Friday Night Basketball Scoring

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From the Sports Desk and WPET Basketball Broadcast – 1/15/10 Scores

Girls Basketball (Finals)

Northern Guilford 22 – 54
Eastern Alamance 15 – 27

Dudley 64
Page 34

Southwest Guilford 54
HP Central 48

*****Upset of the night or upset of the year….*****

Southern Guilford 47
Asheboro 44

*****Upset of the year #2…..*****

Grimsley over SEG in Double OT
*****Upset of the year #3…..*****

Boys Basketball FINALS
Northern Guilford 60
Eastern Alamance 52

*****NG now (14-1) and they remain unbeaten in the conference…*****

Dudley 98
Page 80

*****PJ Hairston had 40 points and double-digit rebounds for Dudley and he was right at a triple-double with close to 10 blocks…..*****

Ragsdale 64
Glenn 50

*****Tyquan Roberts had 16 points/11 boards and Kalik Parker added 14 points for the RHS Tigers, who improve to (4-1) in the conference…*****

Eastern Guilford 85
Morehead 71

*****EG is now (9-5) overall and (4-1) conference…*****

High Point Central 71
Southwest Guilford 58

Forsyth Country Day 48
Greensboro Day School 44

Quality Education Academy of Winston-Salem 62
Oak Ridge Military Academy 60

JV Boys Final:
Page 56
Dudley 45

  • jdawg said,


  • Basketball FAn said,

    Correction NG 54 EA 27

  • WildManStan said,

    FCDS 24

    GDS 20

    Final. (Just kidding).


  • jdawg said,

    ORMA 60 Quality Education 62 by a last second put back. This one of the best game I have saw all year. I can’t believe that ORMA blew a 14 point 4th quarter lead by stupid mistakes. They still got a lot to work on. This game was a instant classic.

  • mark said,

    Ragsdale 64
    Glenn 50

    Nice win for Ragsdale. Sloppy game but Ragsdale never trailed. Score was 10-4 after one, 28 – 22 at the half. Glenn came out pressing and had a nice run tying the game at 30. But Ragsdale scored the next 7 and never was threatened after that. Score was 43-35 at the end of three.

    Tyquan Roberts had 16 points and 11 boards (unofficial). Not sure on other scoring. I know Kalik Parker and Beniah Wise had nice games and scored in double figures. Parker did a good job in the second half. After Glenn tied the game Parker did a good job on defense, on the boards and was more agressive on offense. Ragsdale is now 4-1 in conference.

  • CJones said,

    Northern Guilford Men 60
    Eastern Alamance 52

    Public Address Guy at Northern Rocks!

  • wildmanstan said,

    When you blow a 14-point 4th quarter lead, it is because you have no discipline in your players and/or poor coaching.

  • wildmanstan said,

    And FCDS beats GDS 48-44.

  • jim said,

    Dudley 98-83

    PJ got off

  • hoopsnut said,

    Was at GDS game, they can’t score. They benched Williams in 3rd quarter and he never got back in. Looked like he was in another place. GDS is really guarding but they have to figure out how to score. It is painful to watch. On a positive note, the big kid Roberts had his best game. He might have had 8 blocks.

  • Wildcat Wonder said,

    Eastern Guilford – 83
    Morehead – 71

    EGHS boys are now 9-5 (4-1 conference)

  • ok said,

    Girls Poll:

    What a Friday to obliterate your standings. 1 lost to 10 and 3 lost to 12; 13 has already beat 2, but 2 also beat 13, other than 4 losing to 3..all their games were losses to high quality teams.

    Now What….lol

    Good luck with new poll

  • yeah buddy said,

    pj had 42 points……. best all around game i seen from him in a while… he had to have a triple double… i know he had atleast ten blocks and ten rebounds…

  • lovingthegame said,

    Dudley Varsity Girls put Page to shame, shame, shame. Folks, tonight it rained Blue and Gold tonight everywhere. The Pirates where ship recked without a sell in site! Dudley showed up and showed out.

    Dudley’s still proves to be quicker than ever out thinking and out playing their opponents. They ran rings round Page.

    Dudley’s bench is strong too! Dudley made it look like they were playing a middle school team. Coach Debbie Jones, what were you thinking? Did you not prepare?

  • Brian said,

    Shot the Northern Game for WFMY. Nighthawks could not get a shot to fall in the first half and trailed by 6 at the break. Came out a different team in the 3rd quarter and took a 40-39 lead by playing great defense. Pulled out a 60-52 win over a tough Eastern Alamance team. Highlight of the night was an amazing performance of the National Anthem by a 9 year old girl before the game.

