Hannah McIntosh Project(NWG) to honor Kay Yow during Vikings’ February games

Posted by Andy Durham on February 2, 2010 at 12:40 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

The Northwest Guilford girls varsity basketball team has been approved to wear pink jerseys in the month of February by the NCHSAA for all home and away games to try to raise awareness for cancer research.

Hannah McIntosh, senior basketball player, is raising money for cancer research in honor of Kay Yow for her school senior project.

Reaction from the Supervisor of Officials:
Coach Joyner,

Congrats to you and your students on this worthwhile and caring venture. Please
accept this notice as approval for the project and the pink jerseys. Please
coordinate in advance with both home & away administration/coaches on your wearing
of these jerseys. Good luck!

Mark Dreibelbis
Supervisor of Officials

Background on the Hannah McIntosh project from girls’s basketball coach at NWG, Darlene Joyner:

One of our basketball players is doing her senior project on charity
fundraising at Northwest. We are planning on helping her out by hosting the 2nd
annual Kay Yow tribute fundraiser this year on Feb. 12 during a home game. She has
gotten a lot of support and really wanted to make the event a little bigger than
last year by wearing pink jerseys during the whole month of February, with coaches
vs. cancer games.

Northwest had four games scheduled during the month of February with two games at home & two on the road. The NW booster club was willing to help her out and promote this fundraiser by donating the money for the cost of one set of jerseys. She chose pink jerseys to really stand out with the “think pink” concept for her charity fundraiser.

She has done a lot of work sending out letters for donation, doing interviews with newspapers & local TV stations to raise as much awareness & money as possible in our community for this charity fundraising event. If approved I will do the professional thing and contact all the schools that we will play in the month of February to share with them the color of our jersey and make sure that they are in agreement with this fundraiser before taking it into their gym.

Thank you in advance for your consideration & support for our charity fundraiser at Northwest High School.

  • Awesome! said,

    It’s great to see young people get involved in helping others like this. Sometimes we as people need to take our eyes off our problems and focus on others. Good luck NW!

  • tom said,

    Great Job by Hannah! I will have to make it to a NW game and make a donation.

  • Basketball FAn said,

    Way to go Hannah! Love it when kids give back. Awesome choice for senior project.

  • Hannah's Family said,

    We are proud of her for this effort. It goes deeper than just a senior project, her grandmother has battled cancer for 15 years (this is her second bout of a different kind). Thanks for your kind words & support. I’ve got a feeling this disease may not be conquered in our life time, but hopefully it will be overcome someday. And Andy, thank you for the forrum to help with the cause. By the way, if you could attend, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Nee Nee said,

    I love this girl. What a great job Han. I am so very proud of you and will definately be there in pink for home games.

  • Andy said,

    There are some great kids at NWG and you find a full group of them on that girl’s basketball team.

    Hannah, Gretchen Bennett, Melissa Foures, Harmony White, Kaitlyn Shelton, the young Newman girl and so many others including Coach Joyner and her husband Bobby….

    They all seem to have the best interest of their community in mind and Hannah’s Project is a perfect example of this.

    Great job and call Brian Hall at News 2 Sports. He would love to know more about this, I am sure of it…..