HS hoops tonight/Looking ahead to next week

Posted by Andy Durham on February 6, 2010 at 10:09 pm under High School | 34 Comments to Read

High Point Christian over Calvary Baptist this afternoon by nearly 50 points and the High Point Central-WS Parkland game was moved from today to next Saturday afternoon……

Tonight at Bonner Field House on the ORMA campus:
Oak Ridge Military Academy 78
United Faith from Charlotte 76

*****Halftime:Oak Ridge 33, United Faith 28…..3rdQ Oak Ridge 53, United Faith 45….
Solid performances turned in ORMA’s Jay Canty, Christian McCain, Joseph Uchebo and Jacob Lawson as usual with McCain hitting several key free throws in the last two minutes….

Canty continues to play his steady game and he continues to run the court like one of the top players in the state. Uchebo can bring the ball up the court at 6’10, if necessary and Lawson keeps going stronger and stronger to the basket.

Lawson may have to develop and alternative move and not go for the dunk every time he attacks the basket….Chris Richmond hit some key three-point buckets early in the game that helped ORMA establish their early lead that they never gave up as the game wore on…..

With all the makeup games, next week will seem like a regular season tournament with just a few of the games coming up with:
High Point Central at NWG-Monday
Dudley at Western Guilford-Tuesday
Page at Dudley-Friday
Christ School at Greensboro Day School-Friday
WS Parkland at High Point Central-Saturday

High Point Central also has Ragsdale and Southwest Guilford on Tuesday and Friday and we still have to make up that Page at Grimsley game and the Western Guilford at SEG game and all the other games, and they all are coming up next week beginning on Monday and running right on through to Saturday…….

Several teams have as many as four games next week and you can spread them out and go Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and still maintain your sanity and still get in a couple of days of practice too, on Wednesday and Thursday…..

  • dale fulton said,

    I was glad to get to see ORMA play again last night. United Faith should have won that game for sure. When they are consistent, there’s no one in the area that can stay with them. GDS can throw them off their game with our “in your face” defense”. I wish we played them, so we could put this controversy behind us all once and for all.
    Go Bengals!!!!!!

  • jojo said,

    Dale Fulton UFCA would have beat Greensboro Day by 25+ there is now way that GDS can play with either one of the teams now. Coach Johnson was at the game last night in awe. Dale you should know better than that idiot.

  • dale fulton said,

    no way coach would go to a game @ ORMA. he hates those guys ( even though he would never admit it). if he went, i hope he got in free!!!!

  • jojo said,

    Yeah he was there to finally watch some real basketball. He was over in the corner like damn I glad we didn’t schedule the 2nd game with ORMA. Coach Johnson knows he doesn’t want it.

  • dale fulton said,

    we would beat ORMA again if we played. there is more to all of this than we will ever know, but I hear lots of rumors as to why the game was cancelled. It was cancelled for sure, but no one is really saying.
    maybe he’s recruiting # 1 for ORMA. he can reclass @ GDS, but he won’t get to go free like he does @ ORMA.

  • ORMA said,

    Oh Yeah, he was there. he did not look like he was having fun!!!!! i still don’t know why he was there especially if it’s true that he hates the ORMA guys.

  • EddieWillis. said,

    First time I’ve seen Oak Ridge this year, but they are pretty good. I thought the UFC team was good, and I really was impressed with the class of both teams. No junk talking, just basketball the way it should be played in high school. Congratulations to both teams.

  • rcristal said,

    As I have stated previously, I think both ORMA and GDS are very, very good teams that are well coached. I, also think that if they played 10 times this year GDS would win 8.

    I wish the very best for all the young men and coaches on both teams. Let’s all try to enjoy what is left of the season.

  • jojo said,

    Rcristal what the hell are you smoking. What are you seeing that I am not seeing? GDS is a pretty good team but are no way on ORMA’s level. GDS beat them at the beginning of the year when they weren’t playin together at all, and it came to a last second shot at the end of the game which was pure luck. Don’t get me wrong I give GDS and Coach Johnson credit for working with what they got, and beating ORMA at the beginning of the season. But if they played right now if wouldn’t even be close. UFCA would also run GDS out the gym.

  • to:rcristal said,

    i don’t know who you are, but you definitely are not very knowledgeable if you truly believe GDS would beat ORMA 8 out of 10 times.
    That is a ridiculous comment without a doubt!!!!! They are both good teams, but if they cannot beat FCDS thy can’t beat ORMA–especially if it’s on a neutral court.

