A nice warm bed or the Big Nasty Rain? Decisions, decisions on “The Morning Run”

Posted by Andy Durham on January 21, 2010 at 11:08 am under Amateur, Uncategorized | Comments are off for this article

It was “Big Decision Time” this morning, when it came to The Morning Run….

I have been able to get them in more frequently this week with the warming temperatures, but this morning was definitely a challenge.

The afternoons had been better during the recent cold snap, but this week, at least the early part of the week, it was Nice, real nice out there in the morning time, on The Morning Run.

Today was a different animal altogether…..The rain, the wind, the cold and it was just plain old Nasty, as you headed down the road.

I stuck my head out the door at around 7:30am and did the “old water test”…Just a light non-directional mist flowing, but nothing else in the neighborhood. That all changed for the worse, as I got further down the road and on the way back, as I made the turnaround, it got Nasty, with the heavy mist, the wind and the cold air….

Glad to have the workout, out of the way, but that nice warm bed may be laughing at me, for resisting the “Call of the Rackmonster”, this morning….

“The Call of the Rackmonster”…..I bet most of you haven’t heard that one in a while….A term made famous on those cold winter mornings, at many colleges, spread throughout our great nation……

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