HS hoops tonight with the dedication of the John Primm Gym at NEG

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Trinity Christian from Fayetteville at Greensboro Day School

High Point Central at Glenn….Will Coach Carter be back, or is he done for the year or out for just a few games, for the HPC girls?????

Page at Northeast Guilford and they will dedicate and name the new Northeast Guilford gymnasium in John Primm’s honor tonight…..John Primm 30-year plus teacher, coach, and Athletic Director at NEG and he is very well deserved of this honor….

I was calling the place the John Primm Gym the day it opened back in say 2006 and it is a good thing that they are formally getting around to taking care of the business of naming the gym after Mr. Primm……

He has been a huge part of the Northeast Guilford community over the years and John attended and graduated from Page High School, but ended up becoming a teacher and coach at Northeast. John had some very successful girls basketball teams back in the mid to late 1980’s with the Ward sisters and now he will get a chance to see his name up in lights and get some of the recognition that should be coming his way….

John Primm taught honors history at NEG for many years and I still remember seeing John at the old Palmer Plaza Restaurant on a number of occasions back in the 80’s and 90’s and he would always have a book with him and he would be reading and studying while he was waiting on his food…He was usually reading from some fine authors and it was a serious read, no Cat in the Hat or the History of John Boy and Billy go to the Circus.

John would be reading from the history of the Civil War War or the Plight of the Russian Immigrants in Leningrad under Joseph Stalin or the Last Days of Trotsky in Siberia…..

John Primm Gym decication tonight at Northeast Guilford HS, out off of Highway 29 on Hicone Road and former NEG student and now Appalachian State Univeristy assistanat Athletic Director David Jackson will be there and he sends his regards:

I am not sure you are aware but NE Guilford is holding a special ceremony to honor John Primm Monday night prior to their boys game against Page. They will officially be naming the gym after him. A good number of us former students will be back and I am going to get a chance to speak as a part of the ceremony. He was a tremendous influence on so many of us– it’s sad to see him move on. I’m not sure if you are calling the game or not, but if you are, I hope to see you.

We are not calling this one, but I do plan on being there and that is a bit ironic while discussing this subject. I did call on radio, the first-ever game in that Northeast Guilford gym and that is the night I dubbed it the John Primm Gym….Also masked within all this irony, is the fact that Northeast was playing Page that night in what I believe was December of 2006 and you can’t get away from the fact that John Primm was a Page-man/student, that became a Northeast Guilford Ram………

  • hoopsnut said,

    Trinity Christian is ranked #1 in 1A private school. Should be a great game at GDS. See if they can handle the athletes that Trinity Christian will have.

  • Get real said,

    #1 in 1A private school—i’m sure GDS is concerned now—after they get beat by 15-20 you might be able to say they are the best 1A school GDS has beatin—but let’s acknowlege most private schools for what they are with respect to athletics—-vanity presses.

  • hoopsnut said,

    Well seeing how Word of God, United Faith and others are in the 1A, I would say they will be excellent competition. About the same size as ORMA. They are pretty talented I would say. Don’t knock something you don’t know anything about.

  • bc said,

    Get Real, 1A private school is absolutely loaded. Trinity is for real. This would be a great win for GDS.

  • Bball Fan said,

    GDS wins over Trinity Christian in OVERTIME!!!

  • hoopsnut said,

    Another great game at GDS. Trinity was long and athletic. Probably the most athletic team I have seen this year. The kid going to South Carolina was pretty good. The guard Steadman was terrific. He made a huge, deep 3 to tie the score late in the game and send into overtime. All that being said, GDS once again played a team game and had a balanced scoring attack. I think 4 guys ended up in double figures. Pulliam had a terriific game and WIlliams played well late after a terrible stsrt. Dorsett, Kleinman, Weavil, Terry, Roberts, and Robertson all had solid games as well. Looks like they are coming together at just the right time.

  • NE Coach said,

    The Ward sisters played for Coach Bradley in the mid 80’s after Coach Primm stopped coaching girl’s basketball at NE.

  • Andy said,

    Yes, I saw that Mike Bradley team photo in the trophy case last night at NEG and also saw a team photo with Coach John Primm on the front row with dark black hair.

    Page AD Rusty Lee said he had John Primm for a coach when Rusty was in middle school at NEG….

  • Eddie Willis said,

    That is possible that Rusty had Primm for a coach when he was in middle school. He was in 8th grade for 3 years.