  • rcristal said,

    At the end of the day who cares what we all think? These are only our opinions. Let’s just enjoy watching teams the caliber of ORMA, GDS, Northern, Dudley, Westchester etc. I wish only the best for all the teams and it is a blast watching them.

  • djs said,

    I heard a rumor that there is a player at ORMA headed to the Day School

  • Andy said,

    The coach Freddy Johnson that I have talked to has had nothing but respect for ORMA and he told me that Coach K is doing a great job there and that Stan is doing a very good thing helping those kids stay in school, get their diplomas and then do what they need to do, to get to the next level and earn college scholarships for basketball.

    Like one of the previous posters just said, it is fun to get out watch these kids play at GDS, ORMA, Wesleyan, Westchester, HPCA, Caldwell Academy and all the schools in our area.

    Some of these kids will hit the big time and they will make an impact…..

  • knowitall said,

    GDS defense cannot keep up with UFCA or ORMA. THose teams are to athletic to keep up for GDS. GDS lost to FCDS who is no where as good as ORMA. Coach Johnson was at the game, but i doubt he was trying to recruit number 1. #1 gets decent playing time at a school who gets major exposure. Plus you can reclass at ORMA

  • Andy said,

    After watching these guys:
    Jay Canty, Christian McCain, Jacob Lawson, Joseph Uchebo, Asad Lamont, Michael Neal, Chris Richmond and Carlos Rankins…..

    I think ORMA has too much for GDS right now.

  • jojo said,

    And i am sorry if any of my last couple of post seems offensive or defensive. I have nothing but respect for GDS but Dale Fulton is an idiot.

  • orma fan said,

    it’s time dale fulton pull your head out of freddie you know what and see the light you might see sunshine idiot.

  • maybe said,

    Maybe Freddy was there checking out how many of his young players and their parents were in the stands. Looks like GDS parents are wising up and getting their players to a school and coach that can get them to the next level.

  • Anonymous said,

    This is an honest question, how many players has Coach K sent to the next level and how successful were they? I don’t know the answer but certainly would be interested in the answer.

  • knowledge said,

    Dale does have a few loose screws – I do agree.

    The type of kid that is interested in Oak Ridge is a different type of kid from the one at GDS. Oak Ridge and GDS are 2 very different schools. They both have many benefits to the prospective student (not athlete) and families. The military school, the fact they’re boarding, and the fact they need students due to the recent financial troubles are all key differentiators.

    Anyone who thinks Oak Ridge isn’t LOADED might be going blind. They are a very talented team with a very good coach.

  • dale fulton said,

    That’s a good question! A little bit unfair though, because he never stays anywhere for more than two years. How can you give him credit or blame with such a short tenure no matter what? many of his players are among those who have high aspirations that are not supported by their talent or their demonstrated academic skills ( before he stares coaching them ). He has gotten lots of players opportunities, but they have not been prepared academically for college whether it’s the fault of the school system or the student or the family. If he stays ay ORMA for awhile, then maybe we will be able to judge this better. Just my thoughts, and I am not a fan of his for sure.
    Dale Fulton
    PS. He does do a good job of improving his player’s self esteem, and he does get them exposure—in the world we live in, many would see that as a plus.
    PPS. Coach Johnson will not be losing any students to ORMA! GDS and Dudley will remain the top two choices for basketball players in this county for years to come. Also, all the hype about coach Freeman @ NG will be over after this year when Berry and Frye are gone. If they were in any kind of competitive basketball conference, they would be a second tier team for sure. We will see what happens next year after he has further alienated his players with limited playing time after the starting five. Kent and Wade are right behind Coach Johnson and Price-
    After that, the basketball in Guilford county just plain SUCKS!!!!!!

  • Andy said,

    Didn’t the Nusdeo kid from HPC go somewhere and maybe Mark Wright and there was another kid that was up North at a prep school and he was from High Point Central as were Nusdeo and Wright…..

  • orma said,

    Applegate, Nusdeo, Wright, Ealey from HPC
    Brandon Smith, Vuk G., L.J. Hunter, Modestas Riaku from Bishop
    Frye and soon to be Berry (if K can help him) from NG
    Canty, McCain so far from ORMA

    Not bad and that doesn’t even include the dozens of kids he has helped from the Gaters program. The list will be crazy from ORMA after 10 years.

    Bottom line – he has done more for high school kids in this county in a short period of time than any other coach.

