Radio Disney Gone – Welcome 1320 Greensboro Sports!

Posted by Don Moore on January 29, 2010 at 6:59 am under Uncategorized | 4 Comments to Read

Well part of that is right – right now. A week ago the Disney Corporation pulled the plug on several of their Radio Disney operations, including 1320 AM here in Greensboro. While it might not have made money (or enough money) for Disney, they are seeking new owners. Word is that “free” is in the mix.

Early rumors have Curtis Media (600, 1200, 1230, 101.1 and others) picking up the station.

Could a sports radio station be far behind?

  • Tenny-Bopper Maravich said,

    Well, I will miss the “Electric Slide” song and Mylie Cyrus.

    Big time fist bump if they get Steve Czaban!

  • Andy said,

    We already have a Greensboro Sports.

    This site has already done more than any radio station could ever do.

    This is where you need to be and I will continue to take all of you to the top.

    Who needs radio, the internet is taking over any way., that’s all you need…..

    You folks have a leader and keep it here and quit looking elsewhere.

    Haven’t you learned your lessons yet?

    The only station you’ll ever need,……

  • tee tee said,

    No fear – Andy. The curtis media group screwed up the best sports programming that I was aware in the entire Carolina’s area out of Raleigh. The programming mix was good for 620am, 850am and 99.5fm but after the curtis group took over all of the stations the programming sucks, the lead in shows do not make sense and they have completely lost their “family feel”. The programming just feels more “corporate” than family or community at this point. The opinions on this site have far more knowledge and interest than any of the host the curtis media has (excluding The David Glen Show which is outstanding). The only thing that could be worst than the programming by the curtis media group for sports would be them buying this site. Long live and please go back to Raleigh curtis media group as it relates to sports.

  • Mike said,

    Curtis’ son-in-law McClatchey ran 620 and 850 as sports. Not Curtis.
    Then a few months ago –it hasn’t been very long– McClatchey got out, and Curtis bought 850, and Capital [WRAL] bought 62o [they already owned 99.9]. 850’s new format should come around in a couple weeks. They’ve only been simulcasting 99.9, which I don’t get because they are owned by different companies now, but “whatever.”

    P.S. Anything with “ESPN” in the branding will feel “corporate,” not “family.”

    Long live though! Long live Jock Labottamata! The last hope!