  • not okay said,

    hey okay,

    Northern girls beat Eastern Alamance 54-27, OKAY?

  • hs fan said,

    Grimsley boys obliterated southeast 88-40

  • jdawg said,

    wildmanstan quality education would beat gds by 20 or more.

  • dudley stud said,

    Highpoint Central, you cannot even beat Grimsley and you say yall want some of this Dudley Panther meat? I DON’T THINK SO!

    Southeast, we have not forgot yall. We are going to spank yall like we just got through whipping up on lil ole Page. They thought because they beat Reynolds that they had something. AIN’T HAPPENING!

    We had them so shook up they didn’t know whether they were coming or going! Now they got to come to our gym! Can you say by 50?

    Northern Guilford aren’t yall glad yall left the conference so that yall can whip up on the likes of Eastern, Rockingham, Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance, Burlington Williams,Micmichael (by the way, where is that any way)?


  • dudley stud said,

    OOPS! MY BAD GRIMSLEY! I meant to say Southwest Guilford which is worst!

    Of course yall got it coming too! Don’t think because yall beat Southeast Guilford that yall have the rights to passage!

    It will be over after the first quarter!

  • jdawg said,

    But I completely I do agree with you WILDMANSTAN I blame that game onthe coaching staff. Chris McCain was completely outta control. That needs to be fixed. But on a brighter note Micheal Neal will be back on Monday which will cut back on a lot of turnovers.

  • jellybeanscotty said,

    please do not include SW Guilford in anything you have to say negative. all we ask our girls is to go out there and play their hardest!!! no where in any of this mess have you seen anyone from SW downgrade any other team, player, coaches etc…..including myself! i wish all the teams the best they can do and leave it at that!!

  • DUDLEYDUD said,



  • dudley stud said,


    All coaches ask that and that is good! Its just that some ask it a lot better and the results show. You don’t really believe that SWG can beat Dudley, Do you?

    DudleyDUD, I know you are way off beat! I sorry boss! we didn’t mean to spank ole PAGEY that bad!


  • Tom said,

    Dudleystud is either an immature adult or a high school kid. Don’t even respond to this childish nonsense.

  • jay holiday said,

    I wont to start by saying congrats to dudley for winning the girls game over page last night at the pirate house,yes we do have to come over to dudley it may be a different game but to say 50, come on they are good but they can be beaten.We can say still that was Helen Terry’s team and now with Drayton you can see the torch is passed on.Page needs alittle more respect than that,middle school team (PLEASE) yes,maybe some coaching errors were made but they do meet again..

  • jellybeanscotty said,


    I don’t try to guess who can beat who in any game….dudley didn’t think they could be beaten by SE Guilford, but they did get beat just as I am sure HPC didn’t think they would lose to SWG, but they did. When those kids get out there on the court it comes down to who wants it the most and who is willing to work the hardest to achieve that win and sometimes that doesn’t come from the coaching, it comes from those kids!!

  • CP said,

    what up

    I have been whatching Page for sometime and there seem to be some problem with thier coaching staff. There is some girls that can help but they just don’t get it. Why hold her for next year like they have did to other girls. Dudley will see if the Page coaching staff use what they got.

  • bbfan said,

    Jay Holiday:
    Page varsity girls have the talent and fundamentals to play (Roach, Drew, Drew and Pichard)but the coach won’t let them play the game… she is guilty of over coaching and over control. She just doesn’t know what she has to work with. Sometimes the players can teach the coach. Let them play…

  • dudley stud said,

    Andy, SG girls win was not an upset-they have superior coaching

  • Andy said,

    When I was talking to the SG girl’s coach after the game on Friday night, by speaking with him, I got the feeling it was an upset. Down 13 points with just two minutes to play and one of your top three players isn’t playing that night?

    I still feel Southern knocked the door down just in the nick of time and we will see how they follow up that win in their next game.

    The SG coaching staff is very tough and they are working to turn this thing around and if they can hold out until the SG Middle School girls move up then it is on like a neckbone, as my attorney used to say,in our Sunday afternoon basketball encounters…..

  • jay holiday said,

    The Page varsity girls have the talent and fundamentals but Coach Jones doesnt use her new incoming players well. She does not give her freshmens a chance to show what they can do. She also doesnt use the talent she has in order to grow.And how would her new team be in 2011 when her seniors are gone? Of course Brittany Drew would have to step up but, who else?