ECHL Checkers Coming To Greensboro – Possibly?

Posted by Don Moore on January 24, 2010 at 6:37 pm under Professional | 9 Comments to Read

We got the heads up from a reader that the Carolina Hurricanes AAA Affiliate – the Albany River Rats will be moving to Charlotte next year. (Raleigh News & Observer)

The River Rats have been sold to the owner of the Charlotte Checkers. Word in Charlotte is that the Checkers are looking for a new arena in Matthews.

Given the value of the ECHL Franchise and costs involved in operating a AAA Franchise, it is unlikely that Michael Kahn could sell the Checkers to another city and would not want to lose the franchise ($1 Million value or greater). The ECHL has folded several franchises since their requirement that franchises must sell for $1 Million or greater – any franchise sold for less is fined the difference between the selling price and $1 Million. It takes away any financial incentives to purchase a distressed franchise.


North Carolina – All Hurricanes Teams. Raleigh hosts the NHL, Charlotte hosts the AA team and Greensboro the AAA team. It could happen.

  • "Slats" Maravich said,

    Doesn’t this mean we need someone to step up and buy the team? So we’re in the same boat as before?

    It would be great. Greensboro deserves and will support a well-run hockey team.

  • "Slats" Maravich said,

    What about a name?

    If you want to keep the hockey-related theme: “Greensboro Goons.”

  • Kevin said,

    Would love to see hockey back in Greensboro. I would even love the AAA team.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    How about the Greensboro “Red Inks” ? They could describe the team or the coliseum—-Or maybe we could get a bond issue passed and we could call them the Greensboro “Skippers”–or even name them after the city council and call them the Greensboro “DoSos”.

  • Mick said,

    FWIW, according to Matt Brown the CVM complex has been at or under budget for 8 of the past 10 years.

  • Eddie Willis said,

    That is not correct. He is like many economists who make predictions, and he relies on no one remembering what the real numbers were. He would probably hope that you would also forget that the expansion project that was supported by bonds was approximately 100% overspent ( I say approximately because I honestly do not remember the exact figures )—something like $27MM original and $50MM actual. I am subject to correction, however.

  • Mick said,

    Ive seen his nice bar chart with all the numbers over at fellow blogger tony wilkins place (busy being born). Im not swearing by them but they are in print. Seems easy enough to disprove if wrong.

    I guess “budget” could mean a few differant things but I have no reason to disbelieve his claims at this point. Is it possible the “white elephant”, ” boondoggle”, etc talk is somewhat urban legend if not exaggertaed? I would love to know more info on the CVM complex and its financial impact on Gso/Guilford.

  • Don Moore said,

    The Coliseum has operated at a loss since the last renovation. It’s been supported by taxing Hotels and Motels, as well as bonds we approved. The “so-called” coliseum budget does not take into account DEBT SERVICE.

    While the coliseum looks “under budget”; you must remember that the Taxpayers have been pitching in $2 Million a year to its operating expenses. Where the coliseum has come under budget is that it has not always used the full $2 Million. However, we have recently discovered that this savings in not returned to the taxpayers; but spent on other coliseum projects such as the amphitheater.

    If the coliseum stood alone and could operate on the income it generated, I’d have no problems with several members of their staff making the six-figure salaries they do.

  • Mick said,

    Now that makes more sense.

    I believe strongly that (regardless of salary) the CVM staff should strive for as close to revenue neutral (or a profit/though not likely) as possible. But, the CVM needs to serve as many GSo?Guilford folks as possible and at the same time remain as affordable as possible. Not an easy task. I also strongly believe that the CVM complex is a true asset to the community in many ways. I dont mind if some hotel tax goes to facility budget as hotels do benefit greatly (some anyway) due to the existance of the CVM events. Certainly, what people get paid is an issue. The extra $$$ staying with the CVM seems ok to a point but I would like moire oversight and control of those same funds by City Council.