Dudley’s PJ Hairston stepping up his play on WFMY News 2

Posted by Andy Durham on January 16, 2010 at 11:05 am under College, High School | 15 Comments to Read

Be sure to check out this PJ Hairston video, created by Brian Hall at WFMY News 2 and you will be able to capture the inside on PJ and also get the vibes Dudley’s coach David Price feels, as he works with Hairston each day in practice.

Coach Price has worked with current NBA star Brendan Haywood, plus past and current college players including; Vincent Whitt, Braxton Williams, Damien Price, Kevin Swinton, Kenny Belton, Josh Chavis, William Graves, Robert Johnson, Rayshawn Polk and many others……….

Click Here and the WFMY video, from Brian Hall, on UNC Tar Heel committment PJ Hairston, starts NOW…..

  • wildmanstan said,

    Nice to see that the “after-game” evening advantage of having committed early and avoiding phone calls from other potential colleges is “rest” instead of “I’m about to go to one of the best public universities in the nation and really need to use that time to stay on top of my academics.” Keep those priorities straight, young man. Got to get your beauty sleep.

  • PJ's Mom said,

    wildmanstan…I see it is your job to try and turn everything into something negative. A sensible person would understand that at 16 “rest” means concentrating on the other things that are important. He has his priorities straight and doesn’t need you to remind him of what they are! I am so tired of people like you and your worthless comments that are targeted to tear down children! Trust me he is well aware of the great accomplishment he has made acquiring a scholarship to UNC and when he gets there in the fall of 2011 I hope you are around to witness it. I’m sure until then you will be rooting against him every chance you get!

  • don't worry - pj's mom said,

    To PJ’s Mom – I realize that it is tough to hear crazy comments about your PJ but it is best not to even response directly to such comments. When you are on the winning side of life there will always be someone there trying to pull you down or finding some cracks in your armor. You can already see it at every game when the other team tries to anger PJ by slapping him, elbowing his face and flat out tackling him. In the end, PJ has come thru game after game and punished the other team game after game.

    PJ has shown a lot of discipline this year and played like a true star on the floor when the team has needed. The realty is that he signed with the greatest basketball program in the entire “world” while they were at the top of the mountain. There are only a handful of kids in this entire world that have such opportunities each year. My kids love coming to see him play and he will bring Greensboro more long term favor than any of these nuts making crazy comments about a kid doing what is necessry and right. PJ and mom – Welcome to the only shade of Blue that counts!

  • Andy said,

    The rest must have done PJ and hs teammates good…They all played strong against a very good GW Danville team, with CJ Barksdale last night….

    Reggie got injured, but he returned and Brennan Wyatt continues to step up his game and Jaquel Richmond and Dominique Byrd are coming on…

    Everything looked and sounded good at Dudley last night….The team, the band and the anthem were all very impressive…..

  • fromonemomtoanother said,

    PJ’s mom,

    I know you are very proud of your son, and you have every right to be! He has achieved something many athletes only dream of! I have seen him play many times and he is a fantastic basketball player. I , along with many other Guilford County residents, wish him the very best at UNC, both athletically and academically. Go PJ!!!

    Northern Nighthawks basketball mom

  • from the outside said,

    To PJ’s Mom,
    It is unfortunate that you must read such crap about your son but this is the cost of “fame” when you are a winner in life. Your son is an outstanding citizen, student, and player. I hope some people are still hating on him 10 years from now because that means he would have continued to hit a high mark in life. Obviously I hope he gets all that he wants in life because he will represent this city in some form for years to come.

  • tee tee said,

    The reality is that PJ has achieved something that only a small number of people will do on any given year. Imagine whatever you want to do in life at the greatest example of that thing and you were able to get it at the height of its existance. This is exactly what PJ has achieved with Carolina. He was able to get the current King of basketball from the reigning Kingdom of basketball to grant him a red carpet walk into the Palace.

