College football coaches hitting the area hard: Allen house will be busy

Posted by Andy Durham on January 28, 2010 at 3:23 pm under College, High School | 14 Comments to Read

With the National Signing Day less than a week away, the college football coaches are beating down a trail to get to all the players they have in the fold and to make sure all the others stay in the fold.

My Alabama contacts say they still want Keenan Allen from Nothern Guiford and they want this young man bad and so does Clemson. Must be nice to be such a hot commodity and this kid is the real deal and the coaches will not quit until someone lands Keenan Allen.(Named to the Parade All-American team this week.)

Zach Maynard, former University of Buffalo Bull QB and Keenan Allen’s older brother is looking for a new home too and we hope he can find a new school where he can throw the football and if it works out he might get the chance to throw the ball to his brother Keenan.

We wish them both the best in this adventure and speaking of adventures, last night Dabo Sweeney, the head coach from Clemson, was at the Allen household, or least that is the word from the Alabama message sites that my Alabama people are tracking and tonight the reps from Alabama will be in town to see Keenan Allen, during a home visit.

Nick Saban can’t come in, because he has already been here once to see Keenan, on the Monday after Alabama defeated Florida in the SEC Championship Game and in this case the Alabama assistant coaches will have to make the visit, since the head coaches are limited to just one visit during this current time frame.

This has to an exciting time for Keenan Allen and his family and it is a very important time with a lot riding on his upcoming decision and again, we wish him well.

Major Bryant, LB from Dudley, told me Tuesday evening that Winston-Salem State and N.C. A&T have jumped into the picture in his recruitment and that might mean a home away from home, that is still close to home, for the Major……

More details coming later on the home fronts…..

  • Hawker said,

    Will Keenan consider NC State or not?

  • Andy said,

    From the Alabama camp today, I could see the whole signing taking a western swing….

    That is what some of the Alabama people are now thinking…

    Maybe on to California. We won’t know anything for certain until next Wednesday and we wish all the kids the best…

    These are not easy decisions…..

    I talked to a guy today and he said he was a college wrestler at Missouri and he wished he would have gone to Penn State and his decision came nearly 25 years ago and he still thinks about to this day……

  • JustAskin said,

    What about the Ebron kid from Smith (6’5″ 230lb WR/TE)? I know he has over ten major Division 1 offers (UNC, Clemson, Miami, ECU, NC State, and more). Does anyone know where he’s going?

  • Andy said,

    I may be mistaken, but I believe Ebron is only a junior this year…..

    UNC was looking at him hard back in the fall…..

  • wk said,

    Ebron is just a junior I don’t he has committed to any school yet.

  • Andy said,

    After last night’s visit to the Allen’s home by the Alabama coaches the Alabama web sites are now calling this race for Keenan Allen a dead heat with Alabama and Clemson, dead even in race for Keenan’s services…

    Alabama upped the stakes last night and they are now offering Zach Maynard a scholarship and even though the QB spot at Alabama is crowded they are now offering Zach too….

    There may be a trip in the works for a West Coast visit this weekend for the brothers and that is according to the Alabama web sites as they are all over this thing and they really want Keenan Allen bad and Alabama does not like to lose at anything…

    They are calling the West Coast trip a visit to California….

    The Alabama boards are now even starting to talk about bringing cousin Maurice Harris into the mix and those guys down in Alabama really like to talk and look who’s talking here. Time for me to shut up and let these people do what they have to do….

  • ol' bawl coach said,

    Old Sly and the Family Stone hit “It’s a Family Affair” !!!!!!!!!!! Git outta here

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Andy, where on the Alabama website did yo uget this information ? It sounds a bit far-fetched that a National ampionship team would tie its future to a player and his cousins. I may be wrong, but it sounds a little far-fetched.

    Why dont you post the site,\.

  • Andy said,

    Some of their talk is web site talk and some of it is message board talk too.

    They are not saying they have to have Keenan’s cousin to get Keenan, they just want Alabama to look at him too and some of the fans are calling him Keenan’s other brother when it is his cousin that they mean.

    Most of the real deal Alabama talk comes from their membership boards and I have to get that info from their boosters. I’m not paying to get that info and most of the people around here won’t be doing that either.

    The big money people/boosters at Alabama are really into this recruiting and they track it every day and sometimes all day.

  • Familyties said,

    I think Keenan has another cousin who is in 5th grade and plays Pop-warner.
    I hear Saban has a call into his parents as well.
    Come on man this is getting a little stupid.

  • fbfan said,

    The SEC is big time college football they follow this recruiting every day, if Allen wants to play in the Peach bowl every year he will go to Clemson, if he wants to play for National Championships every year he will go to Alabama.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    Familyties…I agree with you. I think we have to remember that Keenan Allen is one of many. if Alabama can not get him, I am quite sure they can, and will, get someone else. As far as Zach is concerned, I think he should have went to thre Big 12 with Turner Gill. Zach is 6’3 and plays i na league that is al labout offense adn no defense.
    Kansas will throw the football. Thye lost Reesing so they have a spot at QB.

  • oppenheimerfund said,

    TYPO…..”will be playing in a league that is all about offense and maybe 1 team that plays defense.”

  • It's Official said,

    Websites in Alabama and recruiting sites announce
    Keenan Allen has withdrew his commitment to Alabama.