  • Anonymous said,

    orma, you list those players, but where did they go to school? and did they have success there? Some of those kids were coached by other coaches too who probably deserve some credit for working with them to get to the next level as well.

    Do you think Stan will be at Oak Ridge long enough to make a long list? I would also be interested in seeing Freddy Johnson’s list. I would dare say that it would be much more impressive.

  • not sure said,

    Would also be curious where those kids ended up. I don’t know where most of them went. The Wright kid played at Greensboro College one year but then that was it. I remember the Nusdeo kid and he was good at HPC, but I didn’t think he played college basketball at all in the end. Maybe due to a football injury? Thought the Ealey kid played Juco somewhere maybe even at GTCC? Don’t know any of the others.

  • bereal said,

    Canty got his scholarship from exposure on CP3 this past summer, Ealy never had grades and was given false hope by Stan, Wright and Nsuedo never made it past D3 but were led to believe they were top D1 prospects. Wright, Nusdeo and Ealy were all in Western district but followed Stan to HPC violating all Guilford county rules with blind devotion to Stan with the hope for opportunities never to materialize. Chris McCain is going for a football scholarship and unless he is moonlighting in football I don’t know how he gets credit for that. Not saying he is a bad guy but he gets way more credit than he deserves for helping kids. I wonder at the end of the day if he really helps or hinders. His unethical behavior at NG hurt the kids involved far more than Stan — just ask Lamont and Gant. Two years tops at ORM because trouble follows him wherever he goes.
    I do think he really helped J. Frye but he is such a standout player; once again the question becomes who helped who?

  • watch out said,

    Big announcements coming out of ORMA very soon that will dish a bunch of shut the hell up to all of the haters.

  • Knowledge said,

    Wright and Nusdeo are both juniors in college (neither one are currently playing basketball) Nusdeo attends UNCG as a student and Wright attends GTCC as a student

    LJ Hunter did not play anywhere

    Chris Easley did not play anywhere

    Brandon Smith – Radford

    Montez Downey – UNCW

    McCain – doesn’t count — he’s football

  • robert jones said,

    Who is Chris Easley? He definiyely helped Frye, who would have been a very good HS player on his own;but no one would have seen himif he had stayed @ Ragsdale. Yhat’s just my opinion and is not meant as a criticism.

  • so what said,

    what can possibly come out of ORMA that will either mean anything to the community or will shock us? They will be much better off if they try to offer contract to “K” that guarantees him 2 years and 1 day as the head coach—that will set a record for longevity!

  • Hey Knowledge said,

    LJ Hunter played 4 years at Southern New Hampshire (D-2)

    Chris Hargrove from HPC is at UNC-Pembroke playing

    Jairus Simms at High Point U

    Chris Ealey played at GTCC

    Chris Applegate is sophomore at Trinity College

    The list just goes on and on

  • BeReal said,

    The list goes on and on to nowhere — BE REal…..

  • For what its worth said,

    Trying to see if I have this right…..

    2 players played Division 1
    Montez Downey UNC-Wilmington
    Branden Smith Radford (but there is nothing on the internet of him playing there)

    9 Played at Prep School or CC or another High School after Stan
    L.J. Hunter Went to Dublin School then DII Southern NH
    Modestas Riaku Went to Dublin School then DII Southern NH then transfered to Lees McRae
    Martiese Morones Went to Millersburg then TCU but only for two years
    Chris Applegate Went to Phillips Exeter then DIII Trinity (CT)
    Jarius Simms Played his SR at N. Forsyth then went to DI High Point
    Johnathan Frye Now playing at Nothern HS and committed to App St.
    Chris Hargrove Rockingham CC then UNCP
    Jermaine Armstrong Redlands Comm College
    Chris Ealey Played at GTCC? or according to some didn’t go anywhere

    2 Didn’t play after HS
    Mark Wright Went to Greensboro College then GTCC but didn’t play
    Anthony Nusdeo Went to UNCG but wasn’t on the team

    As for Canty, I’m not sure he is going D1 because of Stan because he was already offered before he went to ORMA.

    So are there really only two players that have played for Stan that have gone to a four year college the year after they played for him? All the other players played for someone else at a HS/Prep year/CC.

    Just trying to get the facts right.

  • Pope Pius X said,

    if you are not one of “K’s” boys, then you must be obsessed with him. What does all this matter in the scheme of things, then does he get credit for the ones who are doing nothing with their lives? It’s pretty obvious who you are, you old stalker, you.