    To PJ’s Mom – don’t worry about a few nuts in Greensboro speaking crazy about your son because in a couple of years it will be worldwide. That is the price that he will pay for joining the Carolina family but please know that the family takes care of its own.

    Welcome PJ and family to the top of the ladder where it will forever be Carlina Blue!

  • I wish Stan would say that to my face said,

    Wildman Stan would not be saying that sh&@
    has PJ went to again GDS. They are haters
    out there and when people see them for what
    they really are we will kick they a$$ out the
    pizza hut holiday tournement and stop calling them the fiber of Greensboro
    I don’t see any of them coaches @ Any of
    the Y’s or out in the community. kids like PJ is the
    fiber to let other kids know you don’t have to run
    to a private school to be SUCCESSFUL. People that support
    private schools can’t except it when kids in public schools achieve
    there goals. Respect these kids this is not the 1st time wildman Stan
    or Fulton has said things about our kids. They should be block
    from this site.

  • dale fulton said,

    no one has made any non-factual negative statements. our goal is to get under your skin, and that is very easy because you are thin skinned and very defensive. we will continue to beat you in the future because we can out coach Price—that’s the bottom line!!!! Blame our comments on anything else that you wish, but Price cannot win a close game where coaching makes a difference. name a couple for the readers on thi ssite, please. we beat you every time we play with layers who are no where near the athletes you are— if the gcs cannot do something about overall test scores, then the academy will not even be there as an “R-word” tool.
    I still remember an out manned Trinity team taking you guys to the house.

  • Andy said,

    We need to settle this on the basketball court….

    Line ’em up Dudley versus Greensboro Day School…(But, why don’t we just go ahead and settle this on the basketball court….)

    I think we all have one thing in common and that is we love basketball…

    If the war is among the adults, then keep it among the adults and leave the kids out of it….All they do is show up and play and they play very hard at both schools.

    Remember, the kids are only a reflection of the adults that are leading them, so be careful how you lead and watch what you say. Your kids are looking to you to lead them on and off the court and how do you choose to lead?????

  • GDS ain't s&@$ said,

    Dale Fulton anytime you talk about people
    kids you get under there skin, maybe you don’t
    have any but keep the kids out of your mouth
    when you talk about anybody kids you are taking
    it to another level. Stop running and play
    ORMA go to max preps the game was schedule
    but freddy did’t want to play them they was included in number
    of games you can play. The game between GDS and Dudley
    would come down to coaching it would be a blow
    out. Keep getting these meaningless wins against
    teams you know you can beat. GDS never play anybody
    on the big stage….look @ your past players the kid @ state
    not playing, the kid about that went to Wake Forest
    transferred to Greensboro college, where did the big guys go off
    from last year??? Have anybody heard from them? They have a 7 footer
    on the bench that can’t walk and chew gum or can’t
    dunk the ball. Your guards never play D1 ball on last year team
    the best player did not get any offers? These are true
    statements. I have more for another battle. Dorsett can’t hit the side if a barn or throw
    a ball in the ocean, he can’t shoot. Clean your own
    house before you try to clean somebody else house.

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Need I say anything . . .I feel the the true adults have spoken; envy and jealousy go hand in hand,you know . . .misery likes company. PJ keep on workin’ hard young man,there are more good things on your horizin. From one Dudley alum to all . . .PEACE !

  • dale fulton said,

    Dear Jack ( or should I say Mr. Ass ),
    Now what did you just do after taking up for the youth of Greensboro so dramatically? You are a complete idiot!!!!

  • Tell the truth said,

    Please, be careful what you say about other people….it will come back to haunt you. By the way, never put any man or woman on a pedestal because when they fall or make mistakes they will disappoint you because no one is perfect.
    Peace and Love!

  • stanbackup said,

    I wonder why no one actually listens to stan. Instead of committing to a school because of it’s name, they need to commit because of academics. What’s the point in going and everyone knows you will leave because you can’t do the work. Coaches need to send kids to realistic schools.