Anyone know of any games going on tonight?????

Posted by Andy Durham on January 14, 2010 at 11:26 am under College, High School | 14 Comments to Read

Any local high school or college games going on this evening?

We hit the Page-Grimsley on Monday, Charlotte Christian at Greensboro Day on Tuesday, Ferrum at Greensboro College last night, looking around for tonight, Dudley at Page coming on Friday, over to GW Danville at Dudley for Saturday, on to Lake Daniels Park, Forrest Valley or Jefferson School for outdoors on Sunday and then it is the big lineup at the Greensboro Coliseum for MLK Day on Monday and then it’s start all over again, back out on the road next Tuesday….

Any word on any games in town tonight, college or high school?????

  • jdawg said,

    The ORMA-Quality Education game on Friday should be a good game.

  • Andy said,

    Still looking for a game this evening. Anybody got one on the local scene?

    We may have to scale down to Lewis Center……

  • curious said,

    where is the orma vs quality ed game at?

  • Vikings said,

    I couldn’t help but notice that the MAX PREP deal at the bottom of the home page does not pull in any NWG stats.

  • Andy said,

    Yes, I noticed it the other day and I need to tell our tech man so he can re-add NWG…

    We had to do a re-set the other day when MaxPreps went haywire and for some reason when the new listing came up, NWG was left out…

    We picked up some new teams that we didn’t have before like Smith and ORMA, and I have been using the other teams schedules to get my NWG info by clicking on the NWG spot say like on their game rotation at the Ragsdale schedule…

    We’ll get it updated and thanks for the reminder…..

  • dog said,

    I think Westchester is at Calvary.

  • ORMA FAN said,

    ORMA vs. Quality Education is at ORMA at 7 PM tomorrow. Get there early as game will probably sell out.

  • Andy said,

    We are still focusing on Thursday and is anybody playing locally tonight?????

    Caldwell Academy’s name came up and that might be our next check-in….

    ORMA does not suit up until Friday and what is the capacity of the Bonner Fieldhouse?????

  • rcristal said,

    Westchester is @ Calvary @ 7PM

  • Andy said,

    Caldwell Academy at Carolina Friends in Durham tonight…..

    At Calvary in Winston-Salem may be out of my jurisdiction….

    Might have to hit the old Pleasant Garden Gym and see if Mr. Venable is running any games there tonight….

  • Andy said,

    I got the word late, but they say there was game down at SEG Middle with Hairston Middle and SEG has a 6’4 kid that is taking the county by storm…

    I need to see this kid play and see what all the stir is about….

    Settled for Georgetown-Seton Hall last night…..Did not get a lot out of that game…

  • SEMS Fan said,

    His name Theo Pinson, last name could be spelled wrong. I think he had close to 30 points yesterday and one dunk. He usually slams a couple a game. I hope he stays at SEG but the word is he is gone after this year. The Lady Falcons are doing well too, still undefeated in conference play with only loss to Southern. Come on out and see a game Andy.

  • Andy said,

    You are exactly right, it is Theo…I have been hearing about this kid and I couldn’t remember if it was Leo, Andre, or who knows and now we know, it is Theo….

    I have to see the re-match with SEG-Dudley girls…That should make for a classic….

  • DC said,

    theres this boy in kernersville north carolina thats averging 28points a gAME. hE IS A SHOOTING GAURD AND REALLY CAN LIGHT IT UP. HES ONLY IN 7TH GRADE. HE GOES TO FIRST CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.