MLK Jr Basketball Classic Results

Posted by Don Moore on January 18, 2010 at 1:34 pm under High School | 52 Comments to Read

Quick Scores as Andy will have a detailed report later today. 11:05pm Update

Page – 67
Glenn – 61

Oak Ridge Military Academy – 73
Greenfield – 56

Oakhill – 87
Dudley – 65

Greensboro Day School – 84
Northwest Guilford – 52

Norfolk Christian – 73
Cannon School 46

Forsyth Country Day – 76
Ragsdale – 65

  • dale fulton said,

    there should be no doubt who the premier hs basketbll team is in the triad area today after the pummeling of NWG~~~~ A huge win from an inspired GDS team that will not take a back seat to any team or coaching staff in the area. FCDS handled Ragsdale with ease also—that should not leve any doubt in your minds where the beat basketball is played—in the PACIS no less. I hope Oak Hill blitzes Dudley too.

  • pepe maravich said,

    Didn’t FCDS and Grimsley beat GDS?

  • blowout city said,

    dale I kinda feel ya but lets be real. .these matchups are terrible and I knew from the lineup that most of these games would be blowouts. .the best basketball should be played at the private sector due to the higher level of talent from team to team. .a young dudley team will probably lose to oak hill by 12-16 points but its about matchups and they weren’t picked very well GDS is ok but in order to be the best you have to play the best that simple

  • mark said,

    Congratulations. Your big bad PACIS private teams that play with under different rules than public schools just beat two teams with losing records in what just might be the weakest 4A conference in the whole state. I’m a Ragsdale fan and even I can admit they are a first year 4A school with a slightly above average team that is going through a major rebuilding year. Ragsdale has only one player on this year’s team that saw any significant minutes last year. They lost six of their top seven players from last year’s team thanks to graduation and transfers (one to Westchester, one to ORMA and one to Dudley).

    But sure – way to thump that chest over those huge wins today…

  • randomguy said,

    Grimsley didn’t beat GDS, Northern did.

  • dale fulton said,

    to: blowout city
    you are right about the matchups, but NWG is a 4A school. i agree they pretty much suck, but I think ragsdal is pretty good. The ORMA versus Greenfield game is the one i am looking forward to. i think ORMA will underestimate how good they are and Greenfield will walk away with an upset.
    do you think the players and coaches will even stay for the 2nd half of the last game??? LOL!!!!

  • wes said,

    Letts hear from the NWG fans who popped off last week about how bad they were going too beat GDS. Not even a game. NW got a spanking.

  • rcristal said,


    If you were to completely understand the way things are set up you would realize that NWG has enormous advantages. They are a large 4A school with deep pockets. Their teams hurt for nothing. There program consists of talented and very nice young men who have worked hard on their games. They were simply way overmatched from a coaching standpoint and from the fact that GDS plays hard and very, very, very unselfish. These boys understand what it means to play for the team.

    It is only my opinion but I have not changed my thoughts about local rankings. GDS is far and away the class of the area. Coach Johnson has, and will continue to set a standard for all the other programs.

    Many local private and local schools have advantages. GDS, ORMA, Dudley, Grimsley, Northern and ORMA all have a leg up.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Why do Northern and Grimsley have a leg up? I can see why the other schools you named do. You said ORMA twice by the way.

  • dale fulton said,

    maybe he meant they have a double advantage—they are a private school with the best coach in the area.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Grimsley and Northern arn’t private schools…

  • crystal meth said,

    for the first hs sophomore to ever receive an appointment to the naval academy, you are not very smart! it’s AREN”T—would have let you slide if you hadn’t mentioned the guy listed ORMA twice.

  • wes said,

    for the first hs sophomore to ever receive an appointment to the naval academy, you are not very smart! it’s AREN”T—would have let you slide if you hadn’t mentioned the guy listed ORMA 2x.

  • Joe Barile said,

    It’s called a typo, buddy. I know how to spell aren’t. I was typing fast and didn’t catch my error before I submitted. Btw, if you ever went back and read my response to that whole USNA post a couple of months back, you wouldn’t be saying that.

  • blowout city said,

    to dale: see what I mean about the dudley-oak hill game? and no way ORMA is losing to greenfield I saw them at the Glaxo there down this year ORMA is up by 10 at the half I don’t see why that lead won’t extend to 20. and people probably won’t be around for the glenn vs. page game and tha will probably be the best game of the night. go figure .as far as the GDS Northern and dudley & NWG comparison, they all have deep pockets . .dudley from a city standpoint has a lot of resources and funding. . northern and nwg have support and deep pockets like GDS

  • rcristal said,

    Northern has a terrific fan base with lots of money to throw at the program. GHS has a great school with an IB program. If you think both of these things don’t matter you really do not understand.

