From the reader’s poll on top area boys HS Basketball

Posted by Andy Durham on January 25, 2010 at 5:49 pm under Uncategorized | 17 Comments to Read

Some of our readers have been sending in who they think would be the top five players in our area so far this season…..Here is what the readers have come up with so far this season and a kid like Brennan Wyatt might just need to be added to list and if you take a look at everyone, names like Jacob Lawson, Christian McCain, Reggie Perkins, Will Saunders, Leek Leek, Brandon Dorsett, Ike Nwamu and others might just be finding a spot on this list. It makes it very tough when you limit it to just five players….I’m not sure if they are going by position or if they have just sent us a top five overall list, but we can delve into it and break it down….

PJ is having a great year, but Canty might even be the best player in the county and Deuce Bello can argue that he is the best too. Jonathan Frye is a true team player, and it is a good thing that both Dudley and Northern Guilford proved that they could win last week without their top talents, as the Panthers went on to win without PJ and so did NG without Frye on Saturday night….

If he wanted to pursue it, Christian McCain would be the top basketball player in Guilford County and I don’t see how anyone could stop him…..He was MVP in last year’s 3-A title game and if he focused on basketball only, this young man would go to play in the NBA……It seems though that Chris’s passion is football and you can’t fault him for that, if that is what he wants to go after, you have to respect his decision…..

Here is look at the Top Five coming in from the readers and you can add or subtract from this list…..

If you like, why not come up with your Top Five public school guys and then do a seperate listing for the private schools…I do believe I will be headed that route tomorrow……We can have two lists and then there could also be a combined list……

Here is the list……



  • breaks89 said,

    if your going to do a boys you must do a girls …

  • dudley stud said,


    Why don’t you put your list up and it had better have at least two Dudley girls on it!

  • witness said,

    i cant compain with this top 5……. looks decent to me

  • hoopsnut said,

    No way Mitchell Oates is one of the best five players. I wouldn’t even say top 10. He is a really good player, but just not a top 10 type guy. I would agree with most of those choices. Even though I am not a big fan of ORMA, you have to include the Lawson kid. I would also say the two Africans at Wesleyan are good. Ike from Westchester, probably the Dorsett kid at GDS, McBeth at Northern. All good players. Then DIllard and Wyatt at Dudley.

  • wintess said,

    i cant complain with this top 5……. looks decent to me

  • roger t. said,

    wow andy. this list is a joke. really showing your lack of basketball knowledge by suggesting a 6’5 power forward could make it to the nba. didn’t respect this website much just based on appearance and comments like that lower the standard even more.

  • mark said,

    oh the what if

    what if Canty, Bello and Frye had all stayed at Ragsdale?


  • jake said,

    If this is a Guilford County list Deuce Bello can’t be on it. Westchester is in Davidson County. I always read them being included in the best in Guilford County. THEY ARE NOT IN GC.

  • lin bee said,

    I wish we could just let the players compete and pursure their dreams to get an education and possibly play in the NBA. Right now our parents and children have to be aware of explotation by others because of the skills and talents they have. There is one particular county who produces D1 athletes every year in football and basketball and SOME kids are seen walking in their old neighborhoods a year or two later because of the pressure or the hype some bought into when going off to college. However, I know this won’t happento our athletes because Guilford County Coaches take care of their own. 🙂

    Peace and Blessings!!!

  • Bball Fan said,

    Andy I for one think that you do a great job running this site. I feel like you come under fire often from people who in reality would do a far worse job than you at running this. I have seen you at countless games all over guilford county and don’t question your knowledge of the hs game in this area. Although sometimes I differ in opinion from you, I respect your thoughts and am appreciative that i can come to one place and stay informed on this area’s hs sports happenings. Keep up the good work and dont let all the haters get to you. I’ll get off my soapbox now haha

  • truth said,

    Hoopsnut, Oates is averaging about 25pts and 8 assists a game and his team was getting crushed without him and now is in every game. He almost single-handedly beat GDS before they were struggling and almost did the same against Westchester on Friday. To say he isn’t top 10 is ridiculous considering he was dismantling people last year including a 30 spot vs NG in the little 4. If you haven’t seen him play this year yu are off base. There isn’t an individual that can guard him around here and he makes his teammates 100 times better. Simple as that. If Weethee makes a cameo late this year HPCA may become a favorite in the private school 2A. Oates was one of if not the best PG in the area last year, just had so much around him at Page he didn’t stand out as much.

    I can’t believe Andy has him on the list, because he hasn’t got the hype some have, but the kid can go. I’m officially impressed.

  • Andy said,


    Add CJ Plummer and DJ Alston to your list…..

    That’s a five that even I could take to the Jamestown YMCA title…..

    4-A State Champs anyone?????

  • hoopsnut said,


    I have seen him play twice, including the game at GDS. No doubt he is a good player as I stated earlier. Just my opinion he is not a top 10 kid in the area. Definitely not a top 5. Yes he is fast, maybe as fast as anyone, but he threw the ball away a number of times both games I saw. He is given a ton of freedom and definitely makes his team better with his ability to get in the lane. I just think there are some other players better. No disrespect to the kid because I do think he is talented.

  • scout said,

    Are ther any Division I players signees left off of this list?

  • lin bee said,

    @ Scout- Yes……there is a particular kid who wants to make sure a few particular schools are right for him academicallly.

  • Proud Wildcat said,

    How about equal time for the ladies????

  • WHy ask Why said,

    Why do they all leave Ragsdale? How bout that Shoemaker has no idea how to prepare kids to be student-athletes at the next level. If he did, kids wouldn’t be leaving at such an alarming rate. You want your dream team? Then get a real coach that knows what to do on AND off the court.