The Dealin’ is Done

Posted by Andy Durham on January 25, 2010 at 6:02 pm under Uncategorized | Read the First Comment

Former WGHP/FOX 8 weatherman Frank Deal died over the weekend and Bob Dunn is done dealin’ Fords over on Bessemer Avenue….

Deal, known for his corny weather-related humor, passed away over this past weekend and he was 82….Not many reports on this one coming across the papers or the blogs, and I thought we might need to put the word out there, since Deal did weather and that came on right before the Channel 8 Sports each night with Charlie Harville, Frank McReynolds, Mike Hogewood and Rich Brenner….

Deal is done and the dealin’ is Dunn/done at the old Bob Dunn Ford dealership, where they turned in their Ford license and Green Ford will take over the ride. Bob Dunn made famous the phrase, “We’re Dealin'”, and his son Bobby Dunn played football at Page and at Appalachian and other son Jeff Dunn was a star QB at Page and later on at Alabama…..

The Dealin’ is Done…….

My favorite car sales slogan is still, “Nobody walks till the Bossman talks, cause he wants to make you a deal”….
*****circa Doc Martin Chevrolet 1980’s……*****

  • Notjinmelvin said,

    I think Bob Dunn will continue to sell Hyundais and Jaguars