    My point is that no one school is better than the other. They are all just different. I have had kids in public school and in private school. I have coached in the public school system. Let’s just agree that they are all good and the young men all deserve our support.

    The difference is that the GDS staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working year round and worries just as much about what goes on off the court as what goes on on the court.

    Good luck to all our teams

  • Mike said,

    Congrats to ORMA for another big win!!

  • Whatever R said,

    “The difference is that the GDS staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working year round and worries just as much about what goes on off the court as what goes on on the court.”

    So rcristal. What you are saying is none of the public school coaches in Guilford County are dedicated, knowledgeable, or work hard year round? Oh, and they don’t care what happens to their kids on AND off the court?

    I believe that MOST of the public school coaches care about what happens to their kids on and off the court. I would also like to believe that guys like Coach Hunter at NEG, Coach Kent at Page, Coach Bloom at Northwest, Coach Lansdale at Eastern, Coach Corbett at Grimsley, Coach Shoemaker at Ragsdale, Coach Price at Dudley, Coach Wade at Western and many other coaches in Greensboro are dedicated to what they do, are knowledgeable about the game, and work just as hard as Coach Johnson and his staff. I don’t think the GDS coaches are any more dedicated to what they do than any of the other coaches in the area. I believe they have an advantage over all of those by being able to work with their kids year round when the public schools are limited by NCHSAA rules. I think they have an advantage with the fact that they can reclassify their kids and basically ge an extra year out of them. I think they have an advantage in the fact that they are playing with some of the better players from multiple schools in the Greensboro area and outside of it. I don’t think the thing that makes GDS stick out is solely from the standpoint of the coaching staff’s DEDICATION and KNOWLEDGE above all the other coaches in the area. You, and many other GDS supporters act as if the GDS staff takes a bunch of kids who can’t play dead and turn them into superstar players.

    GDS has a very good program and Coach Johnson does a wonderful job with the kids and the program there, but there are a LOT of dedicated, knowledgeable coaches in Greensboro that do a great job with a lot less talent than GDS.

    Good luck to GDS and ALL the schools in and around Greensboro.

  • hoopsnut said,

    Looks like GDS must have figured out there shooting woes. They finally looked like the GDS I am used to seeing. Pressuring and trapping relentlessly. Just too much D and depth for NW. Vebber is a pretty good player. Hopefully he gets a chance to play somewhere next year. GDS had balanced scoring and contributions from everyone. 7 guys with 7 or more points. The freshman Terry looked terrific and the PG Pulliam is as tough as they come. Its too bad he isnt a little bigger. Was also very impressed with Dudley. They played a really good first half even with PJ being just ok. If he would have had a great game it might have been a little more competitve. Richmond is going to be really good and the Dillard kid is a perfect compliment to PJ. They have a very talented team. I know we are beating a dead horse, but wouldn’t be great if we could get GDS-Dudley to play each other. I think that should be the game next year. ORMA was pretty good as well. Greenfield has some talented kids but they couldnt guard my grandma!! But with the four kids they have around the basket, there aren’t many easy looks at it.

    GDS-Westchester tomorrow night. Lets see how the Bengals guard Deuce and Ike.

  • I just watched the best team in the area said,

    ORMA blewout greenfield it was a dunk contest
    @ the end. I see why GDS would not play
    ORMA stop talking and play the game. Freddy took them off
    b/c he knew ORMA would blow them out. ORMA is the best
    team in the area by far GDS can’t play with them
    congratulations to ORMA. That was one of the best teams
    in the state and it was never a game. Like I always
    said 1,ORMA 2, Dudley 3, northern 4,GDS easy. Stan great job on coaching
    today if have done a great job with your team.

  • Bball fan said,

    wait didn’t GDS already beat Oak Ridge? I was in Charlotte at the game – GDS controlled the tempo and was up for most of the game until Oak Ridge made a run in the 4th.

  • ORMA said,

    Um Bball fan when oak ridge played them they didnt have their 7 footer or another one of their bigs i assure u when they get back there starting point guard which they will have the next time they play GDS, they will beat them

  • ORMA said,

    may b messed up when they played GDS they didnt have 7 footer and another big later down road they got both back then the starting point guard broke his hand, when they get ALL of thier team and play GDS again they will beat them without a doubt they start a D1 lineup and have D1 players on the bench

  • Joe Barile said,

    Anyone know the final on the Page/Glenn game yet?

  • George said,

    Page won 67-61. I wasn’t that close. They were up 12 and Glenn made a small run at the end.

  • tee tee said,

    I saw ORMA play for the 1st time today and there is no way that team is the #1 team in the area. #1 – Dudley, #2 – Northern (because they beat GDS head to head), #3 GDS, and #4/5 – ORMA or Westchester in any order that you want.

