ACC men tonight: Duke takes over the hoops

Posted by Andy Durham on February 4, 2010 at 11:51 pm under College | 12 Comments to Read

FINALS from Thursday evening:

Duke 86(18-4/6-2)
Georgia Tech 67(16-6/4-4)

Virginia Tech 74(17-4/4-3)
North Carolina 70(13-9/2-5)
*****William Graves had a late shot according to Woody Durham and Eric Montross, that went down and rolled around the rim and then jumped out of the basket. They said that they had never seen a ball go that deep down into the basket and not stay down. It just came/jumped back out. This was on the LIVE radio broadcast on 94.1FM…That shot could have changed the outcome, we’ll never know…..*****

Maryland 71(15-6/5-2)
Florida State 67(16-6/4-4)

  • Amused said,

    UNC wins 7-0 over Virginia Tech.

    In McDonalds All-Americans.

    Way to go Roy!

  • Andy said,

    Maybe it’s time for Woody to step down and Jones Angell should take over the broadcasts with Eric Montross.

    A change might make a difference, it is possible that the new approach might be good and it would clear the air………

  • eddie gaedel said,

    Why does Graves get all the press on this board? He is a streak shooter who has one good game out of 5 and you would think he was a nominee for the Wooden award. Dougherty has the last laugh on UNC with that scholarship he offered when Graves was a sophomore @ JBD. The fact that he starts tells you how bad UNC is!!! He’s a great young man, but he’s no starter @ an ACC school except for NCState or UNC this year.

  • El Gordo Gringo said,

    Roy calling a time out of two might change some of these outcomes too. Nothing like leaving 3 or 4 timeouts in your pocket with every loss.

  • el delgado gringo blanco said,

    he’s going to trade 5 of those timeouts left in his pocket to John Calapari for lessons in recruiting—athletes that is.

  • Proud Wildcat said,

    YES SIR!!! Watching Ol’ Roy and the boys from Orange County Community College loose this year is making it all worth it!!! I know, I know…before you bleeding heart, die hard UNC fans start bellowing…you will be back…but I am going to enjoy this just like I did when Matt was there!!!

    hmmmmm…wonder if we will start hearing the rumblings this year like we did with Matt…I sincerely doubt it…but one can dream, can’t he????

    Way to go Hookies!!!

  • Amused said,

    The difference here is that Doh’s failings were due to poor recruiting in the Gutheridge era. Roy’s recruiting/coaching failings are self inflicted.

    ESPN did great showing him saying….”how could it get any worse?” and then cutting to clips of the game.

  • NIT said,

    Roy has got a lot of rope w/ 2 rings in the last 6 years. When was the last time K won one? Has Lowe even taken State been to the Big Dance since Herb left? What has Wake won? You better take em down this year cause the ass whoopin Roy gonna put on ya next year and the year after is gonna hurt.

  • Amused said,

    UNC has also done alot better than the College of Charleston over its history…….but that didn’t matter this year.

    Everything was ok til Roy threw that fan out. Karma.

  • DUKE from Beverly Hillbillies said,

    VIRGINIA must be stopped!

  • Bongo said,

    We will invade Greensboro in March and we are going to win that ACC Tournament. Greensboro get ready we are coming to your town and we will take home the Champion’s Trophy. Will Graves will shoot the lights out in your building and Tyler Zeller will be the MVP. He is coming back and he will make you all weep in your streets.

    UNC fan

  • Proud Wildcat said,

    wake up….wake up Bongo…you are having a nightmare….bahhhhaaa hahahahaha…
    that will never happen!