HS hoops tonight for 1/19/10

Posted by Andy Durham on January 19, 2010 at 9:15 pm under High School | 18 Comments to Read

Westchester Country Day 41
Greensboro Day School 39

*****GDS boys now (20-5) on the season. Deuce Bello hit two free throws with no time left on the clock to win it for the Westchester Country Day Wildcats. Deuce Bello has to be the best timing shot-blocker in our area. It is not all about his jumping ability, it all comes down to his timing when he makes his move to block the shots. He must have had 10 blocked shots tonight at GDS….*****

Christ School 84
High Point Wesleyan 51

Greensboro Day School girls 46
Westchester Country Day 22

Southern Guilford girls 53
Southwestern Randolph 48

*****SG girls now (2-2) in the conference.*****

GDS-WCD boys breakdown:
1stQ GDS 11, WCD 11….Halftime GDS 22, WCD 22….3rdQ WCD 32, GDS 31….FINAL:
WCD 41
GDS 39

Greensboro Day School scoring:
Brandon Dorsett 8 points
Christian Pulliam 8
John Terry 7
Lucas Weavil 4
Quayshad Williams 4
Jordan Robertson 4
Robert Kleinmann 2
Jaleel Roberts 2

Westchester Country Day scoring:
Deuce Bello 12 points
Ike Nwamu 9
CJ Plummer 8
Josh Burton 6
Cole Morganstern 4
Markel Johnson 2

  • hoopsnut said,

    GDS couldn’t make a shot. THe shooting woes continue. They missed layups and jumpers. A fairly controversial ending. I think the refs got it right though. Westchester forced 3 turnovers and GDS missed 4 FT’s in the final 6 possessions. Great defensive play with 4 seconds by Ike that gave Westchester the opportunity to win. A stellar defensive effort, but if GDS cant make shots they arent going to beat anyone.

  • Andy said,

    Christ School Greenies defeated Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point tonight and we don’t have a final score, our man just caught a fan as they were headed out the door….

    Game over and Christ School over HPW…..

  • Bball fan said,

    Christ school won by 33. 84-51

  • Spectator said,

    Today i wanted to see the girls play and i came a little early to see if they were selling tickets yet, i was hoping to get in for free. I caught the second half of the Westchester and GDS jv-game. That was quite a game. On the JV team, GDS had a point guard (number 20) who was pretty good. Even though the compitition wasn’t at is prime this kid could really play. So im thinking, he must play both then when the varsity game started i didnt see him warm up or anything. I look to my left, and he’s sitting down conversing. I asked someone what grade he was in, HE’s IN 9th. he could play varsity at about any other school in greensboro. This kid had to have at least 20 in the second half. They were down by 5, and he hit a 3 with 3 second to go. He’s an all around player. Whoever reads this should really find out who this kid is. He’sgot TALENT.

  • ORMA said,

    Thank you this tells you right here GDS IS NOT THE BEST TEAM in the area

  • just curious said,

    Any word on how Dale Fulton is doing right now?? Heard he was last seen cursing at traffic along Lawndale after the game. Maybe the men in white locked this looney imbecile up in a padded cell somewhere, lol!

  • dale fulton said,

    i am doing great, thank you. actually i am quite sane. i only wear this white suit with my hands strapped to my body for appearances. i don’t have to go to “route 66′ to get my kicks, i just go on this board, post something i know will get most of the mental midgets on the board up tight, and then sit back and laugh. LOL!!!!!

  • One Crazy Dude said,

    You have got to be one crazy dude, man! How can you be so in love with GDS? You got to be some kind of a sick poser, Dale.

  • randomguy said,

    To spectator, he is a good player, but he is the laziest person in practice. That was greensboro day’s jv-b team. If their JV-A team was playing they would have destroyed Westchester’s Jv team.

  • Spectator said,

    to randomguy, ive seen the teams GDS plays, more than half of them aren’t good. Plus he was just as good as soom of the varsity players. Although being lazy in practice is not good, and he needs to improve on that, i think he’ll still score as much on the teams JV-A plays.

  • Real talk baby!!!! said,

    Have anybody heard from wildman Stan, or that
    guy who says he is a coach? LMFAO GDS like I said
    is not the best team in the area. My sons Y team can score
    39 pst. Greensboro DAY SCHOOL is the fiber
    of the area, a bunch of HOT AIR!!! Don’t fiber give you GAS???
    To Andy westchester should be in your poll
    give them there respect. I see why GDS cancelled
    the game against ORMA. Dale I know you have something
    to say about your boys hahahaha. I saw you, you look
    like you played for the Utah azz not the Utah jazz..
    Give the top teams there respect ORMA, DUDLEY,WESTCHESTER,
    NORTHERN. I can’t wait to read what you clowns have
    to say why you lost to Westchester Day!!!

  • rcristal said,

    Whoever you are, you have no understanding of what goes into an athletic program the caliber of GDS. You are some ordinary fan who reads a little about the game and who probably attends a few games and is suddenly an expert. The GDS program has stood the test of time over a generation and will continue to set the standard in this area. Their players hustle, they listen, they are terrific deenders, they play team ball, the go to class and they become good young men and learn to play the game from masters.

    By the way, a rematch between GDS and ORMA was never scheduled. There are reasons that have nothing to do with basketball.

    GDS lost to Westchester because Westchester is really good and played their best game of the year. They had to in order to win. Your comments have now offended two good programs. My suggestion is that you continue to read the sports sections and go to a game here and there and then you can teach the rest of us about basketball.

  • dale fulton said,

    i agree!!!!! just another of the stories dreamed up by “coach kon”. we have the best academics, best coaches, best facilities, best ethics, etc. of any school in the community. give me one that’s better.

  • tom said,

    northern guilford

  • Real talk baby said,

    You guys will never learn, learn how to play the game from masters
    are you serious???? That is the funniest thing I heard
    all year long. I have one question why do your players
    go to the next level and disappear? For example Johnny
    Thomas that was your best recruit in the last 10 years???
    I like him alot but your masters did not do a good job preparing this
    kid for the next level. GDS is a private school so to
    compare them to public schools is ridiculous clown.
    I know more about the game then you and friends put together.
    Take the players that reclass off the team and see what you have. Fiber
    HOT AIR… The game was schedule Jan 30th
    check the facts Dudley,orma,northern, to name a few
    programs that Is better then Gds. The fact is
    you like Gds for all the wrongs reasons and you did not mention any of them
    on this site. We all know what they are.

  • Tom said,

    That previous post was from a different tom. I would not get caught up in a no win conversation like this.

  • thomas said,

    My apologies. I will go by thomas on this blog spot.

  • rcristal said,

    You guys are right. I’ll leave him alone. It is too bad that he is unable to understand what is really important.