The ACC tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on January 13, 2010 at 10:53 pm under College | 13 Comments to Read


#19 Clemson 83
#13 North Carolina 64

Duke 79, Boston College 59
Durham, N.C.

Virginia Tech 81, Miami 66
Blacksburg, Va.

Virginia 82, Georgia Tech 75
Charlottesville, Va.

  • Amused said,

    Can’t wait to see the write up! Bleed some ACC blue on that!

  • Amused said,

    Hey!!!! You guys didn’t bleed to death, did ya? Go ACC, red, blue, white and ORANGE! UNC really got run tonight.

  • eddie willis said,

    graves was back to his regular game—-why does one good (or bad ) always get so hyped. i do hope he comes back to play well this year!

  • El Gordo Grigo said,

    Terrible, Horrible, Embarrassing. At least we didn’t blow the Chapel Hill streak last night. Maybe the ACC will let Roy can save those three timeouts for the game on Saturday. Those refs screwed us too. The charge on Dexter Strickland was complete garbage. Why isn’t Hensen playing more? We need the younger talent on the floor. Graves really stunk it up last night.

  • gone fishing said,

    here we go again . whining and complaining tarhurts. give me a break, carolina is not that good. they are terrible. actually they su??. if you know what i mean. graves is no factor in anything he is terrible to. every time the tarhurts lose its always somebodies fault. they are not good . got ran out the gym. loving it.

  • mick said,

    They are also your reigning National Champion 🙂

  • Come On Son said,

    Mick, the core of that team is gone! The team on the floor last night is not the reigning National Champs. Wishful thinking. Come On Son, GTFOOHWTS!

  • tee tee said,

    I am a Carolina guy first. While Carolina has played well at times, they clearly need to change the lineup. They need to stop fooling with the pointguard Drew II and put Strickland in the starting lineup. The Hensen kid needs to get stronger but on defense he is tough on most guards because of his length. The only thing that I can figure is that Roy is trying to give some of the seniors/juniors and sophmores the opportunity to step up and give them the opportunity to play at the next level. At this point, they need to go with the young freshman, take their hits now and make a run at the end of the season even if they lose a few extra games as a result.

  • Andy said,

    I agree with Mr. Gordon or Mr. Gringo….The record in Chapel Hill still lives…The streak is still in place at the place Mr. McGuire and Mr. Smith built….(And recently Mr. Williams too….)

    This should really make for a great night when the Tigers come to Chapel Hill later on this season….Do they come to Chapel Hill this season????You never know the way the schedules are set up these days….

    Go College Basketball!!!! What a game!

  • eddie willis said,

    I agree with el gordo gringo ( people need to pay more attention to fat, white guys!

  • Andy said,

    The Clemson Tigers do not come to Chapel Hill this season.

    Maybe the two teams will meet in Greensboro at the ACC Tournament. Could you imagine that?

    I’ll be listening if those two get together in the Gate City and I’m sure it could be similar to what we saw a few years back when Rick Barnes was at Clemson and the Tigers met Coach Smith and the Heels in Round One of the tournament on a Friday night and I do believe that one was in Greensboro….

    Woody, Eric and Jones would have a time on the radio if the Heels and Tigers met again and it was in Greensboro at Woody’s old stomping grounds…..

  • ad4deacs said,

    Personally I enjoyed watching a game without sweating it out (Wake fan) As an outside observer I thought the big difference last night was experience. Carolina is very young and they looked it last night. They looked shell shocked by the Clemson pressure.

  • Mick and Ben said,

    Come on Son,

    It is a down year. Simple as that. I’ll take the trade. I bet you would too. The team on the floor may not be of National Championship calibre but you know what?…..

    The Heels are not wishing they were last year’s National Champions. They are YOUR reigning National Champions…. WOOOoo. WOOOoooo! ………….

    I just hope they make the NCAAs. I think tehy will. Maybe they will make the top 16 (unlike the rest of the ACC has been unable to do of late) or maybe they wont. I’ll take the trade. How bout you, Son?