Area Top Ten Recent Performances

Posted by Andy Durham on January 28, 2010 at 7:08 pm under High School | 2 Comments to Read

1. Breonna Patterson: Dudley: 29 pts
2. Kamillia Horne: 24 pts
3. Zena Lovette: SWG: 20 pts, Chevena Pickard: Page: 20 pts, Julissa Anderson: SEG:
20 pts
4.Desiree Drayton:Dudley: 18 pts, Cheyenne Parker: 18 pts, Khadejah Wilkerson: GDS:
18 pts
5. Brittany Clency: Western Guilford:17 pts
6. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 16 pts, Capricia Small:1 Eastern Guilford: 16
pts, Gretchen Bennet: NWG: 16 pts
7.Sequaya Jackson: Andrews: 15 pts
8. Charity Cillotson: HPW: 14 pts
9. Brittany Drew: Page: 13 pts, Samantha Coffer: NG: 13 pts, Bria Byrd: Andrews: 13
pts, Lidsey Lee: Ragsdale: 13 pts, Kylle Welborne: HPC:13 pts
10. Kristin Crosby: Eastern Guilford: 12 pts, Dakota Griffin: HP Wesleyan: 12 pts

*****Dylan Berry: Northern Guilford 33 pts…..*****
1.Mitchell Oates:HP Christian: 30 pts
2. Will Saunders: Caldwell Academy:29 pts
3..Sven Sabjar: HP Wesleyan: 26 pts
4.Alex Smith: Andrew: 25 pts
5.Brennan Wyatt: Dudley: 23 pts
6.Amahd Simon: Shining Light: 22 pts
7. Ike Nwanu:Westchester: 21 pts, Greg Bridges: SWG: 21 pts
8.Deng Leek: HPW: 20 pts, Terrell Leach: SWG: 20 pts, Reed Lucas: NWG: 20 pts
9. Mark Johnson: HP Andrews: 19 pts, Deuce Bello: Westchester: 19 pts, James Summers:
Page: 19 pts
10. Reggie Perkins: Western Guilford: 18 pts

*****If you know of others that we have missed, send them our way and we will look to get them in…..*****

  • jersey jeff said,

    number one perfomace of the year jeresy jeff NLF super bowl picks:
    colts 30 vs saints 15 see the who singing andy’s favortie song pinball wizard and the best ads of all time.

  • gggggggggggg said,

    Dylan Berry for Northern 33 points against Eastern Alamance Saturday 1-23-10