Senior Night at Page HS tonight

Posted by Andy Durham on January 22, 2010 at 4:26 pm under High School | 10 Comments to Read

from the Page Pirates web site:

Senior Night at Basketball Games:Page VS. Western Guilford
*****A Metro 4-A war to say the least, with the Page girls winning at WG earlier this season and the Western boys taking out Page in OT at WG.*****

Page boys have been red-hot as of late and Western says, “it’s never too late for the Hornets and their leading scorer Reggie Perkins, to come into the Mac Morris Gym and ruin Senior Night for the Pirates”……(Above quote from GSPN and staff and not to be attributed to Western coaches, players or staff…..)

  • Joe Barile said,

    Winner takes sole possession of 2nd place in the Metro.

    Look for Summers to try and neutralize Perkins and we’ll see if the Hornets underestimate Jon Spain (remember he didn’t play in the first game), Jackson Kent, and Frank Eaves.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Page girls over Western 44-36

  • Joe Barile said,

    Mens game: 16-15 western guilford.

  • joe barile said,

    Western 33
    Page 27

  • joe barile said,

    Western 49
    Page 46
    End of 3rd

  • whirlie fan said,

    whirlies outplay Dudley for three periods yet lose by 14. Corbett continued to not play his best players, dont want to point out what kids should not have been playing – but his playing rotation is a joke if you know any of their players. Whirlies played hard and PJ was off for three quarters, but with Grimsley not keeping there best five on the court, Dudley finally got rolling in the forth quarter. Tough loss for Whirlies, this was theirs to win. Kreshaun, the Sweeney brothers, and the point guard played great for the Whirlies. Lots of cussing for Corbett tonite as well – which I did not mind as it was the first time I really saw him into the game from start to finish.

  • Joe Barile said,

    Western 70
    Page 65

    Great game!

    Page had superior guard play, but got out rebounded by the taller Hornets.
    Sophomores Jackson Kent and Frank Eaves were unstoppable, these 2 will be a force here in the next 2 years. Sophomore James Summers had a good game too, as well as the sophomore PG Bryson Fonville, great ball handling with the right moves. So much young talent in the Pirates arsenal, it will be something to watch for the future.

  • hs fan said,

    Whirlie fan i agree with you. grimsley had this game in their pocket. what has happened to carter gourley? him and krechaun didnt even start tonite. it just looks like they give the kid no freedom on the court. he makes a mistake and they yank him. i dont care who you are its hard for a kid to play like that. what the hell was #1 doing in the game so much. Its just puzzling to me why they sub so much they were up 9 in the 3rd quarter with brown gourley williams and the sweeny brothers(this is there best lineup), then he subs and the wheels fall off. there top 5 players can play with any team and theyve proved it.

  • HS fan P vWG said,

    Page gaurds did real good Kent was knocking them down, but Demon didnt step up . Western gaurds couldnt hold them. on the flip side knowone neutralized perkins he had an easy 25 on them. and Wilkerson did good in the second.

  • WG Fan said,

    the big kid number 33 step up tonight for western guilford to