Results on the Outback Steakhouse Super Bowl Contest

Posted by Andy Durham on February 8, 2010 at 10:45 am under Professional | 6 Comments to Read

The FINAL was 31-17 with the Saints over the Colts and Bryan(Total Points at 48) is our winner of the Dinner/dinners at the Outback Steakhouse and our Outback is at 2015 Four Season Blvd., near the Four Seasons Town Centre and:

After checking the list and checking it twice/thrice, Bryan gets the Outback food and he’ll love the price, it’s so NICE=

The list with those taking the Saints to win the Super Bowl over the Jim Grobe-coached Colts:
Big Walt
Young Money
Lil GMan
Lugnut and the winner was….
Bryan Bryan had the Saints and he was right on the money with the 48 Total Points……

For the NCAA Tournament Contest to be brought to you by Shane’s Rib Shack, we are looking at going with a points system, where you get one point for a Round One win, two points for a Round Two win and the three points for a Round Three win, etc……Takes you on up to six points for the final game….

  • Big Walt said,

    If R Wayne would have just held on to the pass in the end zone on the Colts last play of the game…. 31-24 and I’m eating ribeyes at OB.

  • George said,

    …if I didn’t owe Uncle Sam $650, I would be eating there as well…such is life….a lot of ifs and ifs don’t feed the fan or the bull dog!

  • Kevin said,


    Andy, Thanks for running these through the season.

  • LIL G MAN said,

    Enjoyed playing Andy , I’m ready for tournament time.

  • chuckyd said,

    hope you enjoy it bryan best sports website in triad keep it going andy

  • ross said,

    Thanks Andy,
    From a fanatic