • AND said,

    hsbbfan, Adam left school early sick and was unable to play??? AND??? Looks like they did just fine without him. Had one of there best games.

  • BBFAN said,

    AND, that was cold. I’m sure Coble would also be in double digits if he had played.

  • Andy said,

    I bet you Coble could have scored in double-digits if he had played sick….

    With him being sick it is best that he was not in the lineup last night. This kid has as much, if not more basketball blood than anyone on the NWG team….

    Bryan Coble, Mark Coble, Ray Coble,….Father, uncle, uncle and there are his cousins, Will at High Point Wesleyan and he had another cousin that was one of the top players at HPW and that kid could have played in college.

    His uncle Ray Coble was one of the top basketball players to ever play in the Triad and he still holds records at High Point University….

    The Cobles can and will play, hot or cold…….

  • AND said,

    Not being cold just real. All the hoop at NW is always about Coble when NW has plenty of talent that gets the job done with or without him. If he would have been there then surely some of the other boys would not have been in double digits. They work their plays too much around dishing the ball to Coble. They got back to their shooting game last night and had one of their best games.

  • BBFAN said,

    “Coach And”, I think you will need to take that up with Coach Bloom. Getting the ball to the big guys for a high percentage shot might be what basketball is about. 3 point shots are great if your ON but rebounding suffers if everyone is hanging around the perimeter for 3 pointers. So next time your at a game, cheer on the big guy when he makes the easy two and after your son graduates this year you can come back and watch the Mighty Coble play for the next two years. You may have a case of Coble envy but it will be easley cured with a Conference championship and well into the playoffs.

  • AND said,

    High percentage? Not sure there is a high percentage. Look at the stats from last year for that. Yes the 3 is only if you are on. There needs to be a balance of both though. After my son graduates??? Sorry I don’t even have a child playing anymore. Honestly only seen a couple games this year but the ones I have seen there seems to be lacking balance in shooting and dishing. I look at the bottom line on Maxprep for my info.

  • BBFAN said,

    AND, You didn’t look hard enough, Maxprep stats for NWG haven’t been updated since the Glenn game. That being said, I just looked and can confirm that NWG 3 Point percentage is 37% vs. 54% for the two’s. Now, let’s play basketball the right way and feed the big guys, they be hungry for easy points. Any other sources or is Max Prep not correct on the shooting percentage?

  • AND said,

    I’m talking about last years stats. I believe I heard he was out most of this season so the stats thus far are not posted. I am talking about individual stats not team. I am not saying that he does not have the potential to be a good player. He is still developing and learning. I am saying there has to be a balance between shooting and dishing. In the mean time NW has other talent that can get the job done.

  • BBFAN-1 said,

    OK, But, if one was to take ten 3 pointers at 37% that would be 3.7 baskets times 3 and equals 11.1 points and if they took ten 2 pointers at 54% that comes out to 5.4 baskets times 2 = 10.8 points. That means the lower percentage 3 point shot using NWG percentages would be better for the team by .3%. Game 3 pointer.

  • AND said,

    But you are not getting it. If the 3 is there and the shooting is on then stay with it. Of not then try dishing it. Bottom line is each game will be different. They need to find the balance in each individual game. If Coble is hot sure dish it but if not find what works.

  • T.L. Clary said,

    We need every player on this team. That is why it is called a team. I prefer going inside first and then out. That will make the defense pack it in and will free up outside shooting. It is easier to shoot squared up facing the basket than to shoot fading away from it. Northwest has proven that they have plenty of players that can step it up on any night. The more that we are concerned about the team and whether the team wins; the better. If a player scores 30 points and has a great game and the team still losses, it still counts as a LOSS. I want my son and his team to WIN.

  • Curious said,

    What is the overall and conference record of the Northwest men’s varsity basketball team? I have not seen this posted in the News & Record. Is somebody ashamed about the record? I really have no clue what it is. Please post . Congratulations to the Northwest Varsity players on the win last night.

  • Andy said,

    NWG (6-9) overall and (4-1) in conference according to MaxPreps.com…..

  • NW Fan said,

    Three of their losses were by 1 point to WG, FCD & Carver. They played pretty well last night. The game was tied in the 4th with 7:18 left & NW won by 15. There were less substitutions than I’ve seen in the past for whatever reason. I think Coble would have been an asset against Parkland, but the 3 definitely was falling.

  • curious said,

    Thanks Andy for posting. That is a pretty good conference record. Good luck to the Northwest players the rest of the way in. You boys have a good time and don’t play tight. You’ll remember these days the rest of your lives. : )

  • NWGFAN said,

    Is there any chance that “AND” is a parent of player. If AND and their son had spent more time in the gym and less time criticizing a teamate than maybe AND’s son would be a better player and wouldn’t have to resort to these childess tactics. I have personally seen Adam Coble and his dad in the gym on MANY occasions. Where was AND and son? I am quite sure they weren’t there.

    Maybe AND and son should spend more time in “HARD” work and less time in HATING a teamate. What kind of person would hold a grudge against someone who is earning any reward they receive. Grow up “AND” and get your thumb out of your mouth. Try pulling for the team instead of just YOUR son. The last time I checked basketball was a TEAM sport. Stop trying to make it “ALL” about your son. Good Luck the rest of the way Vikings ! Most of us are pulling for ALL of you. Forget the few “IDIOTS” who aren’t.

    Bill Arnold

  • BallerFan said,

    I applaude the last comment. I have had 2 children (1 boy and 1 girl) to graduate from NWG in the last few years. Both of them played sports and both of them got caught up in the NW political Bull____. It seems like on most teams it is much more important on mommy and daddy making a contribution, working in the concession stand, selling tickets , being a team mom or doing some other favor for the coach versus how GOOD your son or daughter is. Why don’t mommy and daddy keep their NOSE out of things and let their son or daughter make it or not make it on their own. GUESS WHAT!!! The next time Jr. gets cut , try the concept of HARD WORK vs. the concept of CHECKBOOK.

  • NCYankee said,

    These attacks on players is exactly why I do not get on this site that often anymore. My child was the victim of an attack a couple weeks ago, by who appeared to be a teammate or someone close to the NW basketball program. Every good player is going to have their JEALOUS critics. We have dealt with it since elementary school and still deal with it from the same child who has graduated and moved on. Some people just never grow up. Our motto to our child is Actions speak Louder than Words. No matter how hard you try or how well you do the critics will always be there, its just a shame!!! GO VIKINGS!!!

  • WIN said,

    I agree with T.L. Clary, This is a team sport and the team needs the support of everyone involved. The boys play there hearts out no matter how much time on the floor they get. The coach’s all work hard to prepare the team and play a large majority of the players each week. Starting is on rotation to give players that opportunity to hear their named called and it is special to hear your named called. With the exception of a disgruntled parent calling kids out on this site. It really sickens me that adults would stoop so low. Every player on the NW Vikings BB Team is important too the success of the team.

  • Just a thought said,

    BallerFan, it sounds like you and your childern had bad experiences with athletics at NW. There are lots of teams at NW. I’m confident that as competitve as it is there that your childern didn’t play on every team and you don’t have first hand knowledge about “most teams”. Our experience has been good. When it was our turn, we worked concessions. We’ve sold our share of tickets. Because that is a part of what it takes to support the team, not as a favor to the coach to get more playing time for our child. It sounds like your childern’s playing time didn’t meet your standards. It sounds like you believe that somebody gave money so there kid would get more playing time yours. Maybe your kids should have worked harder.