Thoughts from a former professional football player on the controversy and confusion that was Central Carolina Sports Academy football

Posted by Andy Durham on January 20, 2010 at 11:55 am under College, High School | 4 Comments to Read

We received this piece this morning from a former college and professional football player on all the controversy and confusion that surrounded the Central Carolina Sports Academy football program and we hope this might shed some light to what went on there and to what might happen in the future……

I have been reading your blogs all morning and I am really shocked and concerned about what I am reading. I am trully sorry that you and your kids were “victims” of a shady situation.

I have a couple of thoughts though: 1. There seemed to fundamental flaws in the management of the CCSA program. It may have been a geniune institution, but looks to have ended up in the wrong hands. Poor management (or shady management) can ruin a good thing. 2. Appears that there was one or two people responsible for the bulk of these issues, and a lot of trusting employees, parents, and players (kids) that got burned in the end. Appears there were a lot of people working in and around the program that were burned as well.

I am not a CCSA sympathizer, first off. I am upset and angry that anyone would take advantage of kids. However, I do feel, that if done right, these programs could really benefit kids in our communities. I believe the “head” was dead at CCSA. As we all know, if the head is dead, the body will eventually follow. There appears to have been no structure of foundational thinking to speak of. This could have been a really good thing, but poor over-sight and corruption at the top killed it’s promise.

I am a former full-scholarship STUDENT-athlete at U.N.C. at Chapel Hill. I played football there and got my degree in psychology and later my masters in the same field. I did play some pro ball, but after my playing career I choose to focus my attention on service to my community, specifically it’s kids and their parents. I am now working towards a doctorial degree, and work as a clinician, counseling kids and their families.
Why am I giving you this? Well, I am a part of a upstart program similiar to CCSA. I have been working hand-in-hand with the guy whose is developing it to help provide, oversight, structure, and help put in place fundamental programs needed to run a program like this successfully. I have procured the help of academic administrator, high school and college level (doctorate level) educator, and passionate, experienced program developers.

We have come up with a 3 pronged structure approach that includes: 1. Academic, 2. Student Support Services, and Athletics. We are applying to be a non-profit, and our focus will be growing a program that will help kids, and not our pockets. We understand that if we are successful, we will be able to make a living, but more importantly, we will improved the lives of some young people and their families.

CCSA was an unfortunate situation, and if the accusations are true, those involved in the corruption and “theft” should be made to face the consequences. However, please do not lump of all together. There are some of us out here intent on helping our kids, families, and communities. I will use your comments and concerns to guide my development of our program; We will learn from the mistakes of CCSA and not repeat them; and we will remain focused on our goal of serving the kids, their families, and our communities.

I will continue to read your blogs and wish you all the best. Good luck to you and your’s.

  • Proofer Maravich said,

    If the organization is legit I hope it does work out.

    However, I’m concerned with a few things.

    1) Not posting your name

    2) A community college is a better choice for all of these kids. (In essence, these are not schools. If a kid is talented, willing and can study, he/she can find a place to play.)

    3) Despite your advanced degrees, you had a number of typos in you post

  • Tom said,

    I don’t see the need for these types of schools. What is wrong with going to summer school? How about daily tutoring? If you are not succeeding in school, it is normally because you aren’t working hard enough. There are kids who need extra help for valid reasons, but the majority simply need to hit the books harder. The majority of the teachers in the public schools would gladly work with any student if they are willing to do the work. The coaches will also work with the students. The kids will learn much more if they work as hard for their education as the do for their athletic endeavors.

  • To:Tom said,

    You are naive if you think the majority of the teachers in the public schools would gladly work with any student if they arewilling to do the work. Only a small minority would, because they are more ready than the students to get out of the school ASAP. Just a fact! Sorry.

  • Tom said,

    From my experience with GCS, anytime my child has needed help, the teachers have been very helpful. If your experience is different, that is a shame. Go and complain to the principal, Mo Green, etc… The teachers are supposed to be there for the kids. If they are not willing to help, they need to find another profession.