    Dudley lost to Oak Hill today but this was their 3rd heavy game in 4 days. If Dudley was fresh, then they could have won that game. Oak Hill could not handle Dudley’s. #3 Richman and #23 Dillard should have taken their man off the dribble more because they could get to the basket and finish. Wyatt was great with the ball handling and shooting. PJ was clearly the dominate player on the floor bar none. It was obvious that he was playing with tried legs today with his 3’s falling short.

    The ORMA game was a little boring with both teams missing easy shots and not playing well. I left midway thru the 3rd Q before I fell asleep. This team does have some good talent but it could not beat Dudley and I do not think it would beat GDS assuming they are final over their shooting issues at GDS. I did like the hustle by the 7′ kid and I think State has found a diamond in the rough. #11 Jay on ORMA is good and his play maker ability has improved from last year.

    Overall the tournament had its moments but most of the games were boring. The lack of atmosphere in the special events center has a lot to do with this problem. The noise from the floor and crowd seems to be drowned out with the way the building is designed and how far the floor is from the spectators.

  • John said,

    “Deep Pockets”…..really? That helps at public schools? I suppose if uniforms and shoes could help win then “deep pockets” might be an advantage.

    Deep pockets have nothing to do with talent. If you don’t understand why GDS and ORMA have an advantage over local public schools….you’re not paying attention to the parameters under which these schools operate. Great schools, yes…..quality coaches, yes……but the rules and procoesses are very different.

    The GDS-ORMA and Public School “debate” is rather pointless.

  • Mike said,

    I have now seen every team in the area play, here is my “GREAT 8”
    1) ORMA

  • Bball fan said,

    I don’t think there is going to be another game. Its not on GDS’s schedule. While oak ridge may in fact have gotten better or more players etc., the fact stands that GDS beat them….saying that ORMA would kill GDS next time if they played is entirely speculation.

  • Sorry folks but they are GOOD said,

    ORMA is the best team, starting with the 7 footer
    he really control the game in the paint. Jacob Lawson
    is a freak I see he has been working on his game.
    Jay is jay he can do it all I think he is the glue to this puzzle
    ashad played well in speaks and was the head of the defense.
    Carlos is only a sophomore and has a good upside, off the bounce
    he could not be stop when he gets that J fallen the sky is the limited.
    ORMA should have played Oak Hill think that would have been
    a better game. The game was boring bc greenfield did nothing but shoot
    3’s. (like GDS) Sorry folks but this the best team
    in the area….well coached, deep bench. Has size and can beat you in so many ways.

  • hoopsnut said,

    Anyone heard how PJ hairston is? And I liked the big kid from ORMA as well, but no way he is 7 foot!! Who measured him? Lol!! He is 6’9 maybe 6’10.

  • ORMA said,

    tee tee- do u hear what ur saying ur saying that ORMA could not beat dudley come on now this is the same team from northern last year without some players that beat dudley 2 times last year one by 25 the other by 10 at the conference championship ”


  • rcristal said,


    I, too have seen a great deal of hoops. I love watching all the guys and the coaches. I do believe you are way off base with your picks. But that is what makes it fun. Eeryone has an opinion.

    1- GDS
    2- Dudley (just ahead of three)
    3- Northern
    4- ORMA
    5- Westchester Country Day
    6- Wesleyan
    7- Grimsley

    If fans would really watch GDS play as they are now in terms of unselfisness and shut down Defense you will be impressed. Even during their streak of cold shooting the D was terrific. Trust me, no one around here plays D like that.

  • A Few Comments said,

    1) rcristal, you personify the adage “… can’t see the forest for the trees.”—if you truly watch GDS and say they are the best team in the area, then you have wasted all the time you say you spent coaching and watching athletic events
    2) To ORMA—-Don’t give me that line about Carlos ( he’s #1, right ). He may be a sophomore but he’s certainly not as tall as listed and only adequate. he makes awful decisions and does not have a clue about the flow of the game.
    3) To ORMA—Your big man may not be 7′ but I like him. Sidney may not be around when he get’s there anyway. Oh well, it’s only a verbal.
    4) Please note MLK rankings from one who saw all games—

    1) Oak Hill
    2) Oak Ridge
    3) Dutley
    4) Norfolk Christian
    5) GDS
    6) Greenfield
    7) FCDS
    8) Page
    9) Cannon School
    10) Ragsdale
    11) Glenn
    12) NWG

  • rcristal said,

    Well all I can say is that I have been doing this for nearly 40 years. I suspect that is longer than most on here. Also, maybe I am wrong. This is simply one mans opinion.

    However, you did not spell Dudley correctly.

    If you are able, I would urge you to attend practices. An observer can learn a great deal about basketball and about coaching from watching these. One gets a true feeling for a coaching staff and for the young men on a particular team.

  • wes said,

    Let me straighten you people out. GDS does not have the best players. Most of our city schools have more athletic basketball players. The reason GDS is so good is because they are a team. To put together a team you must have a coaching staff that can teach and bring together a group of kids that believe in their coaches and their self. I love watching GDS play whether they win or lose they always give you an effort.

  • A Few Comments said,

    That, my good man, is what we call a “Freudian slip”!!!!!!

  • tom said,

    The GDS-ORMA vs the public school debate is not pointless when you compare them to Dudley. The Academy gives them an advantage over the other public schools in the county. We don’t have a level playing field in this county. We probably never will. Why don’t we just sit back and enjoy the games? There is some very good basketball being played around here.

  • rcristal said,


    Thanks for stating it so well. I am having a blast watching all the young men. Let’s just enjoy it.

  • John said,

    Tom – If the playing field is not level in this county, then the debate between the programs is indeed pointless. You can’t compare Kentucky basketball to Harvard’s squad, you can’t compare the Yankee’s to the Royals. It’s just sort of a dumb discussion when one side is pounding their chests about their team to someone else who should have players on their team that are going to chest punders school.

    Schools that recruit (or have special programs for admission) and give scolly’s can’t be compared to programs who are just coaching the best 12 who show up at try-outs based on school distrcits.

    However, I agree, sit back and enjoy the basketball!

  • ORMA said,

    whoever is saying GDS is the best team please stop you watched them play agaist NWG, ORMA is the best team in this area, there’s no way you can say GDS is better, look at the talent diffrence, the athletic diffrence. Let me ask you this when oak ridge is healthy what team in this area starts a starting 5 like this- Micheal Neal-pg Asad lamot-SG-Jay CantySF-Jacob Lawson-PF-7 footer at center they are all D1 prospects and theres only one in thier that i named that doesnt have a high major offer and thats asad lamot and oh lets not forget they have a 6-7 center coming off the bench and carlos rankin and chris richmond which they are young and a guard yall dont know about thats a freshman is kevin parrish to sit here and say GDS is better is not right. I Know that GDS beat them but look at this scenario ORMA didnt have 2 of thier main players and funny GDS hit a half court shot to win so you think about whats gonna happen when ORMA has thier full team. Now i will say that GDS is well coached but not really any of thier players will go D1 or get a scholorship and i watched a northern team thats proably a good but not very good team give GDS now here is the real top 8 around the area

  • hoopsnut said,

    Westchester will definitely have its opportunity tonight when they play GDS!! They have an impressive first 5. If they get into foul trouble it could be curtqains for them. I think the depth of GDS in the end prevails over the more athletic Westchester team. Should be fun to watch.

  • ORMA said,

    Well lets see if GDS CAN STOP IKE AND DUECE

  • geo said,

    ORMA may have better basketball players than GDS, but the difference is in the coaching staff. That puts GDS near the top. It’s kind a like making a cake. Take what you got and make something out of it.

  • curious said,

    Do you guys rank Grimsley over WG because they beat them? Grimsley lost to Smith and Page, and WG beat Smith and Page…

  • david duke said,

    Cannot disagree more on the coaching staffs!

    1) Coach K is arguably one of the 2 best coaches in the triad—players love him and he works harder on their behalf than anyone in the area.

    2) Michael Fulcher—former Dartmouth assistant coach who is the best “X” an “O” assistant hs coach I have ever seen. Watch during the games how he has “K’s” ear. Sometimes it appears that he is making all the decisions in the times I have seen them play over the last 3-4 years.

    3) Fernando Cole–former local basketball player at Dudley who was Reggie Peace’s top assistant on 2-3 state championship runner-up teams @ Smith. Relates well to the players and brings a ton of discipline to the mix. Has been very successful at many different levels while coaching for the NC Gaters AAU teams. He has at least one national championship and 3 or so top 10 national AAU finishes. He was a major factor in developing several of the younger contributors to the current Northern HS varsity that is ranked #1 in 3A.

  • Andy said,

    I would have to go back and look at it again, but this week in the poll we have WG at #4 and Grimsley fell to #7 after back to back losses to Smith and Page….

    The polls change on a weekly basis….Top polls in the state BTW….

  • Mike said,

    I thnk its going to be more like, neal pg, canty sg, mccain f, lawson f, joseph c.

    Good luck to all that play them, you are going to need it!!

  • jdawg said,

    Mike I just can’t see Chris McCain playin small foward, with that being said Asad will be at his more natural position of SG.

  • rcristal said,

    No one, and I mean no one works as hard for his guys and for other kids as Coach Johnson. To him it is not just about hoops but about academics, lifeskills and on and on. And,,,, it is 365 days a year for him. Some of you just don’t undeerstand what goes into that program.

  • dale fulton said,

    comments about OR coaches makes me wonder why they need so many coaches if those three are so great. LOL!!!!!

  • Basketball FAn said,

    @ Dale
    I guess the same could be said about GDS 🙂